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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A serial rapist was formally sentenced Wednesday to 20 years in prison for rape.
50-year-old Andrew Scott Tarantole, formerly of Gloucester, was found guiltyafter a four-day jury trial. The jury recommended he serve 20 years behind bars.
Prosecutors say that on April 13, 1985, Tarantole raped a woman that he didn’t know in the woods of General Booth Boulevard in Virginia Beach.

The victim had been out with her husband and friends at the Oceanfront. The victim was ready to go home for the evening earlier than the rest of her friends, so she decided to walk home. She passed Tarantole, who was sitting on a guardrail at the end of the Rudee Inlet Bridge. He asked the victim if she wanted to “get high.” She declined and kept walking. A few minutes later, Tarantole pulled up in a car and asked her if she wanted a ride. She again declined and kept walking. The next thing she knew, Tarantole came up behind her on foot, pulled her into the woods and raped her. He then ran.
The victim flagged down a passing vehicle and was able to get a ride home. She called police when she got home and investigators met her at a local hospital.
The victim underwent a sexual assault exam and evidence was collected. In the 1980s, DNA testing was not readily available and no suspect was developed at the time. The case went cold for many years. In 2014, the evidence was submitted to the Department of Forensic Science for examination. Ultimately, a DNA match was made to Tarantole.
Tarantole has prior convictions for rape, attempted rape, sexual battery and abduction for four separate offenses that happened between 1985 and 1993. All four of the victims in the cases testified in court Wednesday, and described his attacks on each of them.

Serial rapist sentenced to 20 years in prison for 1985 sexual assault Emily Satchell 

Warped Paul Hitchen, 35, assaulted eight victims – as young as 13 – over nine years spanning from 2002 to 2011.
The sicko lived with his gran, who is in her 70s, for seven years while preying on his victims.
He turned on her when she urged him to stop his violent behaviour.
The warped man would ensnare his victims with charm before becoming "possessive and controlling" towards them.
Prosecutor Mr Alaric Bassano told Liverpool Crown Court: "Hitchen was a physical and sexual bully who routinely committed sexual assault against women without a care for their feelings and who also engaged in sexual activity with children without caring about their age."
Hitchen abused a girl, 13, in her school uniform when driving her to and from her father's home.
He even penned sick love letters to her – which were found in his jacket pocket – and sexually assaulted the schoolgirl's mother.
Prosecutors described the 35-year-old as a "bully" as he grabbed one of the women by the throat, lifted her off the ground and violently raped her in a sickening attack.
And Hitchen beat one of his victims with an iron bar.
One woman claimed Hitchen imprisoned her in his home for a day and kicked her while she was pregnant.
The first victim to break her silence in 2014 gave other women the courage to come forward to the cops.
Hitchen, from Billinge near Wigan, denied the charges and claimed the victims were "conspiring against him".
He was convicted of seven charges of rape, seven of sexual assault, two of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of false imprisonment.
The 35-year-old was sentenced to 29 years behind bars at Liverpool Crown Court.
Det Con Cameron Hackett said: “Hitchen was a bully who emotionally, physically and sexually abused these victims and has never once showed any remorse for his actions.
"Not only did he carry out violent sexual attacks, he also engaged in sexual activity with young girls despite knowing they were not legally old enough to do so.
“I would like to praise the victims for their courage throughout this investigation and helping to put Hitchen behind bars."
Hitchen will sign the Sex Offenders' Register for life.

Serial rapist who preyed on women while living with gran gets 29 years Lily Waddell 

A vile rapist who attacked one of his victims while his deaf wife was in the next room told her "no-one can hear you".
Ronald Bartholomew has been jailed for 18 years after a court heard how he targeted two girls in the late 1970s.
The rapist, now 67, befriended his two victims - both young girls - in the late 1970s.
On one occasion, he took three young girls on a trip to the woods, where he raped one of them while the other two were playing.
Maidstone Crown Court heard how Bartholomew also raped one of the girls at his home near Rochester in Kent while his deaf wife was in the next room, telling the girl "nobody could hear her".
Bartholomew, who now lives in Scarborough, North Yorks, threatened the girls, telling them he would kill them if they told anyone about his attacks, the court heard.
Amanda Hamilton, prosecuting, told the court how he raped one girl after taking three girls on a trip to a woodland in Kent, adding: "She was terrified.
"She screamed as loudly as she could. He told her to shut up, put his hand over her mouth and threatened to kill her."

She also told the court how one of his victims "lay on the floor crying silently and sucking her thumb" while he raped her.
She said that on another occasion he lined up the girls and asked them "Who's first?".
The court heard how the sicko has a string of previous offences to his name, including a six-month jail term in 1974 for molesting a woman.
He also did three years for attempted GBH on a woman in 1975 while in 1988 he was jailed for four months for indecently assaulting a girl.

Judge Jeremy Carey said Batholomew had molested and abused the victims "in the most invasive and disgusting manner", telling him his actions amounted to "appalling sexual wrongdoing".
One of his victims told the court: "No amount of words can describe what he did to me all those years ago".
Detective Constable Wendy Epps speaking following the court case this week said: "This was an appalling crime by a man who inflicted both physical and emotional pain on two young children over a long time.
"This has been extremely hard for the victims and I would like to praise them for their courage and bravery in speaking out against this vile individual.
"Kent Police will always take offences seriously and will investigate any allegations no matter the length of time passed.
"Batholomew may have thought he got away with this disgusting behaviour but justice has finally been served and will hopefully bring some form of closure for these victims."
Bartholomew pleaded guilty to two historic charges of rape and nine charges of indecent assault and was caged for 18 years.

Sex beast raped girl as deaf wife slept in next room and told her ''no-one can hear you'' STIAN ALEXANDER

MARION, Ind. — After more than a decade, a suspected serial rapist has been arrested in the brutal murder and rape of an elderly Marion woman.
Roman Cruz Urista Jr. was arrested last week in Hamilton County, Ohio. Uritsa Jr. is accused of raping and strangling 81-year-old Betty Payne to death.
Payne was found in her home on South Gallatin Street in Marion on May 12, 2003. Her son, David Payne, discovered his mother’s body.
“There were times when I’d kinda given up on the process. I was fearful it would never happen,” David said.
David Payne is a local Marion lawyer. He fought many legal battles since his mothers death to gain evidence in the case. He even wrote a book about her murder.
DNA evidence linked the suspect to Payne’s death as well as three other sexual assault cases.
In October 2003, The Indiana State Police lab reported a match was found in their DNA database to a 2001 sexual assault case in Montgomery County, Ohio. Then, in December 2015, the lab contacted Marion police for another DNA match to another sexual assault case. This one, in Hamilton, Ohio.
Urista Jr. became a face to the DNA when in October 2016, Marion police received word of another match by the crime lab. The case was a sexual assault investigation in Collier County, Florida. This case happened in 2000.
A search warrant for Urista’s DNA was served after the suspect was located in Ohio. It was found to be a match to Payne’s murder and rape case.
“Hopefully we’ve got the right guy. Hopefully we’ll get the decision that’s just and hopefully we can put an end to this nightmare,” David said.
Urista’s relationship to the Marion area isn’t known. He’s currently in the Hamilton County, Ohio jail awaiting possible extradition.

Man arrested 13 years after brutal murder, rape of elderly Marion woman NOVEMBER 9, 2016 SHANNON HOUSER

St. Paul Police Say They've Captured a Serial Rapist November 09, 2016

Letterbox drop warns of serial rapist Lachlan Thompson | 10th Nov 2016

Woman Says Utah State Gave Serial Rapist a Pass JONNY BONNER  November 09, 2016

Serial stranger rape suspect in custody Dana Thiede November 09, 2016

Porn addicted serial rapist assaulted 6 women 16 novembre 2016

Ikorodu residents flee communities over serial killers, rapists 15.11.2016

CHILD RAPISTS 26 15 novembre 2016

19-year-old blind girl raped multiple times 
 15 novembre 2016

12-year-old boy set on fire after rape attempt in Pakistan 14 novembre 2016

Rising rape cases in Pakistan 3 novembre 2016

7-year-old raped by photographer during ceremony 13 novembre 2016

15-year-old student raped by government school teacher 13 novembre 2016

10-year-old girl raped at school by staff members 8 novembre 2016

6-year-old girl raped by 22-year-old neighbour 13 novembre 2016

90-year-old woman raped by 24-year-old neighbour 13 novembre 2016

Man sentenced for sexual assault of a 73-year-old woman 9 novembre 2016

Teenager brutally raped 62-year-old woman 13 novembre 2016

TEEN RAPISTS 8 novembre 2016

The Rape Capital of America 13 novembre 2016

Spanish pedophile network shared online child torture porn 13 novembre 2016

Large pedophile network blocked in China 11 novembre 2016

Deep Connection: darknet child pornography ring 26 ottobre 2016

Woman Raped Infant Multiple Times 9 novembre 2016

Abusava e filmava la figlia, arrestato pedofilo 42enne 12 novembre 2016

Abusi sessuali su minore, arrestato istruttore di nuoto 13 novembre 2016

Abusi sessuali su minore, 19enne a processo 13 novembre 2016 

Parco Verde: abusi su una bimba di quattro anni 12 novembre 2016

18-year-old girl raped by 2 kills self in Seoni 11 novembre 2016

Rape, killing of 16-year-old Baltimore girl 11 novembre 2016

Young woman gang-raped to death in Nigeria 11 novembre 2016

20-year-old Melbourne woman raped, Mozambique 11 novembre 2016

Rape, murder of 8-year-old girl, 4 arrested 11 novembre 2016

CHILD RAPISTS 24 5 novembre 2016

20-yr sentence of 'crucifix killer' 5 novembre 2016

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Victor Barnard's Rape Cult 2 novembre 2016

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CHILD RAPIST 23 3 novembre 2016

Porn Addicted Rapists 13 3 novembre 2016

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9-year-old girl raped by 25-year-old neighbour 4 novembre 2016

12 minor girls raped at school by teachers 4 novembre 2016

Father-son raped twin sisters for one year 4 novembre 2016

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Three women brutally gang-raped in Greater Noida 3 novembre 2016

15 years old gang-raped, killed in Uttar Pradesh 2 novembre 2016

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