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A man who raped two women - one of them while he was on probation for grooming two teenage girls - has been handed a lifelong restriction order.
Jamie Rudling, 28, from Dunoon, repeatedly raped one victim, between 2003 and 2011, at an address in Argyll.
He also raped a 22-year-old woman while she was asleep, in Argyll in 2014.
At the High Court in Glasgow, Rudling was jailed for a minimum of three years and six months and told he may never be judged safe enough to be released.
Passing sentence, judge Judge Lady Carmichael told Rudling: "I am satisfied that the nature and circumstances of the offences of which you have been found guilty on the present indictment are part of a pattern of behaviour such as to demonstrate that there is a likelihood that if you were at liberty you would seriously endanger the psychological well-being of members of public at large."
The judge added: "Having regard in particular to your sexual offending while subject to supervision and subject to an extended sentence which was itself intended to protect the public, I take the view that the protection of the public now requires the imposition of an order for lifelong restriction."
Rudling was given three years probation in March 2010 after being convicted of attempting to rape a sleeping woman.
He was also jailed for 28 months at Ayr Sheriff Court in November 2011 and placed under supervision for two years after he persuaded two teenage girls to expose themselves on a webcam.
He also arranged to meet one for sex at Braehead Shopping Centre in Renfrewshire.

Lifelong restriction for serial rapist Jamie Rudling 16 November 2016

Steven Dean Gordon (left) is accused of raping and killing four women in 2014, along with Franc Cano (right) who is being tried separately. (KABC)

The trial has begun for one of two men accused of the serial rape and murder of four women in Orange County.

Steven Dean Gordon is accused of raping and killing four women in 2014, along with Franc Cano who is being tried separately.

Prosecutors say the victims were working as prostitutes in Santa Ana and Anaheim when the defendants picked them up.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Larry Yellin told the jury the two men would have sex with the women, then kill them and dump their bodies in the trash.

Three bodies were never found. Both men were registered sex offenders during the suspected crimes.

If convicted, Gordon faces the death penalty. He is representing himself and chose to reserve his opening statement.

"Those girls, those four pictures have haunted me since April of 2014, that they lost their lives in this brutal violent way," Yellin said in an interview outside the courtroom. "To me, that's what this case always has to be about."

Cano also faces the death penalty. His trial date has not been set.

A man accused of a string of historical sexual offences against 11 victims, had been investigated before, a court has heard.
Colin Waterfield, 70, of Stonehouse Road, Norwich, has been charged with 32 offences including rape, attempted rape, aiding and abetting rape, indecent assault and indecency with a child.
All alleged offences are said to have taken place between 1973 and 1995.
Waterfield is also accused of three offences involving animals including possession of extreme pornographic images.
Angela Rafferty QC, opening the prosecution case at Norwich Crown Court yesterday<tuesday/15>said Waterfield is a “sex offender” who had not only committed offences against children but who also had “an interest in extreme pornography and in sexual activity with animals”.
Ms Rafferty QC said: “In the 1990s he was investigated for the sexual abuse of boys and you will hear from those boys in this case.
“No charges were brought at that time and you will no doubt hear more about this during this trial.”
Ms Rafferty QC said a number of the alleged victims in the case were “vulnerable”.
She said Waterfield, who had an interest in images of “sexual depravity”, used pornography as a “sexual grooming tool” on children he abused.
The jury of six men and six women were given an outline of each of the allegations facing Waterfield which include:
Three offences of rape, including one against a female under 16, one against a female over 16 and another against a male under 16.
One offence of aiding and 
abetting the rape of a female under 16 at the time.
The attempted rape of a male under 16 at the time.
Twenty offences of indecent assault, including 15 against five boys aged 16 or under at the time and five against four girls who were 16 or under at the time.
He also faces three charges of indecency with a child, two against boys and one against a female, and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a woman over 16.
The defendant also faces two counts of possessing extreme pornographic images involving animals between August 2013 and September 2014 as well as one sexual offence involving an animal.
Waterfield has denied all offences.
The trial continues.

Norwich Crown Court hears man accused of historical sex offences against 11 victims had been investigated before 16 November 2016 Peter Walsh

A man is on trial accused of being a serial rapist after carrying out a string of sex attacks over 20 years.
Michael Burke, 38, is accused of historic sex attacks on three female victims.
Two of the girls were of school age, reports the Manchester Evening News .
Prosecutors in a Manchester Crown Court trial allege he treated his victims as ‘objects of pleasure’ - leaving them ‘ashamed’, ‘violated’ and ‘demeaned’.
Mr Burke, of College Bank, Rochdale, denies 15 charges of rape, one attempted rape and one indecent assault dating back to the early 1990s.
In his opening remarks, prosecutor Peter Wright QC told jurors: “He is a man with, no doubt, a number of positive qualities, but he has a flaw, we say.
“It’s a flaw with regard to the opposite sex. It manifests itself in his behaviour towards three different females he sexually abused.
"These females had been objectified, they were objects of pleasure for him. They had been demeaned.”
The alleged first witness in time, now an adult woman, broke down in tears as she was interviewed by a female detective from Rochdale’s child protection unit.
The woman said she was a child when Mr Burke raped her and gave a graphic account of the abuse.
It’s just horrible reliving it.”, she said. “Saying it now I have got a lump in my throat. It’s awful, when I talk about it it’s like I’m watching it.
"I was living it then, now I’m kind of like watching it in my head. It felt like it just lasted forever. It was horrible.”
Asked how it had affected her by the interviewer, she said: “I can’t trust anyone. I have suffered anxiety the majority of my adult life and it’s been horrendous.
"I didn’t sleep properly for years, every night there would be flashbacks or a nightmare. I’m at the swimming baths and I’m convinced every man is a paedo.
"I have had a complete breakdown. It ruined my school life.
"I will never love properly. I will never let anyone in - it’s horrible.”
Later, in court, cross-examined by Mr Burke’s barrister, Nigel Power QC, she said she had days where she felt ‘being dead is better than being alive’.
The other two complainants have yet to give evidence. In his opening, Mr Wright said the second victim was also a child when she was abused by Burke, ‘who watched a great deal of pornography’.
He is alleged to have punched and slapped the third victim as he raped her.
The allegations were reported to police last year. The trial is expected to last three weeks.

Man accused of being serial rapist who attacked woman and schoolgirls over 20 year period goes on trial CHRIS OSUH18 NOV 2016

Earlier this year, Greg Geston, 61, logged onto Facebook and contacted a man he had forcibly sodomized roughly 20 years ago, when the man was a young teen, a Contra Costa prosecutor told jurors this week.
Geston had been convicted three times of raping and molesting young boys in the late ’80s, early ’90s, and early 2000s. But while he was temporarily out of jail earlier this year and in a hospital, he contacted a man who he had allegedly molested and sodomized years ago while dating the man’s mother, prosecutors said.
When the man saw the Facebook messages, it brought back flashbacks of the abuse, prosecutor Diana Weiss said. So he came forward to authorities for the first time, resulting in new child molestation charges.

During opening statements Tuesday, Weiss told jurors Geston’s actions fit the same pattern as in his previous convictions: stalking, befriending, molesting and then sodomizing his victims. He silenced them by threatening to harm them if they ever revealed what happened, she said.
The threat was so powerful that the other victims of the defendant stayed silent,” Weiss told jurors.
The boys in the earlier convictions, and the latest accuser, had single moms and were befriended by Geston as a “father or big brother” figure, she said.
One of the victims, whom Geston was convicted of molesting, spent time at a video game arcade in the early 1990s, where his mother worked. Weiss told jurors Geston would happen by the arcade once or twice a week, take the boy into a corner, and sodomize him repeatedly.
Geston’s attorney, Michael Lepie, told jurors prosecutors were going to try to make his client look like “a monster.”
Lepie said the new allegations were false, suggesting the man could be motivated by spite or a shaky memory. He said Geston pleaded guilty in the previous cases but this time he has pled not guilty.
Although Geston is in police custody, he is being housed at the county hospital in Martinez because has a severe illness. He did not show emotion in court Tuesday as he sat in a wheelchair, listening to Weiss describe him as a serial child rapist.
Weiss told jurors they would hear Geston, “in his own voice,” admit to being sexually attracted to children, an indication that authorities have recorded audio of conversations with Geston.
“The defendant just can’t help himself,” she said.
Though the charges Geston faces refer to alleged acts during the 1990s, the state statute of limitations law is flexible when it comes to child molestation; there are exceptions made for so-called “cold case” child molestation filings, as well as exceptions for cases where victims take many years to come forward to police.
In 1996, California passed a law that allows certain serial child molesters to be classified as sexually violent predators, and be held indefinitely at a mental hospital after serving their prison time. To qualify, a person must repeatedly molest children, and be found to have a mental disorder. It is unclear if authorities ever tried to have Geston registered as a sexually violent predator.

Contra Costa DA: Serial child molester Facebook messaged victim, spurring new case NATE GARTRELL November 17, 2016

Flint ex-cop sentenced to 25 years in jail for sexual abuse of children 17 Nov, 2016

Paedophile who raped and murdered 4-year-old girl lynched in Bolivia 17 novembre 2016

HIV-infected monster had sex with 104 women and girls 17 novembre 2016

Schoolgirl raped in a play area in Brighton 17 novembre 2016

65-year-old man raped 13-year-old girl for 6 months 16 novembre 2016

Woman raped at gunpoint into her home in Tennesse 16 novembre 2016

22-year-old girl brutally raped into her house in Manchester 16 novembre 2016

Porn Addicted Rapists 16 16 novembre 2016

Abusava e filmava la figlia, arrestato pedofilo 42enne 12 novembre 2016

13-year-old girl raped by an advocate and his son 15 novembre 2016

British tourist gang-raped, filmed in Dubai 15 novembre 2016

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