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 - Forty-five-year-old Todd Koelhepp was convicted for rape in Arizona in 1987 and now, he's a suspected serial killer.
Court documents reveal Kohlhepp has a long history of mental illness; showing violent impulses since nursery school by hitting other kids and even killing a goldfish with Clorox.
When he was 15, Kohlhepp held his 14-year-old neighbor at gunpoint, tied her up, put tape over her mouth and raped her. The victim's parents still live in the same home.
"I don't have a comment, OK," one parent said.
Kohlhepp's former attorney, Allen Bickart, says he agonized for the details of the case.
"It appeared he had very little issue of what the value of life was," he said. "The little girl in this question was very lucky, he could have just easily shot her."
A Valley psychiatrist diagnosed Kohlhepp with Borderline Personality Disorder, saying he had severe emotional issues, and recommended Kohlhepp be institutionalized at 16 years old.
A Maricopa County judge deemed Kohlhepp as a lost cause, saying "professional intervention, short of God's, will provide no protection of the public and no rehabilitation of this juvenile."
In the end, Kohlhepp took a plea deal and served a 15-year-prison sentence in Arizona for sexual assault.

Todd Kohlhepp charged with multiple murders in South Carolina 7 November 2016

Suspected South Carolina serial killer has Arizona ties NOV 08 2016

Perverted Valery Makarenkov, 69, confessed to raping 90 women and underage girls but investigators believe his true tally is at least 108

A pensioner suspected of being Russia's worst-ever serial rapist has been jailed for 18 years after he admitted he "treated himself to women on his birthday".
Perverted Valery Makarenkov, 69, was convicted of 31 violent sex attacks but police are investigating allegations of many dozens of further cases.
He has confessed to raping 90 women and underage girls but investigators believe his true tally is at least 108.
Wearing a black cap, he attacked his victims from behind after cycling up behind them and dragging them into bushes.
His first attack was 43 years ago and Moscow detectives and criminologists checked the details of 26,000 men before he was detained in May 2014 in the city's Kuzminki Park.
The evil attacker has been branded the "birthday sex maniac" and the "cycling rapist".
He admitted to police that he "treated himself to women on his birthday" and snared victims while riding his Soviet-era Salut bicycle.
"I gave myself these girls as a birthday gift", he was reported to have said.
He also stole items from his victims which he kept as souvenirs at his cramped flat - examples included a child's badge, toys, a doll and a tin of peas.
His youngest victim was believed to have been aged ten.
Now divorced, he told police his first rape was a teenage girl in 1973 after his wife refused to have sex following childbirth.
Working as a part-time taxi driver, he claimed he was twice "drugged" by women .
These incidents led to a "grudge against all women".
Makarenkov was sentenced to 18 years in prison in a maximum security penal colony but police continue to probe his alleged crimes, including fears that he murdered at least three times.
"The investigation of other crimes - attacks on woman, violent assaults and murders - is on-going and Makarenkov will be checked for involvement," said a statement from Russia's Investigative Committee, equivalent of the FBI.
"At night or in early morning he followed his victims on his bike in backyards and parks, attacked from behind, strangled them but not to death, then raped and stole valuable belongings.
"Usually his attacks took place from May to October when it was possible to go around on a bike.
"For a long time Makarenkov managed to hide well from police because he acted in different districts of Moscow. "
He "almost never committed two crimes in one area.
"About 20,000 Muscovites were checked in connection to Makarenkov's crimes before he was caught."
A source added: "In Makarenkov's case there were several factors: hyper-sexuality, along with love of risk and danger.
"He was often stopped for dangerous and drunk driving. He enjoyed being a hunter.

"He had to trace his victim, to follow her, to catch.
"All this gave him excitement he needed, thrilled him, it was adrenaline.
"This is what all maniacs go hunting for. And the moment of the sexual act is their prize."
Victim Maria, in her 30s, was attacked by the serial rapist in June 2013 as she walked home from work.
Bravely, she returned to the scene of her rape to highlight the terror she felt for an NTV report.
"Suddenly I spotted a man behind my back, he was with a bike," she said.
"I didn't pay any attention to him. I kept walking and sending a text.
"One minute later, I turned around and saw him right next to me and without his bike.

"Next moment he attacked me and began to strangle me.
"I managed only a short crying sound before he squeezed my throat.
"I lost consciousness within two seconds.
"It was like he just switched me off.
"Then he dragged my body through those bushes."
She said: "I woke up all covered in mud, I had just one shoe on.
"I tried to understand what happened; honestly I did not realise I was completely naked.
"I felt as if I was frozen. I understood that I had survived by a miracle."
Maria saw his face, including his eyes, and gave crucial evidence to police in drawing up an identikit picture.

'Worst ever' serial rapist 'treated himself' to sex attacks every birthday raping 90 women and girls 14 OCT 2016 WILL STEWART

A serial rapist who preyed "on defenceless young women" has been jailed for 16-and-a-half years for attacks on two teenagers in the 1980s.
Anthony James Pitt, 59, was found guilty by a jury of raping two teenaged girls in Mildura in 1987 and Frankston in 1988.
In 1987, the then 15-year-old victim had been walking to her boyfriend's house in Mildura when Pitt forced her into the bushes, raped her and threatened to kill her.
A year later, a 17-year-old girl fell prey to Pitt as she walked to her friend's house. He dragged her into a laneway, punched her in the face and raped her.
Nearly 30 years after their brutal rapes, the two women sat in court as Pitt was finally brought to justice for his crimes against them.
"Your offending is plainly extremely serious," Judge Mark Dean said.
"Each incident was opportunistic, brazen and accompanied by serious violence."

Anthony James Pitt, 'psychopathic' serial rapist, sentenced over 1980s rapes in Mildura, Frankston Sarah Farnsworth 2 Nov 2016

The University of Wisconsin’s flagship campus is reeling from news that a student was charged with crimes against five women, including sexual assault and false imprisonment, during his two years at the school.
The 20-year-old student, Alec Cook, has been arrested and appeared in court on Thursday, charged with 15 crimes against five women, including sexual assault, strangulation and false imprisonment. His modus operandi, according to police and prosecutors, was to befriend fellow students and eventually entrap and viciously attack them, while keeping notebooks detailing his alleged targets.
Cook was arrested almost two weeks ago, after one woman went to the authorities. Since then, four others came forward to say they had been sexually assaulted. Then, Madison police said, “dozens of females [came] forward wanting to speak about unknown acts related to Cook”.
This story is horrifying. It’s certainly spurred conversation on campus,” Jason Klein of the student body, Associated Students of Madison, told the Guardian. “My friends and I are talking about it. I’m hearing other people talk about it. Usually around Halloween, people are getting ready to enjoy the holiday, but right now this is an issue that has certainly marred our campus climate.”
The University of Wisconsin-Madison was already under federal scrutiny, for its handling of four other cases of sexual violence, as Cook’s case unfolded. Those four cases are among 283 currently being investigated by the Department of Education’s office of civil rights, under Title IX sex discrimination laws, across 215 US colleges, ranging from the Ivy League to small public universities. The wide-ranging inquiry began as a debate about rape on campuses around the country intensified in recent years.
Some of the cases have been pending since 2013, and Cornell University currently has the most, with five. Columbia, Stanford, Kansas State, Saint Mary’s College of Maryland and UW-Madison each have four, according to the department.
The investigations have taken so long because of the sheer amount of work and a lack of resources, a spokesman for the office of civil rights said. “We are really overloaded right now,” the spokesman said. “We have about 4,000 discrimination cases under way, including race, disability, age and sex discrimination. There’s a lot of work that goes into these.”

UW-Madison Frat Boy Accused of Serial Rape 23 ottobre 2016

Dr. Phil Exposes Serial Rapist Daniel Drill-Mellum at University of Minnesota 

The Inquisitr-07 nov 2016

Student details brutal american rape culure 8 NOVEMBRE 2016

"Project Xan": Rape Culture On Stage 9 NOVEMBRE 2016

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A St. Louis man Texas authorities have called a serial rapist has been charged here with sexual assaults dating back to 2008.
Reginald D. Bond, 38, of the 3800 block of Ashland Avenue near Fairground Park, was charged Monday in St. Louis County Court with five counts of forcible sodomy, sexual assault, forcible rape, attempted forcible sodomy and armed criminal action.
Bond is being held in Harris County, Texas, on charges accusing him of breaking into women's homes in the Houston area while they slept and raping them. The incidents allegedly occurred over the past three years. He was charged in January.
In the charges filed here, prosecutors say Bond sexually assaulted at least four women in August and November 2008. Authorities say DNA samples from rape kits in the 2008 cases were matched in a national databank to Bond.
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In one of the 2008 cases, Bond held a box cutter to the throat of one of his victims and forced her to perform a sex act, charges say.
In May, Bond was the subject of a KTVI-TV (Channel 2) story about a Facebook invitation posted by an account user with the same name inviting people to a rally in St. Louis' Fairground Park "to show Love, Peace & Unity in efforts to perpetuate a day to day healing our community. Releasing the hurt and pain that we and those that have trespassed have inflicted."
Bail for Bond in the St. Louis County cases was set at $500,000 cash-only though he remains jailed in Texas on charges filed there. His criminal history in Missouri includes a misdemeanor assault conviction from 2007.

St. Louis man dubbed serial rapist in Texas faces more sex assault charges here Joel Currier 09 11 2016

Ikeie Smith suspected in as many as 34 sexual assaults

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. - A man suspected of sexually assaulting as many as 34 women over several years was back in a Dearborn Heights court Wednesday.
One of the women he's accused of terrorizing took the stand Wednesday to speak out about the attack. The woman talked about the most terrifying night of her life.
In total, three women in two courtrooms spoke about their encounters with Ikeie Smith Wednesday, all providing chilling testimony with similar stories about how he assaulted them inside their homes.
Smith listened to the testimony, often flipping through the Bible as his alleged victims took the stand to talk about their horrific ordeals.
"I said, 'Stop. What are you doing? Get off me,'" one woman said.
"My face, my arms, my hands, he was trying to restrain me any way he could," another woman said.
Two women both claim they were awakened by Smith in their houses in the middle of the night.
"(He said), 'Stop screaming or I'm going to kill you,'" a victim said. "So that's another thing I said to get him off me. I said I was going to stop still."
The woman testified she convinced Smith to let her go upstairs to get cash, but instead, they were met by her roommate, who chased Smith out of the house with plywood.
"I was terrified," the woman said.
Another victim told the court she used the power of prayer to save her. You can read about that woman's chilling story by clicking here.
Smith listened as the women testified how she used religion to get him to stop the assault. She said he eventually revealed his resentment towards his mother and possible other women.
"As a result of that, he ended up in foster care," the woman recounted. "While in foster care, he was sexually abused by a relative, and he blamed his mother."
Smith is charged with sexual assault, home invasion and torture. His attorney tried to get the torture charges thrown out, but the judges in all three cases bound him over for trial.

Women offer dramatic testimony against accused serial rapist  Jermont Terry - October 12, 2016

Jurors deliberated an hour Wednesday afternoon, without reaching a verdict, in the first case against a man charged with five unusually violent rapes across Palm Beach County.
Jurors are set to return Thursday morning to resume considering the evidence against Baltazar Gabriel Delgado-Ros.
After giving emotional testimony on Tuesday, the alleged victim in the case, sat in the front row of the courtroom gallery for the final day of testimony and closing arguments.
Prosecutors called to the witness stand DNA experts and played Delgado’s confession to detectives. Delgado's defense team called no witnesses.
The Sheriff's Office says DNA evidence ties Delgado to this attack and four other rapes from 2009-2011, in Jupiter and Central Palm Beach County. Detectives say Delgado beat his victims, even bit off parts of their bodies.
The woman who testified this week, said a man suddenly appeared in the middle of the night, in her bedroom at her Palm Springs home. She said the man threatened to kill her, and cut her multiple times with a sharp object, before raping her.
“I did what he said, I just wanted him gone, so everybody’s okay,” the woman said, beginning to cry. She pointed out her mother and two-year old daughter were also home at the time.
Delgado's attorneys maintained the sex was consensual. Delgado was a friend of the woman's husband and the defense lawyers said the woman agreed to have sex, to pay off a drug debt.
Prosecutors told jurors the defense theory makes no sense-- the woman had cuts on her body, and there were crime scene photos to prove it.
The woman testified she only realized Delgado was an acquaintance of her husband, upon seeing pictures of his arrest, after being extradited from Guatemala. She said she could not identify the man during the attack.
If convicted of armed rape as charged, Delgado faces a minimum sentence of 25 years, to a maximum of life in prison. Delgado could potentially go on trial four more times.

Serial rapist, child killer sentenced to third life sentence 9 novembre 2016

Serial rapist jailed for abusing two more teens 3 novembre 2016

Indian serial rapist and killer sentenced to death 8 ottobre 2016

Child rapist, killer sentenced to death 23 settembre 2016

Rapist killer of 10-year-old come out of prison 20 settembre 2016

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