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Six year-old girl raped by neighbour

In a sickening turn of events, another child, a six year-old girl was reported raped in Dinajpur on November 6.

The heinous crime came to light when she was admitted in critical condition to Dinajpur Medical College Hospital (DMCH) on November 14.

The rape case was filed on November 16 with Birganj upazila police after her condition deteriorated.

The rapist was arrested on the night of November 17.

The delay in reporting the case was caused by local union council members who tried to stifle the issue with bribes.
The mother of the child had left the house on November 6 evening to visit her parents. She left the six-year old in the care of one Motiur Rahman, 34, who was godfather to the mother.
Locals told the Dhaka Tribune they heard the child scream around midnight. The rapist fled the scene as neighbours rushed into the house.
The morning after, the mother of the child was informed of the crime by neighbours. The rape survivor was initially taken to a local homeopathic doctor after she began bleeding from injuries sustained.
The parents of the rape survivor brought the crime to the attention of Palashbari UP Chairman Jewelur Rahman and UP Member Nure Alam. Instead of immediately condemning the criminal and providing all legal assistance to the victim’s family, they offered the rape survivor’s family Tk30,000 to remain quiet and forget the whole matter.
The two UP members used local thugs Dulal and Johurul to intimidate the victim’s family to refrain from admitting the rape survivor to a hospital.

The rape survivor’s father told the Dhaka Tribune that UP Member Nure Alam incessantly pressured them from reporting the crime, claiming it would ruin the reputation of the family and the area.
The victim’s parents said: “Nure tried to silence the violence with threats about our child’s future. He also offered us Tk30,000 to buy our silence.”
“When we reported the crime to the union chairman, he did not even respond to our complaints.”
When contacted, UP Chairman Jewelur denied his involvement and said he was unaware of the incident. UP Member Nure Alam refused to answer questions.
According to the locals, the behaviour of the union members regarding the matter is highly suspicious. Only the child’s deteriorating health condition revealed the heinous crime that had taken place.
Birganj police Officer-in-Charge (OC) and investigation officer, Azam Hossain said the victim’s father filed a case under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act.
He said: “We immediately detained the rapist Motiur when the investigation revealed him to be guilty.”

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