venerdì 25 novembre 2016

Stepmother helped her husband rape his 2 children

  • He raped them, locked them in cages, and slammed their fingers in doors. Abuse took place at a remote property in Port Augusta, in South Australia 

  • A stepmother helped her husband violently rape his young children.

    The woman, who cannot be named, took part as her husband sexually abused his two children, locked them in cages, tied them to trees and slammed their fingers in doors at their remote property north of Port Augusta, in South Australia.

    She was found guilty of false imprisonment while her husband was found guilty of multiple rape and assault offences over the horrific abuse.  

    The court heard the children, a boy and a girl, had suffered devastating and lasting consequences as a result of their treatment.

    Prosecutor Amelia Cairney said the stepmother needed to be jailed for the safety of the community.

    The pair, who cannot be named, will be sentenced on December 6. 

    Stepmother says the time she spent helping her partner rape his two young children was the 'best of her life' AAP NELSON GROOM DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA 25 November 2016

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    Woman Raped After OkCupid Date 19 novembre 2016

    Six minors raped in shelter home by staff members 19 novembre 2016

    14 year old girl abducted, raped in Memphis park 19 novembre 2016

    18-year-old girl repeteadly raped by 3 men 19 novembre 2016

    70-year-old man raped 8-year-old deaf and dumb girl 17 novembre 2016

    HIV-infected monster had sex with 104 women and girls 17 novembre 2016

    Schoolgirl raped in a play area in Brighton 17 novembre 2016

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    TEEN RAPISTS 2 18 novembre 2016

    TEEN RAPISTS 8 novembre 2016

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    22-year-old girl brutally raped into her house in Manchester 16 novembre 2016

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