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15-year-old girl kidnapped, drugged, gang-raped in Delhi

When the whole of India was mourning Nirbahya, three men planned a kidnapping and gang-rape of a teenager who had just come from Bihar to Delhi to take care of her ailing uncle and aunt. The three drugged the girl, kidnapped her, locked her in a room and took turns to rape her

Not many times does a DCP himself go to the spot to investigate a rape case

Sensing sensitivity of the matter, DCP East Ombir Singh himself went to the spot when a call was received from the uncle of the girl that something bad has happened with the girl.

The 15-year-old girl has been called from Bihar to Delhi by her uncle and aunt who met with an accident and are undergoing treatment. 

They wanted the girl to help them with the household chores. 

The girl’s uncle rented a room in East Delhi’s New Ashok Nagar area sometime back. He is bedridden and can barely move.

The horrific incident happened on Thursday night when the girl was in the kitchen. The 40-year-old landlord Prashant and his two tenants Vikas and Sanjeev hatched a conspiracy to abduct the girl. 

They somehow managed to drug the girl without alerting her uncle and aunt. When the girl lost consciousness, the three of them then took her to a room where they locked her and gang-raped her.

After the girl did not return at night, the uncle and aunt of the girl started looking for her and informed police. 

She was searched at bus stops and railway stations. The girl returned the next morning. Her condition revealed what had happened and when the police asked the girl, she recognised the landlord and narrated her ordeal to the police. 

The landlord was picked up and interrogated at length and he confessed to have committed the crime along with two other tenants.

It is a shocking incident. We have arrested the three accused under relevant sections and POCSO,” said DCP East Ombir Singh.

The three accused have been sent to judicial custody.

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