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16-year-old girl gang-raped by 3 in Delhi attempted suicide

The 16-year-old girl, who was gangraped by three people including the owner of her relative’s rented accommodation in East Delhi’s New Ashok Nagar area, has attempted suicide twice in the last two days
She is going through post traumatic stress, and is under the supervision of her relatives, said sources.
“We have moved her to the fourth floor of the house, which has an attached terrace. She hasn’t talked since the incident and she tried to jump from the roof twice. She says she doesn’t want to live,” said the rape victim’s uncle, his hands clenched.
“I am afraid that she might take some extreme step. We don’t know what to say to her, we haven’t even informed her parents back in the village. We need some government support and she needs more counselling,” he added.
Since she came back home, the victim’s uncle says that no one from the government has come to extend any support. He says that his wife and the victim’s brother have been constantly monitoring her. “Dar ki wajah se chupa ke rakhe hain usko (We have kept her hidden out of fear),” said the 32-year-old uncle. He fears backlash from the family of the accused landlord, who has been arrested.
The victim’s uncle said that they had rented the house a few days back after his elder brother and sister-in-law had met with an accident on November 23. “We rented the ground floor of the house temporarily as the injured were not able to walk. After the incident the landlady accused us of eyeing their money and started taunting us. We have relocated from the house after the incident,” said the uncle.
DCP East, Omvir Singh, said that the victim was given two counseling sessions, which is a joint responsibility of the government and the police. 

Delhi 16-year-old girl ‘gangraped’: Victim attempted suicide twice, say kin Abhishek Angad | New Delhi December 19, 2016

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