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35-year-old disabled woman raped, stabbed to death

The St Ann Police have detained a person of interest in the rape and stabbing death of a mentally ill woman in the Higgin Town community yesterday

The woman, Terry Bowen, said to be about 35 years old was killed hours after her cousin, 25-year-old Orlando Lewis was shot dead on Tuesday night.
The police say the two murders are not related.
The police say Lewis, a construction worker, was at home at around 10:30 Tuesday night when he received a phone call apparently from someone he knew.
He left the house shortly after and was never seen again.
Meanwhile, the South East St Ann MP Lisa Hanna has described as painful her visit with the sister of the slain woman.
In a post on the social media site Instagram, Hanna said Bowen had Down's Syndrome and was no bigger than a six-year-old child.
She said the rapist stabbed Bowen several times and vowed that the community would not relent until the killer is found and brought to justice.

Person Of Interest Detained In Rape, Murder Of Mentally Ill Woman December 29, 2016

According to head of the Area Two police, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Fitz Bailey, a suspect has been taken into custody with the gruesome killing
The woman, identified as Terry Bowen of Higgin Town, suffered from Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a condition in which a person is born with an extra chromosome, which causes delays in the way an individual develops, mentally and physically. Bowen was said to be no bigger than a six year old child. 
ACP Bailey confirmed that at about 10:30 am, Bowen’s body was found in a one room dwelling that was under construction. Her relatives found her in a most gruesome manner with several stab wounds to her body. 
According to ACP Bailey, based on investigations, Bowen was raped. He also confirmed that a suspect was taken into custody following preliminary investigations into the killing. 
In the meantime, the killing has sent shockwaves throughout the community of Higgin Town. 
“It is just painful that something of this nature happened in Higgin Town. It shows that there are criminals amongst us and we have to be vigilant as residents and assist the police with information,” explained one resident living in the community, who wished not be identified. 

Rape and murder of disabled St Ann woman send shockwaves; suspect in custody LOOP NEWS December 29, 2016

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