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40-year-old held for kidnap, rape, murder of minor

GURUGRAM: A 40-year-old man was arrested near Gurgaon's Rajiv Chowk on Tuesday night, around five months after he kidnapped an eight-year-old girl in Manesar, attempted to rape her and murdered her

Police said the accused confessed to have committed the ghastly crime in July that shook the city.

Accused Tika Ram, a native of Nepal, who earlier used to work as a labourer in IMT-Manesar, was produced in a city court that remanded him in police custody for a day, on Wednesday.

The minor girl had disappeared mysteriously from near her home in Bas Kushla village on the night of July 29. Around 36 hours later, her body, bearing marks of assault and strangulation, was found on a vacant plot, around a kilometre from her home, in the early hours of July 31.

Based on her father's complaint, Manesar police had lodged an FIR against an unknown man under sections 302 (murder), 201 (suppressing evidence), 365 (kidnapping), 346 (wrongful confinement) of the IPC. However, despite several efforts, local police failed to crack the mystery and arrest the culprit.

Finally, the case was handed over to Bilaspur crime unit around a week ago. They first zeroed in on friends and relatives of the bereaved family. During questioning, the sleuths came to know about one Tika Ram, who used to work with the victim's father and had visited their home on the night of July 29 to have drinks with him.

On further probe, the cops found that Ram, who used to live in a rented house near the victim's, had also been missing since the night of July 29, making him the key suspect. They immediately put his mobile phone under surveillance, and his call details revealed he was hiding somewhere in Barnala, Punjab.

Following the trail, a police team went to Barnala on Monday and came to know Ram had already left for Gurgaon. Finally, they rounded him up near Rajiv Chowk around 8pm on Tuesday.

"During the questioning, Ram confessed he had abducted the girl with the intention of raping her. But when she resisted and screamed, he lost his senses and strangled her," said inspector Babu Lal, in-charge of crime unit, Bilsapur.

On the fateful night, Lal said, Ram had given her Rs 10 to buy biscuits. When she went out, he preyed on her. He fled to Punjab the same night and took up a job as a cook at a farmhouse in Barnala. To avoid police attention, he even changed his name to Vinod, and had it tattooed on his arm.

"As he has already confessed, we will add the attempt to rape section in the FIR. We have taken him in remand for further interrogation," said Lal.

40-year-old held for kidnap, murder of minor TNN | Dec 22, 2016

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