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45-year-old maid gang-raped by a family of lawyers for 3 months

A 45-year-old maid has exposed the horrific abuse dealt out to her by an Ulhasnagar family, alleging that she was repeatedly raped by the men of the house, while the women threatened her at knife-point to keep mum
The Vitthalwadi police have registered a case against the family of six, and arrested one of the men yesterday.
The accused men are all lawyers. “She was working at the family’s Ulhasnagar home, in which three men lived with their sister, mother and brother-in-law. They provided her with groceries and offered money for her ailing brother,” a cop said.
“On September 19, the maid caught the sister in a compromising position with a family friend. But when she informed their mother, that woman accused her of maligning the family name. Enraged, the three brothers took her to the bedroom and raped her. The maid said the fourth brother then took her home, but finding her alone in the house, he too raped her,” a police official said.
“After the victim broke down in front of her brother, he convinced her to install a CCTV camera in her house. On December 18, one of the men — Satish More — visited her home and raped her again, which was captured on camera,” a police official said.
Sr Inspector SJ Shirsath of Vitthalwadi police said, “Satish More was arrested, presented in court, and sent to police custody till December 31.”

Shocking! Four from family repeatedly raped me for 3 months, alleges Kalyan maid Anurag Kamble 28-Dec-2016

They told me that everyone in their family was a lawyer and if I dared complain to anyone, my life would be ruined. I was further scared that no one would believe me if I told them what was happening,” the statement read.
Investigating officer of the case, sub-inspector Chandrakant Khuspe, said, “In the video, Ganesh is seen entering the house, but the knife cannot not seen. Based on the complaint, we have arrested Ganesh, who has been remanded in our custody till December 31.” Zonal deputy commissioner Sunil Bharadwaj said, “The complaint is being verified. We will decide on more arrests at a later stage.

Ulhasnagar: Woman claims raped for three months by lawyers’ family, provides video as ‘proof’ Express News Service | Ulhasnagar | Updated: December 29, 2016

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