giovedì 29 dicembre 2016

7-year-old girl raped by family friend in Detroit

 - One mother is upset and looking for answers after she says her 7-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted Monday

"She was scared. I was scared and frantic, and hysterical. A mother's worst nightmare"
She says her daughter came downstairs in the home crying.
"She said first he was humping her and later on she went into detail and said he put it in the part where she boo boos and it really hurt," the mother said.
Family members say the suspect is a 33-year-old man known to the family.
"That's how life played out but it's over for him," another family member said.
The victim's mother says relatives alerted her that something terribly wrong happened to her child.
"Her cousins came and told me she came out of a dark room with (the suspect)," the mother said.
She says her child had a medical examination and will meet with a counselor on Thursday.
"Doctors say it wasn't enough to confirm anything but her statement will help them to take (the suspect) into custody," she said.
Police tell FOX 2 this incident is under investigation.
The family says they hope the suspect is caught soon, but right now their focus is on the child.
"We're going to try to regain some of her innocence back because this is tragic,"
As police continue to investigate, the mother says she wants justice and she has these strong words for the suspect.
"I just hope he dies. I hope he goes to jail and ... somebody does what he did to my baby," she said.
Mother: Family friend raped 7-year-old child, police investigating Ingrid Kelley DEC 28 2016

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