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10-year-old girl raped, killed by 23-year-old in Paarl

Cape Town – The Western Cape High Court on Thursday found a man guilty of kidnapping, raping and killing 10-year-old Shamonique Claasen

Judge Robert Henney said Jerome Amerika, 23, was a poor witness and his version of what had happened in Paarl in February was highly improbable.
Amerika had dated Claasen’s older sister Henriette. They had a child together.
The court also found him guilty of dragging Henriette into the bushes, hitting her with a stick and raping her twice in April last year.
She obtained an interdict against him, but the two later made up and lived together.
At the start of his trial, the baby-faced Amerika pleaded not guilty to all the charges.
On Thursday, he stared straight ahead or down at his lap as judgment was passed.
Shamonique went missing on February 27, a day before her 11th birthday.
Her mother reported her disappearance at the Paarl East police station, after police and relatives failed to find her during a search.
A family member "picked up a smell" in their home the next day.
Her body was rolled in a blanket tied up with wire under his bed. She had a black bag over her head and a stab wound to the chest.
According to pathologists, she was alive at the time of the rapes.
Sentencing proceedings start on Monday.

Shamonique Claasen was murdered the day before her 11th birthday. Her body was found by her family several days after she went missing. Amerika had hidden her body, wrapped in a blanket and tied up with wire, under his bed.
On Wednesday, Judge Robert Henney said the rape victim had not laid a charge against Amerika at the time and instead forgave him and took him back. Henney said he had to question her about that decision before he decided on an appropriate sentence.
State prosecutor Maria Marshall said the rape victim could have been suffering from battered woman syndrome.

Family and friends of Shamonique gathered on the steps of the high court on Wednesday morning carrying placards calling for Amerika to be sentenced to life behind bars. 

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