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Coventry Facebook rape gang

A gang of men have been found guilty of grooming young girls on Facebook before raping them in attacks in the city

The group - all from Coventry - plied their teenage victims with alcohol and drugs before assaulting their terrified victims.
The five men were today found guilty of offences including rape, sexual assault and human trafficking at Warwick Crown Court .
They now face hefty prison sentences.
Waqaar Khan, Marcus Woolcock, Kadeem Bourne, Keenan Kelly and Zahid Chaudhary - whose addresses cannot be published - were found guilty of a total of 18 offences.
Khan, 24, and 23-year-old Bourne, were found guilty of two counts of trafficking and three of rape, with Bourne also guilty of a sexual assault.
The youngest in the group, 18-year-old Kelly, was convicted of two rapes, one sexual assault and one count of trafficking.
Woolcock, 22, was found guilty of two counts - trafficking and sexual assault - and Chaudhary, 20, of one count of trafficking.
Police say the gang were led by Khan who contacted teenage girls via Facebook and groomed them before arranging to meet them with the promise of gifts and shopping trips.

On several occasions the youngsters were assaulted and on one occasion one was rendered unconscious.

She came round to find items of her clothing were missing and sex acts were being performed on her and recorded on mobile phones..
Six teenage girls, five of them under the age of 16, gave evidence to the court detailing how they had been targeted which included being picked up by taxis and taken to parties, or just dropped off at car parks where the men would ply them with alcohol and drugs.
The uncle of one of the girls who gave evidence against the gang said he believes that there are other victims out there.
He told the Telegraph that he feared that other vulnerable girls may have been targeted by the men.
He said: “They really, really need to come forward because people like this need stopping in their tracks.
“It’s a harrowing experience having to go through as court case but they can’t be allowed to get away with these vile crimes.
“They would get all the support they would need for the police and social services to get through this, so please have the courage to come forward if anything like this has happened to you.”

He added: “Even though these rats are off the streets for a long time, there are thousands of others out there doing exactly the same thing.”

On several occasions the youngsters were assaulted and on one occasion one was rendered unconscious
Detective Chief Inspector Ian Green, from West Midlands police ’s public protection unit, said: “Waqaar Khan first came to our attention in March 2016 when his Facebook account cropped up as a mutual ‘friend’ among several vulnerable young girls in Coventry.
“Around the same time two girls, who had been reported missing from Warwickshire, were linked to Khan and he was arrested for child abduction and released on bail.
“One of the girls alleged she had been raped and a friend of hers posted a picture of Khan and two other men on Facebook asking for their identification.
“All three men went into Coventry police station saying they had no idea what they were being accused off.”
Khan was re-arrested along with Bourne and Woolcock on suspicion of rape and bailed while an investigation was launched.
An examination of Khan’s mobile phone revealed thousands of text messages containing sexualised conversations and several videos of graphic sexual abuse.
Detectives worked with the Horizon Child Sexual Exploitation team to trace the girls involved and seek out what other offences may have been committed.
They identified and made contact with a further four girls who made allegations against the group, which also included Kelly and Chaudhary.
DCI Green added: “Each girl had a similar story to tell. They had been threatened and even subjected to violence if they did not co-operate with sexual demands or if they reported their abuse to police.
“We worked with these girls to reassure them that what has happened is not acceptable and given them the courage and support to give evidence against their abusers.
“I commend their bravery in reliving their devastating experiences to help bring these men to justice and prevent further young girls from enduring the same treatment. As without doubt, these men would have continued.”
Sentencing has been adjourned for a future date.

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