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Minor girl abducted by 8 persons, raped

A minor girl in Kotda Nayani village of Morbi district was abducted by eight persons of the same village, kept in a pit for over a month, and brought out only to be raped

The heinous act is suspected to be a fallout of a feud between two families belonging to the Devipujak community. The 16-year-old was  abducted on the night of November 11 and taken to a farm owned by those opposed to her family. She was freed on December 13, and an FIR was lodged with Wankaner police the next day. Eight persons have been arrested for abduction, rape and illegal detention.

According to the survivor's version given before the cops, after her abduction, a pit was dug in the farm she was taken to, and she was forced to sit in it. The accused covered it with wood and cement and kept one side of it open so that she could breathe.
In her statement, she told cops that the next day more space was created which could accommodate one more person in the pit. One of the accused Mahesh Jayanti used to live on the farm. He used to take her out at night and rape her. On the day of her release, Mahesh told her that they had decided to send her back to her family. They called her grandfather and informed him about her whereabouts, and her family members came and rescued her on December 13. Since the girl's family had informed police on the day after her mysterious disappearance, police lodged a complaint against eight people. Her statement was recorded and eight members of Mahesh's family were arrested last week. Their bail applications have already been rejected by a sessions court.

However, anticipating that the accused may approach Gujarat high court, the girl's grandfather has written to the chief justice requesting him that the accused not be granted bail. He has also attached with his representation an application tendered before a sessions court in Morbi seeking permission to abort the fetus, as the girl had gotten pregnant by rape.

Minor girl abducted, hidden in pit, raped near Wankaner Bharat Yagnik | Dec 27, 2016

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