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Rapists Kids

Lagos— A 22-year-old man, Osholo Samuel, his 17-year-old teenage friend and a 10-year-old boy, who raped and assaulted a seven-year-old girl, have been arraigned before an Ikorodu magistrate’s court in Lagos

They were alleged to have committed the crime in the Adaraloye area of Ikorodu, Lagos.

Samuel and his teenage friend, both labourers (in tiling and Plaster of Paris, POP, settling business) were said to have cajoled the 10-year-old third defendant to lure the girl into a room where the trio took turns to rape her. It was also alleged that the 22-year-old and his 17-year-old friend, promised to give both the victim and the 10-year-old boy money to keep quite

However, the girl have told her younger sister, who later told their mother. Narrating how the alleged incident occurred, the 10-year-old boy said the victim was the only girl in the building that evening and the other suspects sent him to call her. The boy, who spoke in Yoruba, said: “They came to work in the house. They fix POP. The girl lives in our compound. They told me to invite her to meet them in the room and I did. Then they asked me to go and get a cloth and paper. They set the paper on the floor and laid the cloth on it. Then they ordered me to take off her pant and do my own (have canal knowledge of her). So, I took off her pant and did my own. Then they began to do their own with the girl

“The girl began to cry. They covered her mouth with their hands. I felt sorry for her. I told them to stop and that she would die, but they refused. They said she would not die and that nobody would know. They promised to give me and the girl money.” It was further gathered that after the incident, the girl was taken to the Ikorodu General Hospital for examination. 

The victim’s father said he begged the police to come to his aid, alleging that unknown individuals had threatened him with eviction from his rented apartment in Adaraloye, if he did not persuade the police to drop the case. The three suspects were, however, charged to court by  police  from  Ikorodu Police Station, Igbogbo, at the family court section of the Ikorodu magistrate’s court, Lagos. The defendants were docked before Chief Magistrate, Mrs A. A. Oshoniyi, on a seven-count charge of conspiracy, indecent assault and unlawful sexual intercourse. 

Samuel and his friend pleaded not guilty while their 10-year-old co-defendant pleaded guilty. However, the magistrate granted Samuel N200,000 bail with two responsible sureties in  like sum among other requirements and ordered that he be remanded in Kirikiri Prison,  pending the perfection of his  bail conditions. Magistrate Oshoniyi also remanded the second defendant in Borstal Home, Adigbe, Abeokuta, while the third defendant was remanded in Boys Remand Home, Oregun, Lagos. She adjourned the case till January 26, 2017, for mention.

  • COPS arrested 34 children aged just 10 or 11 on suspicion of rape and violent offences last year. The shocking figures represent nearly half of the 80 primary school-aged kids who were arrested in the West Midlands in 2015 CHILD RAPIST SHOCK Kids as young as TEN have been arrested for rape and violent crimes, shocking news stats reveal JEANETTE OLDHAM TOM GILLESPIE 5th December 2016

  • "Project Links" 7-year-old girl offered up in an online advertisement 9 dicembre 2016

    "Lost Innocence": pedofilo seriale ha abusato centinaia di minori 8 dicembre 2016

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    Pedophiles are targeting young children on YouTube 7 dicembre 2016

    Paedophile who raped and murdered 4-year-old girl lynched in Bolivia 17 novembre 2016

    Spanish pedophile network shared online child torture porn 13 novembre 2016

    Large pedophile network blocked in China 11 novembre 2016

    Deep Connection: darknet child pornography ring 26 ottobre 2016

    15-year-old girl gang-raped by 6 youths in Indonesia 7 dicembre 2016

    15-year-old girl abducted, raped by minor boy 7 dicembre 2016

    2 girls gang-raped by 5 in Thailand 7 dicembre 2016

    25-year-old woman raped, murdered in Mumbai 7 dicembre 2016

    3-year-old girl raped by University student 7 dicembre 2016

    Gang rape of teen: 19 arrested 7 dicembre 2016

    Gang rape of minor: 3 more students arrested 1 dicembre 2016

    14-year-old girl forced into prostitution gang-raped by 8 25 novembre 2016

    Man caught raping a dead body in Delhi 7 DICEMBRE 2016

    Colombian Man Arrested For Kidnapping, Rape, Murder Of 7-Year-Old Girl 7 dicembre 2016

    Anti-Rape Protest 8 6 DICEMBRE 2016

    Doctor, two workers, gardener raped 29-year-old in Delhi 7 dicembre 2016

    Boy brutally gang-raped by 5 afghan teenagers in Sweden 7 dicembre 2016

    13-year-old girl gang raped by 5 minors in Maharashtra 6 dicembre 2016

    25-year-old raped 4-year-old girl 6 dicembre 2016

    3 Marysville teens raped 13-year-old 3 dicembre 2016

    2nd school boy arrested for raping a child in Massachusetts 3 dicembre 2016

    12-year-old girl gang-raped by 2 1 dicembre 2016

    Four minor boys gang-raped 6-year-old girl 27 NOVEMBRE 2016

    Cyberbullying Suicides 2 DICEMBRE 2016

    Porn Watching Teens 26 NOVEMBRE 2016

    India, Rape videos on WhatsApp 21 novembre 2016

    Rape videos drive victims to suicide in India 7 novembre 2016

    Supreme Court of India Orders To Block Rape Videos 7 DICEMBRE 2016

    CHILD RAPISTS 29 30 novembre 2016

    Sex attacks on Chinese students in west Germany 7 dicembre 2016

    German chancellor denounces rape-killing of student 6 dicembre 2016

    US woman raped in India by serial sex offenders 5 dicembre 2016

    American woman gang-raped by guide, 4 others in Delhi 3 dicembre 2016

    35-year-old Japanese woman raped by 25-year-old 26 novembre 2016

    Horror India: 5 vicious sex attacks on female tourists 28 NOVEMBRE 2016

    Gurgaon shocker: Minor raped, strangled and dumped 28 NOVEMBRE 2016

    4-yr-old girl raped, tortured, killed 28 novembre 2016 

    3-and-half-year-old girl raped, left to die in Delhi 22 novembre 2016

    18-year-old assaulted, raped 27-year-old woman 6 dicembre 2016

    13-year-old girl gang raped by six minors in Maharashtra 6 dicembre 2016


    Father and friend raped 12 yer-old daughter 26 novembre 2016

    Father who raped his 5-month-old daughter arrested in Ohio 23 NOVEMBRE 2016

    Stepmother helped her husband rape his 2 children 25 novembre 2016

    Man raped his daughter for 2 years 25 novembre 2016

    Security guard repeatedly raped his minor daughter 24 novembre 2016

    Woman protests rape by setting herself on fire 6 dicembre 2016

    25-year-old raped 4-year-old girl 6 dicembre 2016

    Springfield couple raped 3 children 6 dicembre 2016

    11-year-old girl, 14-year-old girl raped 6 dicembre 2016

    Raped 43,000 times by judges, pastors 5 DICEMBRE 2016 

    Nigerian Soldiers, Policemen Arrested For Mass Rape 7 DICEMBRE 2016

    Tampa couple porn addicts sexually abused 7-year-old child  3 DICEMBRE 2016

    College student raped & killed by friend  2 DICEMBRE 2016

    Man held for rape, murder of 4-year-old 2 DICEMBRE 2016

    Heroin addict brutally raped, tortured, killed 3-year-old girl 2 DICEMBRE 2016

    Woman protests rape by setting herself on fire 6 dicembre 2016

    25-year-old raped 4-year-old girl 6 dicembre 2016

    Springfield couple raped 3 children 6 dicembre 2016

    11-year-old girl, 14-year-old girl raped 6 dicembre 2016

    Serial abductor child rapist monster arrested 6 dicembre 2016

    #Pizzagate: the Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta’s Emails NOVEMBER 27, 2016

    Operation DeathEaters 

    Anti-Rape Protest 8 6 DICEMBRE 2016

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