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Serial abductor child rapist monster arrested

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Lorain man accused of the abduction and rape of a 6-year-old Cleveland girl and the attempted abduction of a 10-year-old Elyria girl has been indicted
Justin Andrew Christian, 29, was indicted Monday on three counts of rape, eight counts of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated burglary and one count of tampering with evidence.
Christian was arrested in Lorain Friday night by officers from Cleveland, Elyria and the FBI.
He's in Cuyahoga County Jail and is scheduled to be arraigned in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on Dec. 8.
Christian is accused of trying to pull a 10-year-old girl from her bed through an open window at her Elyria home on Feb. 25. The girl escaped and was able to run to her father's bedroom.
On May 21, he's accused of snatching a 6-year-old Cleveland girl from her home on West 104th Street and driving her to a house where she was sexually assaulted. She was released later that evening.
A release states that during the manhunt that ensued, authorities gathered evidence and followed up on hundreds of leads. One factor that led to Christian was familial DNA evidence generated by BCI.

‘Serial abductor’ indicted in Cleveland kidnapping, rape & attempted Elyria kidnapping DECEMBER 5, 2016, BY FOX8WEBCENTRAL PEGGY GALLEK

CLEVELAND -- An arrest has been made in a pair of kidnapping cases.
The suspect was identified as 29-year-old Justin Andrew Christian. A large picture of him was put on display throughout a Monday morning news conference.
Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said Christian was arrested at home Friday night in Lorain. Christian has been indicted on three counts of rape, eight counts of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated burglary and one count of tampering with evidence. He's scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 8.
"This was a heinous crime," Chief Williams declared while labeling the suspect as "a monster."
The investigation started last February in Elyria when a man tried to pull a 10-year-old girl through her bedroom window. The second case involved the abduction and sexual assault of a 6-year-old Cleveland girl from her W. 104th Street home on May 21.
We carried live streaming coverage of the entire news conference on WKYC's Facebook page
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty said they were able to connect DNA left behind on a ladder to the suspect.
"There may be a social media connection with the children as a way for the predator to have targeted them," McGinty said. "It's another instance where parents should be very aware of their young childrens' social media contact."
More than 500 tips were received throughout the course of the investigation.
"This case really represents the worst fears of any parent," Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said.
DeWine explained how investigators used a new tool for the first time in Ohio on this case. That tool is known as "familial DNA search."
"If unknown DNA from a crime scene or from a victim does not match to any DNA in BCI's database, BCI now has the capability to search for familial DNA," DeWine said. "This DNA identifies someone with a genetic near match to the person who actually committed the crime. It could be a brother, father or a son. We have at BCI now specialized software that looks for genetic near matches in the state DNA database. A familial search will identify the top 100 DNA profiles that could potentially be siblings and the top 100 male DNA profiles that could be potentially fathers or sons. From there, once those 200 have been identified, our scientists pulled DNA samples on those top 200 potential matches. Those DNA samples are located at BCI. We have about 600,000 of them. Then, our BCI scientists conduct another test on each of these 200 samples. It is something called a YSTR test. The test singles out the Y chromosome in males, which fathers pass on to their sons."
DeWine said these results could show a high probability of finding a relative to the suspect who committed the crime.
"In high-priority cases in which public safety is a great risk and the public is in danger, I have authorized our scientists to work 24/7 -- including weekends -- to expedite these final results. That was done in this case."
WKYC Channel 3's Chris Tye explains more about the DNA technology used in finding suspects in this report

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