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Cleveland Police has already dealt with a legal action in relation to rapist ex-officer Wayne Scott. Disgraced Scott was locked up in 2013 for a series of rapes against two women, along with a sex offence involving a child

Monday’s report by the national newspaper claimed the force faced at least four legal claims from victims for missing opportunities to cut the serial rapist career’s short.
An independent report commissioned in the wake of his crimes found the force ignored Scott’s “deviant” behaviour for a decade before he committed his crimes.
And it found that colleagues said Scott’s behaviour - which included boasting he had sex with vulnerable women - was “just Wayne being Wayne”.
The force apologised following the stinging report, which revealed that shortly after joining the force in 2003, Scott groped a female but rather than sack him bosses held a mediation meeting.
The Times had claimed that victim is among at least four taking legal action.
He was eventually dismissed after groping a suspected shoplifter - and demanding she perform a sex act on him.
The disgraced former police constable served with Cleveland for more than a decade.
He pleaded guilty to most of the offences but went on trial in October 2013 after denying one of the rape offences and the attempted rape. A jury found him guilty of both.
The court heard married Scott, from Stockton, offered money to a teenage girl in exchange for sex as well as sexually assaulting her.
After one sickening rape on one of his other victims he posted a status on his Facebook page stating: “Think today is going to be a good day” followed by a smiley face.
Following Scott’s conviction, then Deputy Chief Constable Iain Spittal, said: “I want to sincerely apologise to everyone who has been affected by the actions of Wayne Scott whilst he was a serving officer with Cleveland Police.”
“The conviction of one of our officers sent a very important message into the organisation, and this investigation is central to the next round of training and development we do with all of our staff on the code of ethics,” he said.
“I hope this kind of behaviour is no longer tolerated in Cleveland Police.”
A young woman in Memphis was held down at gunpoint and brutally raped after she walked down Brooks Road back in 2000. 
The victim submitted her samples to police for a rape kit, and awaited the results, hoping they'd apprehend the man who did the heinous act to her.
But she'd have to wait for 12 long years for her assaulter to be found. Why? That's how long it took for her rape kit to be sent to the lab for testing.

It's also how Jacquet Moore, 45 years old, managed to walk the streets free until 2012, when his victim's rape kit was finally tested.
During that decade-plus, police and prosecutors say Moore, with seeming impunity, was able to brutally rape several more women.
Moore is now on trial for his second of four rape cases; but it comes too late for his victims, Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich told Fox-WBRC:
“It's justice last week for a victim that was long overdue.”
“Overdue” is the word for many of Memphis's rape victims in recent years— until recent efforts, over 12,000 raprape kits sat in storage, untested for years—some of them for more than a decade.

Moore, who police have labelled a serial rapist, was convicted last week of the Brooks Road rape. He is now on trial for another rape from 2000 and  faces two more trials on rape cases from 2003.
Attorney General Weirich laments that it all could have been avoided:
“They’re getting the justice today that they could have gotten years ago.”
The D.A.’s office say they've made major headway into clearing the backlog of rape kits. Weirich said:
“We have gotten over half of the 12,000 rape kits off of the shelves and into laboratories.”
But the problem isn't just localized to Memphis—rape kit backlogs are an issue nationally. The Daily Beast reported in 2014 that there were well over 400,000 untested rape kits going back a decade or more that were sitting in police storage across the country.
Scott Berkowitz, founder and president of the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, or RAINN, told the Daily Beast that a number of factors have contributed to the scourge of untested rape kits. One is expense: The average rape kit process can cost a county anywhere from $500 to $1500, which puts a strain on county budgets and making some investigators feel that they must choose between which rape kits to process and which to shelve.
Berkowitz explains:
“Some only pursue the ones they have the best chance of solving. Others only test if the alleged rapist is a stranger. That might make some sense, but the reality these days is you have to have DNA if you’re going to prosecute a case. DNA can point to inconsistencies or lies in a suspect’s story. Often they’ll say they didn’t have sex at all. DNA can prove that is a lie and the investigation becomes easier.”
Some states have begun to introduce bills or other measures in order to solve the problem. Governor Cuomo of New York State signed a bill at the end of November of this year to clear the state's backlog and prevent backlogs from building up in the future.
If you support such legislation, you can visit End The Backlog's website to see how to become involved in helping to solve the problem.

A SERIAL rapist who despised women and believed he had the right to force them to have sex has been jailed for life.
David Harber, formerly of Newton Abbot, raped four different women and forced a vulnerable young man into taking part in humiliating sex acts with him.
He met the women over two decades while living in the town and in Honiton, Exeter and Sussex. His victims included a 14-year-old babysitter and an arthritis patient who he raped in hospital.
He was locked up for life after a judge said he had a controlling attitude to women and used sexual violence to punish them if they tried to resist.
Harber already had a conviction for under-age sex when he met his first victim in about 2002. He then went on to dominate and abuse the four women.
He groomed victims by giving them cannabis or amphetamines and forced them to have sex with friends or criminal associates. He kept the male victim as a virtual slave and tried to throttle him when he tried to resist.
A judge told him he used his victims for sexual gratification, had an extremely misogynistic attitude towards women and a sense of entitlement to sex.
He was found guilty of 30 counts of rape by a jury at Exeter Crown Court in February but reporting of his trial has been banned until now pending the conclusion of a related case.
Harber, 46, of Bexhill-on-Sea, was found guilty of 30 rapes, seven of inciting rape by others, one of assault causing actual bodily harm and two of sexual activity with a child.
He was handed a minimum term of 14 years by Judge Erik Salomonsen in February but the case could not be reported until a Contempt of Court Order was lifted at the end of a related case, in which the defendant was acquitted.
The judge told him: ‘There are a number of common themes in relation to the four female victims, three of whom were specifically vulnerable.
‘I have seen all the victim impact statements. They have all suffered depression and psychological damage. They will all suffer the consequences for years to come.’
During a trial at Exeter in January and February, the jury heard how Harber met the first victim in about 2002 and forced her to have sex against her will on two occasions.
Two years later he met a 14-year-old babysitter who he groomed for sex and abused more than 50 times before she was 16, causing her to become pregnant and have an abortion.
He forced her to have sex on her 18th birthday and repeated the assaults many times, including one occasion when he forced her to have sex while she was in a hospital bed and being treated for a painful arthritic condition.
He groomed his next victim by giving her cannabis before raping her and forcing her to have sex with men he knew while she was under the influence of amphetamines.
He moved on to his next victim shortly afterwards and used rape as a punishment and means of enforcing his control.
Harber met his final victim at a hostel after he was released from prison for an arson offence in which he set light to his council flat in the hope of being moved to better accommodation.
The male victim, 21, had learning disabilities and was extremely vulnerable.
After the reporting restrictions were lifted, Detective Inspector Simon Costin, from Devon and Cornwall Police sexual offences and domestic abuse investigation team, said: ‘I am satisfied that justice has been done for the victims of David Harber and I want to personally acknowledge the bravery of the victims in coming forward, and remaining strong throughout the investigation and court process.
‘It has taken a dedicated team many hours over a two-year period to show David Harber for what he is. It is fair to say that his treatment of his victims can be described as ‘sexually motivated torture’ and there is no question in my mind that the only place for him is prison.

A man who admitted raping and sexually abusing a teenage girl as she babysat his children, has been jailed. Douglas Frederick Ayton, of Donnybrewer Road, Eglinton, will spend a total of 12 and a half years in prison and a further two years on probation. He pleaded guilty to rape, indecent assault and gross indecency between January 1988 and December 1989. 

He was jailed for 10 years in June, 2015 for a ‘catalogue of abuse’ against three girls. They were also baby-sitters for Ayton’s children and the abuse took place in his home, in his car and in a holiday home in Inch, Co Donegal. On Monday a further two and a half years was added to this sentence for the rape and abuse of the fourth victim

Derry Crown Court heard the girl was 14 when she began baby-sitting Ayton’s children. The abuse began by the defendant, who is now 64-years-old, touching her chest. This escalated and the girl was raped by Ayton on a rug in the living room of his home. The abuse ended when the girl moved away and stopped baby-sitting. 

Passing sentence, Judge Gemma Loughran said the defendant had pleaded guilty to a ‘catalogue of sexual offences’. She added: “The most serious of these was rape. Rape is a gross violation of another person’s body and is a horrifying, degrading and humiliating experience for the victim.” The judge said the victim was a teenage girl who was taken advantage of by Ayton while she was performing baby-sitting duties. She said Ayton had ‘indulged in disgraceful behaviour without regard to the consequences for the victim’. 

One of the victims from the previous case was in court for sentencing and both victims met each other face to face for the first time. This victim, who was abused when she was 11-years-old, said that she was ‘glad to have the likes of him [Ayton] taken off the streets’. The woman told the ‘Journal’ she still suffers as a result of the abuse she experienced and ‘constantly re-lives it’. “Nobody sees what goes on behind closed doors, the effect it has had on me and the embarrassment it caused my family to know they let a paedophile into their lives. “I still have nightmares and wake up screaming that he is there standing over me. Even the smell of certain things brings it all back. Some things just never leave you but you try as best as you can to get on with your life.”

Both women believe Ayton’s catalogue of abuse did not end with them and have encouraged others who have suffered abuse to report it to police.

Fears over 'serial rapist on loose' as woman pleads: "Please help find man who tried to rape me" JESSICA HAWORTH15 DEC 2016

Phillip Charles Lamont left a trail of traumatised women across Brisbane, Australia, in the mid-1960s after six sexual attacks in 10 months.
Fifty years later, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Museum has revealed how detectives caught the criminal dubbed the "Ether Man".
It all started in 1965, when "unlocked doors and unfenced gardens were common in Brisbane", according to QPS Museum curator Lisa Jones.

The first attack took place in a Coorparoo unit block on December 20 at 8.30pm.
A man climbed through the window of an apartment and tried to rape a 59-year-old woman in her bathroom. The victim bit her attacker and fought him off. Investigating officers found a fingerprint on the patio railing and a stocking on the lawn, which the man had used to cover his face.

It would be almost four months before the Ether Man struck again, but his second attack was worse than the first, as the victim was unable to fight him off.
A 21-year-old woman was attacked in a laundry about 9.40pm at an apartment complex in the inner city suburb of New Farm on April 7, 1966. Her attacker placed a cloth over her face, which was drenched in chloroform. The victim hit the intruder several times before losing consciousness and being raped.

This was followed by another attack in Milton where a 21-year-old woman fought off a man in an outside laundry on May 23. A significant piece of evidence was left behind by the attacker as he fled the scene - a chloroform-soaked cheese cloth.

After the Milton attack, a description of the offender and information regarding the use of chloroform was circulated to the public. As a result, two suspects were questioned but no charges laid.
There were two more attempted rapes in June at Annerley and Kangaroo Point, both involving ether.
Police identified more suspects, including an ether addict who regularly caught a taxi to nearby pharmacies to buy the anaesthetic, but still no charges were laid. Hospitals and dry cleaners' supplies of chloroform and ether were also checked in case of theft, but nothing was found.
Then came the second rape on September 5 in a home at The Gap. It was between 5pm and 6.30pm when a 27-year-old woman and her son were confronted by a man with a knife. The boy was locked away and the woman was raped. No chemical was used, but a fingerprint was found on a window.
Then came the big break. Witnesses reported a cream-coloured 1963 Ford Falcon sedan on Waterworks Road, with patches of a reddish-brown undercoat on the side, around the time of the home invasion at The Gap.
A warrant officer later spotted the suspect car in Wooloowin and took note of the registration plate, which led police to 22-year-old Wooloowin man Phillip Charles Lamont. He worked at the State Children's Department and when police found him, they discovered the reddish-brown undercoat had been freshly painted over on the sedan.
Police took his fingerprints, which were matched to those found at the Coorparoo and The Gap attacks, and matched a white cotton thread found in the car to the cheese cloth found at the Milton attack. When Mr Lamont was told of the evidence he simply replied with "you've got me, well charge me".
Detectives went on to search Lamont's apartment, where they seized a knife and found clothes similar to those described in witness statements.
While officers were searching his house, Lamont was being guarded by two detectives in the kitchen. As he got up and moved towards the sink to pour himself a glass of water, it is believed he grabbed a knife and stabbed himself in the chest. Lamont's self-inflicted blow pierced his heart and he died within a minute.
The case came to an abrupt end, however detectives were satisfied with the evidence found to conclude Lamont was the Ether Man. Police also suspected Lamont could have been responsible for other attacks. The investigation involved at least 80 detectives and officers.
Nine years later, in 1975, the Queensland Police Service Rape Squad was established with seven founding members.
 - Brisbane Times

The Ether Man: How police caught a serial Brisbane rapist 50 years ago TOBY CROCKFORD December 7 2016

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