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Springfield couple raped 3 children

SPRINGFIELD: A Clark County jury has found a man and woman guilty on multiple charges involving child rape and sexual assault, ending more than 20 hours of deliberations over three days
Tamara and Christopher Remy were each facing dozens of charges, including child rape, child endangering, gross sexual imposition, intimidation of a victim or witness and complicity to rape, according to court record.
The jury gave their decision to a judge just before 7 p.m. Dozens of witnesses testified, including the three children the couple is accused of abusing.
Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 5, according to court record.
A jury continued to deliberate the fate of a Springfield couple accused of rape and sexual abuse involving children they knew on Friday evening.
The jury deliberated late Thursday and all day Friday.
Tamara Remy, 29, and Christopher C. Remy, who was 27 when he was arrested in February, are alleged to have participated in sexual activity with three girls all under the age of 10.
Christopher Remy faces nearly 30 charges, including gross sexual imposition, rape and intimidation of a witness.
Tamara Remy faces nearly 20 charges, including rape, gross sexual imposition and intimidation of a witness.
In the three weeks the trial has been in court, dozens of witnesses testified, including all three of the children accusing the man and woman of abuse.

Clark County jury finds couple guilty in child rape case 
  • Allison Wichie
  •   Dec. 2, 2016

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