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The Ohio Parole Board has recommended that Gov. John Kasich move forward with the execution of Ronald Phillips, an Akron man convicted of raping and murdering a 3-year-old girl

Phillips’ friends and attorneys sought mercy last week in Columbus. Phillips, 43, has been on death row since 1993He’s scheduled to be the first man executed in Ohio since Dennis McGuire, who in 2014 suffered for 26 minutes before dying — the longest in Ohio’s history — after lethal injection drugs were administered.
Phillips was convicted in 1993 of beating and raping his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughterSheila Marie Evans, who died Jan. 18, 1993, of injuries from the violence. Her family urged the Parole Board to deny requests to let Phillips live.
But Phillips’ supporters argued he has a life worth sparing. If spared from the death penalty, he vowed to become a chaplain serving his fellow inmates.
According to a clemency report filed with the governor’s office on Friday, the Parole Board voted 10-2 to deny the request to spare his life. Kasich will have the final say on Phillips’ fate.
Members of the board in favor of Phillips’ execution said it was appropriate because Phillips’ actions were “among the worst of the worst capital crimes.” They noted that Phillips grew up in a dysfunctional environment, but opined that it was unclear how much abuse he personally endured.
The two who voted in favor of Phillips spending his life in prison questioned the reliability of some of the opinions offered by a medical examiner during Phillips’ trial in 1993.
Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh agreed with the Parole Board’s recommendation.
Phillips brutally beat and assaulted Sheila Marie over several hoursShe suffered for days before dying from her injuries,” she said. “Phillips deserves the ultimate punishment for what he did.”
Walsh noted that Friday’s recommendation was the third time the Ohio Parole Board has advised Kasich to deny mercy for Phillips. She said she hopes Kasich agrees.
An Ohio interfaith organization, though, urged Kasich to go against the recommendation.
“Ronald Phillips is a different person today than he was when he killed 3-year-old Sheila Marie Evans,” said the Rev. Rebecca J. Tollefson, executive director of the Ohio Council of Churches and Faith in Public Life. “We believe Mr. Phillips can and should be held accountable, and we can do that without killing him.”
Amanda Hoyt, Ohio director of Faith in Public Life, agreed with Tollefson.
“Our greatest call as evangelicals is to make disciples of men. Ronald Phillips has an opportunity to reach the lost and advance the kingdom of God,” she said. “Through his ministry, Mr. Phillips is reaching men who need to hear the gospel, providing light for those trapped in darkness.”
Tollefson announced the groups will launch a postcard campaign this weekend to urge Kasich to spare Phillips.
The recommendation from the Parole Board comes days after the Ohio Attorney General’s Office denied an attempt to delay Phillips’ execution. His attorneys sought a delay because of questions regarding a new lethal injection method.
Phillips is scheduled to die Jan. 12.
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No mercy for Ronald Phillips: Execution recommended for Akron child rapist and murderer Nick Glunt  December 9, 2016

A 93-year-old paedophile who raped and abused a little girl back two decades ago has been jailed for 14 years.
But Judge Rhys Rowlands told Jack Beales that if he had been a younger man then he would have received an 18-year sentence.
Beales, a retired quarryman, was told it was very unlikely he would ever be released.
The judge told him he had destroyed his victim's childhood and that he did not have "an ounce of remorse", Wales Online reports.
He received a 14 year sentence - 13 years custody and an additional 12 months on licence - and was told that unless he was released as an act of clemency sometime in the future - it was very unlikely that he would ever be released.

Abuse started when victim was six

Mold Crown Court heard how the victim, now a woman in her 30s, was subjected to years of horrific sexual abuse including rape as a child, starting when she was just six.
Years later she plucked up the courage to confront her attacker in front of his wife.
The victim went to Beales' home and said that she had a secret for many years which had been making her ill.
She revealed he raped her and subjected her to various sexual indignities for about nine to ten years.
She was terrified of him as a child - he had a hold over her and had told her she would go to jail if it ever came out.

Beales claimed 'that is what men did'

Beales, then 92, admitted in front of his wife and the victim's mother that he had groped her as a child but denied rape.
He later told how "that was what men did" and claimed that he was "giving her pleasure".
Beales, who lived in Graianrhyd area between Mold and Ruthin but after being kicked out of the family home lived alone in a flat in John Street, Rhyl, admitted in indecency with a child and indecent assault charges to cover a large number of incidents.
He denied five charges of rape and six other sexual offences when he was aged between 67 and 77 but was unanimously convicted by the jury last week.
Today he appeared for sentence via a live link from Altcourse Prison in Liverpool.
In addition to the 14-year sentence, he was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for life.

Judge: 'You are a deviant'

Judge Rowlands said that Beales had targeted a very vulnerable child.
His "deviant and wholly reprehensible behaviour" had been repeated and he had "destroyed her childhood."

Paedophile, 93, who raped 6-year-old girl jailed until he is 106 ELWYN ROBERTS 15 DEC 2016

A Washoe County jury has convicted a Reno man on 39 counts of child sexual assault and lewdness. Sentencing is set for March. 45-year-old Valentin Corrales, who is being held on a  $3.6 million bond, was found guilty of 12 counts of lewdness with a child under 14, 13 counts of sexual assault with a child under 14 , six counts of sexual assault with a child under 16, and eight counts of sexual assault.   

Corrales was arrested in March 2015 on the first of the charges.  Each of the felonies carries a potential life term in prison.

Child Rapist Convicted 

A 73-YEAR-OLD Wexford man has been jailed for life for raping his nine-year-old step-granddaughter after she helped him recover from a stroke.
The girl was the fifth victim of the accused. He is already serving a 13-year prison term for abusing his two daughters when they were children in the 70s and 80s and a separate term for the similar abuse of his two sons.
The Central Criminal Court heard the man, who cannot be named to protect his victim’s identity, “groomed” his step-granddaughter by showing her pornographic playing cards and giving her money before going on to molest and orally rape her.
The man pleaded guilty to ten counts of sexual assault and oral rape on the girl in his Wexford home between 2006 and 2008 when she was between nine and twelve years old.
Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy said the accused had an “appalling history of sexual abuse, including four of his own children, which extended to the abuse of the next generation.”
The judge noted that one of the “striking features” of the girl’s victim impact report was that she was afraid to tell her family about the abuse because she was terrified they wouldn’t believe her. The court heard that the girl’s mother and grandmother, the accused’s wife, initially supported him in court.
“She ended up in foster care,” Mr Justice McCarthy said. “She was very angry. She felt she lost her family and that she would never see them again. She felt she was the person in the wrong.”
He noted the mother-daughter relationship had been restored and that her mother was now supportive.
The abuse came to light when the girl was in her late teens and told her cousin about it.
On his arrest the man told gardaí “I didn’t rape her but I did touch her. It doesn’t make any difference. I’m doing 12 years. I don’t think there’s any future out there for me anymore. I don’t think I’ll get another ten years out of life.”
Impact statement
In a victim impact report the now 19-year-old said she had tried to kill herself multiple times including on one recent occasion.
“He preyed on my because I was child,” she wrote. “The only one who did wrong is him.”
Addressing the accused in court while reading out her statement, she told him that God would judge him.
The first time he abused her she was still in primary school. He took off both their clothes and lay on top of her before molesting and orally raping her.
The abuse continued and on one occasion he was nearly caught when the girl’s grandmother arrived home.

KUCHING: A father of six who raped his 18-year-old daughter thrice was sentenced to 54 years in jail and 21 strokes of the rotan in the Sessions Court here.
The 40-year-old appeared emotionless as Judge Dayang Ellyn Narisa Abang Ahmad delivered the sentence. She called his actions inhuman, saying as a father he should have protected his children but instead committed the heinous act. Dayang Ellyn also noted that the victim is now pregnant and that the father had inflicted injuries on the victim’s back while raping her.
The impact statement stated the rapes had left the victim traumatised.  He was convicted on three counts of incestuous rape under Section 376B (1) of the Penal Code. For each charge, he received 18 years in prison and seven strokes of the rotan, with all sentences to run consecutively.
He admitted raping his daughter three times on Nov 12, 20 and 21 in their village house.
The victim lodged a police report on Nov 24 and the father was arrested the next day at their house. The victim works at a coffee shop and it is understood that both her parents are unemployed.
It was reported that the mother knew of the rapes but did nothing to stop her husband as she feared he would beat her up.

  • Incestuous rape dad gets 54 years, 21 strokes  

    THANE: A 42-year-old paedophile from Airoli was sentenced to 10 years' rigorous imprisonment by a district court here for raping a three-and-a-half-year-old girl in 2013.

    Special judge Mridula Bhatia convicted the man after a three-year trial proved that he criminally misused his familiarity with the victim and robbed her of her innocence to satisfy his unnatural lust.

    The public prosecutor told court that the married man was a neighbour of the victim and shared a rapport with her family. The kindergarten student would frequent his house along with her cousin, to play with his children.

    The victim and her cousin went to his house on December 4, 2012, when he led her to his bedroom and physically abused her. A few hours later, he reached them home and gave an ice-cream packet to her mother for the children.
    At night, the minor complained to her mother of pain in the groin, the prosecutor said. When the mother found injuries on her private parts, the minor narrated the harrowing incident. She was taken to hospital, and a police complaint was lodged after confirmation of her physical state.

    Seven witnesses testified, including the medical officer. Bhatia noted that the victim was brought to court sometimes but could not be examined. It clearly showed that the prosecution tried to lead her evidence but due to her tender age, the evidence could not be recorded.

    The judge noted that the defence of the accused could not be considered as no woman would implicate her child in a false case of sexual assault. The minimum sentence prescribed under Section 376(2)(f)(i) of the IPC and Section 6 of the POCSO Act, 2012, is 10 years' rigorous imprisonment. He was also fined Rs10,000 and in default another six months' rigorous imprisonment.

    The accused was charged under various sections, sentenced for varying terms and fined varying amounts; all sentences will run concurrently.

    CHILD RAPISTS 31 27 dicembre 2016

    CHILD RAPISTS 30 27 dicembre 2016

    CHILD RAPISTS 28 22 novembre 2016

    SERIAL RAPISTS 5 27 dicembre 2016

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    Child prostitution decriminalized in California 1 GENNAIO 2017

    "Broken and Betrayed" "Violated" The true story of the Rotherham Abuse Scandal 29 DICEMBRE 2016

    57-year-old grandmother raped, killed in Atlanta 3 gennaio 2017

    Four men gang-rapes 57-year-old woman, 8 others 3 gennaio 2017

    Protest in India against "police inaction" in gang-rape case 3 gennaio 2017

    14-year-old kills father for rape attempt in Bareilly 3 gennaio 2017

    12-year-old girl fights off 4 assailants, saves mother from rape 3 gennaio 2017

    Reported Rape Cases in Rangoon Doubled in 2016 3 gennaio 2017

    Woman, minor girl abducted, raped by three youths 3 gennaio 2017

    25-year-old man raped friend’s 6-yr-old daughter 3 gennaio 2017

    Young woman raped by 3 teens at New Year’s Eve party in Sidney 3 gennaio 2017

    5-year-old girl was raped by two minor boys aged nine 3 gennaio 2017

    Schoolgirl raped, stabbed still unconscious 2 gennaio 2017

    16-year-old girl raped, murdered in Aashiana 2 gennaio 2017

    30-year-old woman gang-raped by 4 in Islamabad  2 gennaio 2017

    80-year-old-woman sexually assaulted in Concord 1 gennaio 2017

    4-year-old girl raped by 28-year-old relative over a year 1 gennaio 2017

    French doctor raped 37 patients, including minors 31 dicembre 2016

    570 Rapists in One Year 31 dicembre 2016

    Over 500 arrested for rape, sexual assault in Gauteng 12 dicembre 2016

    30-year-old woman killed by her nephew after rape attempt 31 dicembre 2016

    15-year-old girl gang-raped by 9 men in Afghanistan 30 dicembre 2016

    Malaysia man jailed 80 years for raping underage daughter 30 dicembre 2016

    53-year-old Pastor raped 5-year-old girl 30 dicembre 2016

    32-year-old woman gang-raped In Delhi 29 dicembre 2016

    22-year-old boy raped 15-year-old Facebook friend 29 dicembre 2016

    Ex-cop found guilty of rape 29 dicembre 2016

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    22-year-old student raped in Istanbul  29 dicembre 2016

    7-year-old girl raped by family friend in Detroit 29 dicembre 2016

    35-year-old disabled woman raped, stabbed to death 29 dicembre 2016

    35-year-old maid raped, murdered in Nepal 29 dicembre 2016

    45-year-old maid gang-raped by a family of lawyers for 3 months 29 dicembre 2016

    Violenza sessuale su 20 pazienti arrestato il chirurgo Gianfranco de Lorenzis 29 dicembre 2016

    Doctor drugged, raped two women over a 20 year period 27 dicembre 2016

    25-year-old nurse gang-raped in a private hospital by 3 staff members 27 dicembre 2016

    Abusi sulla figlia di sette anni: arrestato 44enne a Varese 27 dicembre 2016

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    Woman beaten at a marketplace for resisting sexual assault 1 GENNAIO 2017

    India's rape epidemic 26 dicembre 2016

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