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Stanley Sandison died at HMP Glenochil, in Alloa, on Saturday at the age of 69. The Lossiemouth man was convicted of raping two children and sexually assaulting another three at addresses in Moray during the 1960s and 70s
It is understood that he died of natural causes, just 15 months into his seven-year sentence.
But his victims claim that he targeted other youngsters during that spell, and are frustrated that he died before they too were able to get justice.
One woman, who gave evidence against Sandison last year, said the 24-stone sex offender “got what he deserved”.
She added: “I thought more children would have come forward, I honestly don’t believe he faced justice for all of the abuse he carried out.
“This is absolutely what he deserves, after everything he did, but there will never really be closure for his victims.
“When he got the seven-year sentence I hoped he would serve all of it, then die on the day of his release.”
The brother of another victim said Sandison had “escaped justice”.
He added: “We feel that to serve so little of what he should have means we have not got justice.
“There isn’t any sadness for him, he never showed any compassion to his victims so they don’t feel bad for him.”
A special sitting of the High Court had to be arranged in Elgin last July, because Sandison claimed he was too overweight to travel any further afield
The pensioner remained in a wheelchair throughout the trial.
A jury took just an hour to decide that he was guilty of six charges.
But his lawyer pleaded with Judge Lord Turbull to spare Sandison prison because of the level of care he said he would require.
The judge was not swayed though, saying Sandison had “shown no hint of remorse” for his conduct.
Yesterday, his victims said Sandison played on his obesity in an attempt to avoid punishment.
One said: “We don’t believe there was anything wrong with him apart from his weight and a sore leg.
“They made out he was in a worse way than he was, so that he wouldn’t go to prison.”
The woman added that she hoped Sandison’s conviction would spur other victims of historic sex crimes to report their abusers to the police.
She said: “Anybody who has gone through something like this should come forward.
“Nobody should suffer in silence, like I did for years.
“It can make you ill with depression and all sorts of things, all down to what happened years ago. ”
Sandison’s earliest recorded offence took place in 1964.
Between that time and the early 1970s he conducted a campaign of sexual abuse against one victim who was then aged between four and 12.
The former distillery worker preyed on another child at several addresses between the late 1960s and mid-1970s while she was between the ages of four and 10.
A third victim said she was raped “about 10 to 12” times by Sandison in the 1970s – when she was as young as nine.
He targeted another girl between the ages of seven and 11 during that timeframe.
A police spokeswoman said the force was probing Sandison’s death.
She said: “Officers in Forth Valley are investigating following the death of a 69-year-old man at HMP Glenochil on Saturday.
“There are no suspicious circumstances and a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

Obese Moray child rapist dies in jail  BEN HENDRYDecember 20, 2016

Robert Smith will be released before Christmas back on to the streets near where he raped 21 children at knifepoint in a shed 

Caging the evil pervert for 20 years in 2006, Judge Paul Hoffman said at the time: "If the sentence that is passed results in you dying in prison, that's no more than you deserve.
The judge said he scoured legal textbooks but found no other case "as bad as this one", reports the Daily Mail.
He told York Crown Court : "Yours is the worst case of its type that I have ever encountered in nearly 42 years of criminal practice."
Judge Hoffman said Smith's case was remarkable because it stood apart due to the scale of wickedness and his cold disregard for the victims.
After only serving half his 20-year jail term, the sicko will walk free and move to Leeds, West Yorkshire, where he will not even be required to wear a tag.
His appalled victims claim the Ministry of Justice has put the rights of the child rapist first.
He will only have to wear a 'voluntary' GPS tag if he chooses, but must sign the Sex Offenders' Register and follow a curfew.
One of his victims said: "Seeing him would be the most horrendous thing that could ever happen. If we were out in town and we saw him, it's just devastating, it's frightening that that could happen."
The woman, representing several victims, said they had hoped the scumbag would perish in prison.
They also fear that Smith, despite being elderly and now in a wheelchair, will abuse local children.
Just a decade ago, Smith, now aged 76, admitted 42 sex offences against both boys and girls over a period of 30 years.
The counts were termed as 'sample offences' because many of his victims could not remember how many times he abused them.
Seven of his child victims came from a single family, while in a separate series of attacks, two generations of a family were abused by him.
In total, up to 40 children are feared to have fallen victim to his sickening abuse.
Smith preyed on many victims in a shed near Scarborough Pier, North Yorkshire, but repeatedly escaped capture.
He received just a caution in the 1980s after complaints against him surfaced, before receiving a paltry two-year prison sentence in the '90s for gross indecency and indecent assault.
Smith was not arrested again until 2005 when an abuse victim contacted police after finding the ageing pervert living near a school.
Victim Support Leeds said Smith will be escorted from jail to a probation hostel.
Ministry of Justice spokesman said the department was unable to comment on individual prisoners.

Paedo told by judge he 'deserved to die in prison' is released early into same region where he abused 21 kids MARC WALKER 19 DEC 2016

ASHLAND, OH - 26-year-old Ashland resident, Brock D. Martin, has received life without parole for raping a 6-year-old girl

In 2015, Martin's bond was for $1 million dollars in Ashland County Common Pleas Court after an investigation revealed Martin had forced open a window at a home on Orange Rd and removed the female against her will. 
Martin carried the girl into the backyard of the residence and began sexually assaulting her.
Police officers were called by a household member who inadvertently observed what was happening. Officers confronted Martin in a nearby wooded area where he was subdued by a K-9.
During the bond hearing Martin confessed to three other sexual offenses that involved minor female victims.
Martin faces life in prison without parole for the rape charge, 11 years for the burglary charge and 15 years for the kidnapping charge.

Child Rapist Gets Life Without Parole For Raping 6-Year-Old 12/19/2016

Brock D. Martin Is A Serial Child Predator And One Sick Fucker CbabyRKONov 15, 2016

ANCHORAGE – The Eagle River man accused of sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl was arraigned in Alaska Superior Court in Anchorage on Monday, Dec. 19.
Lance Hagedon, 37, was arrested in April for assaulting the girl during two visits to his home in the fall of 2015. He faces up to 99 years in prison if convicted of the charges.
Hagedon has been in jail since his arrest. He is being held on $25,000 bail with a third party custodian requirement.
According to a search warrant filed in April by Anchorage Police Department detective Christopher Mueller, the girl’s mother contacted police after her daughter said Hagedon touched her inappropriately while the girl was staying at Hagedon’s home in September, 2015.
Mueller – who works in the department’s child crime unit – wrote the girl reported at least four instances of sexual assault while visiting Hagedon’s home.
The girl told Detective Mueller she didn’t come forward until months later because Hagedon “told her he didn’t want to go to jail in front of her friend who then started to cry,” he wrote. “[The victim] didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want her friend to grow up without a father.”
Hagedon is being held on $25,000 cash bail with a third-party custodian requirement. An online court database search on Monday reported he was lodged at Anchorage Jail. A trial date has not been set for Hagedon, who is represented by a public defender. His next scheduled court date is a pretrial conference slated for February, 2017.

Accused child rapist arraigned in Anchorage court Star staff report 12/19/2016 

AN evil sex beast who raped a girl aged 12 then claimed she made up the brutal attack after he gave her a row over the state of her room has been caged for seven years.

Predator Warren Gillespie gave a one-fingered gesture as he was led handcuffed from the dock after being found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The fiend, of Bucksburn, Aberdeen, struck after he’d been left to look after the youngster and other kids when their mother went for a night out with friends.
But the terrified child eventually told her mother and police were contacted.
Gillespie was detained and interviewed by officers and was sentenced today by Judge Kenneth Maciver QC.
Advocate depute Lisa Gillespie told the court: “He denied the allegation and suggested that the victim had fabricated it due to his having reprimanded her for the untidy state of her bedroom.”
But the court heard forensic analysis of clothing backed up the girl’s claims she’d been attacked.

FIEND LOCKED UP  Sex beast who raped 12-year-old schoolgirl jailed for seven years   

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Child prostitution decriminalized in California 1 GENNAIO 2017

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