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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore man has been arrested for child sex abuse and charged with multiple counts of rape and sex offenses
Joseph Goldman, 35, was arrested around 8:15 a.m. Monday at his home in the 3500 block of Taney Road.
He has been charged with first and second degree rape, second, third and fourth degree sex offense, first and second degree assault, perverted practice and other related charges.
Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith says the victim disclosed several incidents that took place over the course of years to a third party in October, who then relayed the information the Baltimore Police Department. That’s when the investigation began.
Seized from Goldman’s home was suspected marijuana, two handguns, one shotgun with an altered barrel, one rifle and a homemade silencer.
The investigation into the guns will continue.
Goldman is being held on the charges.

Man Arrested For Child Sex Abuse, Charged With Rape December 20, 2016

ITHACA, N.Y. -- An Ithaca man charged with sexually abusing two children for years was sentenced to five years in state prison on Thursday afternoon at the Tompkins County Court.
Ever Benites, 36, plead guilty to charges of first-degree course of sexual misconduct against a child and first-degree sexual abuse in November. The charges surfaced after it was discovered that Benites had been sexually abusing two children under the age of 10 for multiple years.
Benites had initially been out on bail set last December. But two days before his trial was set to begin in July, Benites fled, and was found in Texas, 25 miles from the border of Mexico. He took a bus there from Nashville, where he'd been working, and told the court he was being blackmailed by a cousin in Tennessee for an illegal drug sale.
Judge Joseph Cassidy said in court that the claim was "inconsistent and illogical."
After Benites was extradited back to Ithaca, he plead guilty to the charges against him, and then accepted a deal which lowered his possible incarceration period. The sentencing on Thursday was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Diane Lama.
“Sometimes as prosecutors, we make offers that don’t match the magnitude of the crime,” Lama said. “This is one of those cases – (Benites) does not deserve five years… what he did is unquantifiable.”
She said prosecutors sometimes make such deals to spare the victims further public scrutiny, ensure a conviction and put an end to years of torment.
Family members filled the courtroom and sat in tense silence as the two women Benites abused as children gave their victim impact statements.
The effect of this has lasted my entire life – it taught me that my body and my consent weren’t valuable,” the first victim said. “Today isn’t a celebration, but I know now that what happened was wrong.”
As the second victim prepared to give her testimony, the courtroom was met with a moment of deafening silence.
“The reason I came was because I was told it was for closure, to find peace… the truth is, I don’t think I’ll ever get closure for what happened to me,” she said. “I honestly don’t know how a human does this to someone so small – people like him should not be free.”
Benites' Attorney Kevin Kelly declined to make statements afterward. Benites also decline to address the court.
Cassidy sentenced Benites to five years in jail for his crimes with a 20-year parole period.
Benites will also be required to register as a sex offender and will be banned from any contact with children under the age of 18. Orders of protection for both victims were also issued -- one for 33 years and the other for 23 years.
“These two women were left to suffer the consequences of your crime,” Judge Cassidy said as he addressed Benites. “This is not something to be swept under the rug. These children should have been protected.”
Both Cassidy and Lama made statements indicating that they hoped the sentencing, and knowing that Benites described his crimes in detail, would put an end to any question of Benites' innocence.
Lama said, "I hope that this finally puts to rest any questions and doubts anyone has about what Ever Benites did..."

If you or somebody you know has been a victim of a sexual crime or domestic abuse, please contact the The Advocacy Center website by clicking here. The 24-hour hotline can be reached at 607-277-5000.

A judge on Monday sentenced a Florence man convicted of child rape, among other crimes, to 20 to 25 years behind bars, The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports.
Stanley Michalski, 31, of Florence Road, faced the judge and his two victims -- ages 12 and 10 -- in Hampden Superior Court for sentencing. Black-leather-clad members of the western Massachusetts chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse had escorted the girls in earlier and sat in the court room. 
Judge Richard J. Carey rejected a plea from defense counsel David Mintz to limit Michalski's sentence to 10 to 15 years.
Before pronouncing the sentence, Cary addressed the two victims -- who attested in court to the lasting psychological damage they suffered at the hands of Michalski.
"I wanted to also tell you something else I want you to try to remember," Carey said, according to The Gazette. "And that is that you did absolutely nothing wrong. That this is not your fault. That you are not responsible in any way, shape or form for what happened to you."
Michalski's sentence included 10 years probation with special conditions.
According to police, two girls said Michalski forced them to perform sex acts, made them watch "The Walking Dead" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on television and pinned one of them against a ceiling.
The victims temporarily lived in Michalski's home from August 2013 to September 2014, according to The Gazette.
According to Gazette coverage of the trial, both girls testified they slept in the Michalski's bedroom and one girl said she shared a bed with Michalski.
A WICKED and depraved child rapist who abused two little girls in Bradford up to 50 years ago has avoided the retribution of a long prison sentence because he is mentally ill.
The judge sentencing Jeremiah Cummins, 75, said he would have died in prison if he had not been diagnosed with vascular dementia and found unfit to stand trial.
Cummins walked free from the dock at Bradford Crown Court today because the only punishment that could be lawfully imposed was an absolute discharge.
White-whiskered Cummins, who walks with the aid of stick, was labelled "degenerate" by Judge Jonathan Rose, who said the sentence would be "no source of comfort" for his two victims.
Cummins began raping the girls when they were under ten years old.
He forced one to drink urine and tried to persuade the other to perform a sex act with a dog.
He raped them in woods in Bradford and at his home, sexually abusing them while giving them piggy-backs.
The first child was aged between eight and 13, and the younger girl aged between five and nine, when Cummins violated them, taking their virginity and humiliating and degrading them.
"You caused great physical pain to those little girls but that is as nothing compared to the psychological damage inflicted on both and which has lasted throughout their lives.
"These were wicked, selfish and perverted acts of great depravity, which you were able to get away with then, even when you were reported to the police at that time," Judge Rose said.
After two psychiatrists found Cummins unfit to stand trial in September this year, a jury ruled that he had committed all the acts alleged against him, including ten counts of rape and seven of indecent assault against the girls.
One of his victims, now in her mid-50s, told how he raped and indecently assaulted her in Lister Park in Manningham, Bowling Park and in derelict houses in Bierley.
“I would look at the sky and wish it was all over and done with," she said.
The second girl, a decade younger, said Cummins hit her and ordered her to shut up when she screamed and cried as he attacked her.
Cummins, now of Arncliffe Road, Batley, did not accept the jury's findings in the case and objected to the making of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, his barrister, Ian West, told the court.
"The psychiatrists say he has a disability and he has no memory of seeing either of them," Mr West said.
Judge Rose told Cummins: "The consequences of the finding of unfitness to plead, and of the verdicts of the jury, is that the ways in which your case can be dealt with are limited. I cannot by law send you to prison."
Cummins could not be made the subject of a Hospital Order or a supervision order because his condition was not treatable.
"The finding of a disability means that no form of punishment is possible, however much the man who committed these dreadful acts may warrant such punishment and retribution," Judge Rose said.
Otherwise, the judge told him the sentence "would have been measured in years - and a great many at that," meaning Cummings would probably never have been released.
Judge Rose made a Sexual Harm Prevention Order without limit of time and ordered Cummins to sign on the sex offenders' register for five years.
Cummins shouted: "It's a sham," as he left the courtroom.

A "disturbed" paedophile raped a girl when she was just six years old.
As well as raping her, John Madin also sexually assaulted the girl on 10 occasions, Derby Crown Court heard.

Clive Stockwell, prosecuting, said the now 63-year-old first rubbed the victim's chest and then progressed to sexually abusing her over her clothes and then under her clothes before raping her in the mid-1980s in Derbyshire.

He said the victim kept the rape and abuse secret until she told her family and then her GP - but the authorities were not alerted.

A former soldier was jailed for 14 years today for the "serial'' rape and sexual abuse of his daughter for almost two decades.
The 66-year-old, from North Belfast , was found guilty by a unanimous verdict by a jury at his third trial earlier this year.
The jury of 11 men and women, sitting on his trial at Belfast Crown Court, found him guilty of a total of 16 offences - eight counts of rape, five offences of indecent assault and three charges of gross indecency.
Prosecution counsel Richard Weir QC told the court today that it was "one of the most serious cases'' to come to court of a father sexually abusing his daughter "over a long period of time''.
The jury heard that the sexual abuse started when she was just 14 and carried on until the woman was aged 42.
The prosecutor told Judge Geoffrey Miller QC that there were many aggravating factors in the case was, saying the the most "germanine example is that it was of a breach of trust between a father and a daughter''.
Judge Geoffrey Miller QC said the victim was now aged 42 and lived outside Northern Ireland and said the "serial'' rape and sexual abuse of the woman had had a profound effect on her, particularly in forming relations with other men.
In her victim impact report, the woman stated: "He stole my childhood. I felt I had to go along with it.''
The defendant was put on the sex offenders' register indefinitely, was made the subject of a ten year Sexual Offenders Prevention Order and barred for life from working with children.

Man admits abducting 6-year-old from bed, raping her in yard THE ASSOCIATED PRESS November 15, 2016

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