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Ex-teacher Jason Fennes is sentenced for sexual assault of a female first-grade student while he was a teacher at Cedar Hill Prep School in Franklin Township. The assault occurred in 2010 and 2011. 

SOMERVILLE -- Somerset County Superior Court Judge Robert B. Reed admonished school officials from the Butler and Montville school districts for their handling of a former first-grade teacher with a history of molesting female students during the teacher's sentencing Friday.
Jason Fennes, 44, of Bloomfield, was relieved of his duties from both school districts after molesting students and signing a privacy agreement. That agreement, said Reed, allowed Fennes to later secure a job at the Cedar Hill Prep School in Franklin Township, where he was indicted for molesting a first-grader there.
"Their conduct is only slightly less despicable than yours," Reed said to Fennes before sentencing him. "These school officials committed the egregious act of turning a blind eye to the situation and by their silence became complicit and an accomplice to this crime.
"They hid your crime from public view, from the very people who they are paid to protect," the judge said. "How could they fail to report this conduct and simply pass this pedophile along. This is known as 'passing the trash.' These school administrators are rarely penalized for failing to report these pedophiles. But that I could only have those people before me."
Reed referenced the Catholic Church and the case of serial murderer Charles Cullen as further examples of administrators turning a blind eye to criminal activity.
"There are no consequences for these administrators," said Reed, pounding his fist. "I wish those officials from Butler and Montville were sitting behind the defense table with Mr. Fennes."
Under a plea deal, Reed sentenced Fennes, 44, to seven years in state prison after he pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault and second-degree endangering the welfare of a child. He must register as a sex offender under Megan's Law and will be on parole supervision for the rest of his life.
Fennes, who it was revealed in court Friday attempted suicide in 2015, declined to speak before his sentencing.
Fennes was sentenced in Morris County on Jan. 20 to 14 years in state prison for molesting four female students and having sex with a teen girl while working for Butler High School in 1997 as an assistant track coach. He pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault and three counts of sexual assault.
The sentences will run concurrently. Thus, Fennes must serve 85 percent of his 14-year sentence before he's eligible for parole.
Fennes taught in Morris County from 1998 to 2010 and was then hired by Cedar Hill Prep School.
Reed said he regretted he couldn't sentence Fennes to a longer term and that he couldn't sentence school officials from the Butler and Montville school districts to jail time. He said the only way school officials will stop hiding incidents such as these is if they're held accountable.
Reed said Fennes went as far as to put papers over the windows in his classroom to hide his crimes as school officials continued to look the other way.
"At that time, the district had no indication Jason Fennes had committed any crimes," said Montville School Superintendent Dr. Rene Rovtar. "We referred his conduct to the Division of Youth and Family Services on two or three occasions. They weren't able to substantiate that any abuse had occurred. We weren't covering anything up. We didn't pass the trash."
Rovtar said Cedar Hill Prep School only called the district to confirm Fennes had worked there. It didn't ask for a detailed recommendation.
Butler School District Interim Superintendent Mario Cardinale didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.
During their victim's impact statements, the parents of the first-grader gave a tearful account of what their daughter endured and continues to endure. They gave a graphic description of the abuse heaped upon their daughter by Fennes. They talked about how she had to be examined for a sexually transmitted disease.
"Words can't express the devastation you have visited upon my family," said the victim's father. "It was a classroom of horrors. How do I process this, not being able to protect my child? I'm worried that my daughter will be OK when she gets older."
The victim's mother describe the incident as a "parent's worst nightmare."
"God help us all should he ever be released into the general public," said the victim's mother.
After leaving Montville, Fennes taught first grade at Cedar Hill Prep School from September 2010 until Feb. 21, 2012. His sexual abuse of students first came to light in Dec. 2011 when a 13-year-old girl reported being abused by Fennes while in his first grade class at William Mason School, prosecutors have said. Fennes was arrested on this charge in March 2012.
After the initial arrest, four more victims came forward reporting sexual abuse by Fennes through the years. 
Fennes was indicted in August 2013 on charges he abused four first-grade girls between 2005 and 2008 while he was a teacher at the William Mason Elementary School in Montville.
Two days later, he was indicted for sexually assaulting the teen girl while he was her assistant track coach at Butler High School.
Fennes was indicted on the charges in Somerset County in April, 2015.

School officials turned 'a blind eye' to pedophile teacher, judge says Dave Hutchinson | NJ Advance Media for January 27, 2017

Warren Jeffschild bride Briell Decker recently came forward to share her harrowing experience. The young woman is still in sex therapy attempting to heal from the horror she endured, but she still wants to help others and work to save children from the FLDS church.
Briell Decker told Radar Online that she was so traumatized after escaping her life as the child bride of the FLDS cult leader, that she is still involved in intensive sex therapy.
The young bride of Warren Jeffs fled the cult in the middle of the night in nothing but a “tiny, dirty FLDS dress.”
Decker’s experience living with the child rapist would scar her for her entire life.
The woman recalled how she was made to wear long, pastel dresses at all times while living as a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Decker said that she feared she would never escape from the cult.
Briell Decker and the other children living in the sect were forced to “suffer for 18 years.”
One of Warren Jeffs’ most notorious rules originated when he was on the run from the law— children were no longer living with their parents as he ordered families to be split up as a manipulative and controlling move.
The young bride also claimed that she was drugged while being moved around between secret houses where she was being held. Coming off of drugs was not easy for the young woman to deal with.
Warren Jeffs was convicted of child rape in 2011, and was sentenced to over 300 years behind bars. Decker recalled that she knew something was off about him from the moment she met him.
She described him as “creepy” and said that eventually, she learned to “decode” what he said and was able to use it against him.
Although Jeffs is now in prison for life, Decker says that he still haunts her life.
“He was creepy and I didn’t think he thought the same way I did.
“So I learned to decode what he said and used it against him. I used his scripture quotes to save myself.”
Warren Jeffs had 79 wives and Decker has been one of only a few that have managed to escape the FLDS cult. Decker claims that another woman who was a wife of Jeffs got out, but she is “not doing that well.” She even said that the other woman is unable to speak at times due to her traumatizing experience.
Years after her escape, Decker has been able to talk about her horrible experience and begin to heal from the damage that was done. The young woman was able to find love again, and is engaged to a friendly and loving man.
Now Decker wants to help others who are in similar situations.
Jeffs’ former bride said that her main goal is to go to Texas and work with the prison officials who are housing the child rapist. The woman claims that Jeffs uses completely different vocabulary with the people who visit him. She said that she can decipher what he is saying and prevent him from hurting anyone else.

Warren Jeffs’ cult forced men to watch wives being raped JEFF KLEIN 01/10/2015

SAN ANTONIO — A Texas most wanted sex offender on the run since July 2016 was captured at a home in the suburbs this week.
Jose Julio Arce Jr., 56, was arrested Wednesday at a home in Kirby, according to a news release.
Arce was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a 9-year-old girl in 1999 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was wanted for failing to register as a sex offender.

He is the first person on Texas' Top 10 Most Wanted list captured this year.
The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Bexar County Sheriff's Office assisted in locating Arce.

Texas most wanted sex offender caught at home in S.A. suburb Kelsey Bradshaw, San Antonio Express-News January 27, 2017

A 36-year-old man originally from Mexborough is today beginning a lengthy jail term following his conviction of five counts of rape against a child under 13.
Paul David Cartwright, of Rawmarsh, Rotherham, appeared on trial at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday, 23 January, charged with five offences of rape. 
After four days, the jury found him guilty on all counts and he was sentenced to 17-years in prison yesterday (Thursday, 26 January).
Cartwright committed the rapes at properties in South Yorkshire from when the girl was just 7-years-old.
DC Rich Dickinson investigating said: “Cartwright hasn’t shown an ounce of remorse for his sickening offending, making his victim endure the harrowing ordeal of a trial and having to relive his abhorrent actions against her.
“I am pleased he has been found guilty for his perverse and disgusting behaviour and that he is now behind bars where he belongs.
“The victim has shown immense courage reporting his vile and despicable crimes, even more so by providing evidence at the trial, which is truly a testament to her bravery and I cannot praise her highly enough.
“I can only hope the result provides the victim with the knowledge that justice has been served, and I would encourage anyone who is a victim of a sexual offence to always report it the police as we will do all we can to ensure those responsible are held accountable.”

Seventeen years behind bars for child rapist

A convicted child rapist was not only released from prison for a second time without the victim being notified but also took up residence about a mile from where the Roseville woman recovering from his attacks two decades ago.
The development is the latest turn of events in the case of Richard McBrayer, 59, a former police officer who was convicted in the violent rapes of his young daughter for which he served 22 years in prison.
Judge Kathryn Viviano in November reversed the state Parole Board’s release of McBrayer a year ago after the victim’s attorney filed a legal challenge. McBrayer was returned to prison Nov. 21 but released last week after the state Court of Appeals stayed Viviano’s decision, upon request by the Parole Board.
Kerry Ange, the attorney for victim Tiffany Henderson, is dismayed her client was not notified as required both in January and again earlier this month. In previous reports The Macomb Daily has not named Henderson, per newspaper policy, but she has recently made her identity public.
She is terrified,” Ange said of Henderson, who previously told The Macomb Daily she feared for her own daughter and lost her job due to her fears.
But Chris Gautz, spokesman for the Michigan Department of Corrections, said Friday staffers tried to contact her both times but it appears her contact information -- address and telephone number -- changed.
“It’s the responsibility of the victim to update their contract information,” Gautz said.
He said MDOC attempted to reach her following his release last week even though they weren’t required to do to so because he was released from the Macomb County Jail, not state prison. Law requires the MDOC to contact the victim upon release from prison.
Ange said she and the victim also are concerned the MDOC placed McBrayer about a mile from Henderson’s home.
“Why would they put him in Roseville?” she said. “Why put him in the city where she lives? I feel like this is some kind of spoof.”
McBrayer, a former police officer at Eastland mall and karate instructor, brutally raped Henderson nearly every day for more than two years in the early 1990s at a home in Macomb Township after he married her mother.
The often-violent rapes have caused Henderson lifelong health problems.
McBrayer was sentenced to 20 to 40 years and originally was slated for release in 2013 when Ange, then working as an assistant Macomb County prosecutor, successfully challenged the board’s release.
Henderson thought he was still in prison last spring when she saw him driving a vehicle in Clinton Township. She learned he had been released about two months before, and Ange agreed to help her challenge his release.
Ange argued McBrayer is not fit for release because he has not taken responsibility for his actions, minimized his wrongdoing and never completed sexual offender treatment. The board contends he is ready to rejoin society.
Arguments over his release will be revived. The state Attorney General’s Office will be in the unique position of arguing on both sides of the case, with one division representing the Parol Board while Bill Schuette’s criminal division joining Ange and Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith, who has joined the case, in seeking McBrayer’s return to prison.
McBrayer is on the state Sex Offender’s Registry.
The case has garnered national attention, with the nationally syndicated TV show “Crime Watch Daily” broadcasting a story.

16-year-old girl kidnapped, gang-raped, killed 29 gennaio 2017

"Justice for Dika" College students protest Dalit minor's rape, murder 28 gennaio 2017

Facebook rape gang jailed for 44 years 28 gennaio 2017

Abusi sessuali su 3 bambine, condannato pedofilo seriale 28 gennaio 2017

Abusi sessuali su minorenne, arrestato prete pedofilo 28 gennaio 2017

Abusi sessuali e pornografia, nuove accuse per il prete pedofilo 28 gennaio 2017

Paedophile priest's child sexual abuses 'ignored to protect church' 21 GENNAIO 2017

"LUSSURIA" Così il Vaticano protegge i preti pedofili 17 GENNAIO 2017

Sex abuse at deaf school, what Vatican knew 23 DICEMBRE 2016

Death of a Pedophile Bishop 4 GENNAIO 2017

Brutal child torture porn maker arrested 27 gennaio 2017

Gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl videotaped, shared online in Haiti 27 gennaio 2017

5-year-old girl raped, murdered, body found in a drain 26 gennaio 2017

10-year-old girl raped, strangled to death 25 gennaio 2017

5-year-old girl raped by 15-year-old neighbour 23 gennaio 2017

81-year-old woman raped by 48-year-old man 22 gennaio 2017

10-year-old girl gang-raped by 7 minors 22 gennaio 2017

7-year-old girl gang-raped, murdered, 3 arrested 20 gennaio 2017

6-year-old girl raped, tortured in Karachi 19 gennaio 2017

Brutal rape, murder of Franziska Blöchliger 19 gennaio 2017

7-month-old child raped by her grandfather 19 gennaio 2017

18-year-old girl raped, murdered 19 gennaio 2017

60-year-old woman gang-raped by 4 youngsters 18 gennaio 2017

3-and-a-half-year-old child raped by 59-year-old neighbour 18 gennaio 2017

Schoolgirl gang-raped by teachers fights for life 18 gennaio 2017

12-year-old student gang-raped by principal and 3 teachers 16 gennaio 2017

5-year-old girl raped by 55-year-old man 17 gennaio 2017

4-year-old girl raped inside National Security Guard campus 17 gennaio 2017

16-year-old girl raped, strangled to death in Afghanistan 17 GENNAIO 2017

Donna disabile stuprata nel bagno di un bar, arrestato trentenne 16 gennaio 2017

Mentally disabled woman raped by 2 cops 16 gennaio 2017

Child rapist burnt to death 16 gennaio 2017

Serial paedophile, child rapist arrested in Delhi 16 gennaio 2017

Football coach sexually abused 5 young players for years 15 GENNAIO 2017

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