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Gang-rape video of 16-year-old Somali girl shared on Facebook

The gang rape of a 16-year-old girl has caused outrage in Somalia after pictures and a video of the incident began circulating on social media
Campaigners have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help the girl and her family who have had to flee their home "for fear of being ostracised".
She remains in hospital a month after the rape by six teenage boys took place in Galdogob, near the Ethiopian border.
The area commissioner told the BBC the rapists would be brought to justice.
District Commissioner Ayanle Farah Mohamed said the girl was being treated by doctors in Puntland province and the authorities were "very much saddened by the incident".
Activists on social media are pushing for the rapists to be properly punished.
Some have spoken out against the Somali traditional practice of "heer", which often deals with rape cases. Under the tradition, clan elders can intervene to organise for compensation to be paid, which means perpetrators can escape jail.
The heer system "shouldn't be an option for serious offences like rape"one woman tweeted.
Survivors of rape and their families are sometimes shunned by their community and the victim is often considered unmarriageable.
Somali Faces, an online platform set up to share stories of Somali people from around the world, is behind the GoFundMe page published on Monday.
It said "social media has been ablaze with fury after horrifying pictures" emerged of the brutal rape.
The group said that it although it was not a charity it had decided to raise funds after receiving "numerous messages from around the world asking whether Somali Faces can help the victim and her family".
It has already raised £4,475 ($5,516) of a £5,000 goal.

Outrage over Somali gang-rape video 17 January 2017

Six teenage boys forced two girls into a car and drove them to the outskirts of Goldogob, near the border with Ethiopia, where they subjected them to a violent sexual attack in December last year.
A video of the gang rape of one of the girls, aged 16, was shared on social media including Facebook, which reportedly shows her being tortured, stabbed, and sexually assaulted in the attack.
Five teenage boys have been arrested by police in connection with the rape of the two girls, while a sixth man is on the run, VOA reports. 
According to a GoFundMe page set up by philanthropic organisation Somali Faces, the 16-year-old girl has been hospitalised for a month following the attack due to the severity of her injuries. 
Her family have fled their home town and moved to another city “for fear of being ostracised,” Somali Faces state on the GoFundMe page. “They need our help to rebuild their lives somewhere else, somewhere new so let’s donate what we can.”
The online video of the attack has caused outrage in Somalia. Some activists have also attacked the use of the “heer” system to deal with rape cases, which can see clan elders organise for compensation to be paid to victims, and allows perpetrators to escape jail.

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