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A serial rapist with six convictions has admitted a knifepoint rape on a 19-year-old woman - 30 years after he was acquitted of the assault
Michael Chandler was jailed in 1988 for a series of attacks on young women between 1985 and 1987.
At the time he was cleared of raping the teenager, but improved DNA science now links him to the rape in Harrow.
A rare appeal was made against the "double jeopardy" rule in order to bring 53-year-old Chandler to justice.
Since a change in the law in 2003, the Court of Appeal can quash an acquittal and order a retrial in serious cases when "new and compelling" evidence is produced.
The woman had been walking through the north-west London park on 1 March 1986 when she was attacked by a man wearing a balaclava and holding a knife.

'Sustained attacks'

She was dragged towards a railway line where she was instructed to remove her clothing and raped.
In a victim impact statement, she said the attack had "completely screwed my head" and she "found it impossible to trust any man".
Police had kept the victim's clothes and used a method of matching very small amounts of DNA to link Chandler to the attack.
He pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to one count of rape.
Following a separate cold case review in 2014, Chandler previously admitted the rape and false imprisonment of an eighth woman in her own home in 1986.
He will be sentenced for the attacks on the two women on 16 January at the Old Bailey.
Det Sgt Michael McInerney said both had been "subject to violent and sustained attacks".
He said their "ordeal has been compounded" by how long it had taken to secure a conviction.
Chandler is currently serving six life sentences for the crimes he was convicted of in 1988, which included breaking into the homes of some of his victims and raping them.

Serial rapist Michael Chandler admits 1986 Harrow park rape 13 January 2017

LOS ANGELES (CBS / AP) — A notorious California serial rapist who muffled victims’ screams with a pillowcase had his freedom revoked Friday and was ordered returned to a state mental hospital for violating terms of his release, prosecutors said.
Christopher Hubbart, who was dubbed the “Pillowcase Rapist” for sexually assaulting dozens of women between 1971 and 1982, was recommitted to Coalinga State Hospital for at least a year.
Hubbart, 65, had violated several terms of his conditional release, including failing five polygraph tests, when he was arrested in August, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said.
Christopher Hubbart is a prolific serial rapist and even after years of treatment he remains a danger to women,” Lacey said. “Today’s ruling reaffirms our belief that he should remain in a state hospital for additional treatment.”
Hubbart, who has acknowledged raping at least 40 women, has been in and out of prisons and state psychiatric hospitals since his first rape conviction in 1972.
His lockup follows years of uproar and legal wrangling over a judge’s order in 2013 to release him from the state psychiatric hospital where he had been civilly committed in 2000 as a sexually dangerous person after serving his prison sentence.
The Santa Clara County judge ruled at the time that Hubbart had completed treatment and was fit to live outside under strict conditions.
Although his last crimes had been committed in Northern California, the judge ordered him — over the objection of Lacey — to live in Los Angeles County because that’s where he was born and raised.
It took more than a year to find a suitable location where a landlord was willing to rent to him.
Protests followed his July 2014 arrival at a small house in Lake Los Angeles, an unincorporated area in the high desert of the Antelope Valley, about 40 miles north of downtown.
A group calling itself the Ladies of Lake LA regularly demonstrated outside the house, shouting he should be locked up, carrying signs saying “burn in hell” and even burning effigies of him.
He was under 24-hour guard — both to protect the public and to keep him safe.
Lacey tried unsuccessfully to have him recommitted in 2015 after he let the batteries run low on his GPS ankle monitor.
Santa Clara County Judge Richard Loftus had found at the time that he was not “a danger to the health and safety of others” and allowed him to remain free, though there were strict limitations on what he could do.
Hubbart was subject to 16 pages of conditions that included ongoing treatment, a curfew, random searches and seizures, drug testing and polygraphs. He needed permission to use the internet or watch television shows that might arouse him.
Protesters had welcomed his arrest in August. Cheryl Holbrook, who said she was raped as a teen, though not a Hubbart victim, had shed tears of relief at the news he was in custody.
Holbrook was glad Loftus committed him Friday to spend more time in the mental hospital, but she was frustrated it wasn’t longer.
“He needs to rot in there and never come out,” Holbrook said. “He failed his polygraph. That was a 90 percent clue right there that if he was to get out again, he’s going to reoffend. I don’t care how old he is.”
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A serial child abuser has been jailed for wrecking the life of a girl who he raped when she was just 15.
Jeremy Hicks already had convictions for sexual assault and exposure when he met the girl in Exeter in 1994 and went on to rape her at her parents' farmhouse.
He told his victim he was excited by having sex with her while she was saying no.
He was jailed for 15 years after being tracked down to his current home in France and arrested as he stepped off a Eurostar train in London.
Hicks, aged 54, has convictions dating back to the 1980s and has been jailed at least twice since these offences for sexual offences in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
He met the girl in Exeter when he was 32 and she was 15 and raped her on the first night they spent together alone at her parents home.
Hicks, whose last address in Britain was Westmoreland Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, denied two counts of rape and five other sexual assaults but was convicted by a jury at Exeter Crown Court last month.
He was jailed for 15 years by Judge Geoffrey Mercer, QC, who also ordered him to sign onto the sex offenders' register for life and made a Sexual Harm Prevention Order which bans any contact with children after his release.
He told him:"Your victim was just 15 when you approached her in Exeter and she was confused, impressionable and vulnerable. You knew her age full well.
"You struck up a relationship with her and she became infatuated with you, or as she put it, obsessed. You saw her as nothing more than a sexual opportunity.
"You engaged in a sexual relationship which was in part consensual but on two or three occasions it was not, starting with the first occasion at her family home in Devon.
"That sexual relationship involved criminal offences by you, firstly because of her age, which you knew, but more seriously by subjecting her to sexual acts to which she did not consent.
"The first rape was on the first occasion you had sex with her at her family home. You imposed yourself on her when she was not consenting and was not ready to. She simply submitted.
"The second rape occurred in 1995 and you full well she said no. You persisted when she screamed and cried. You told her you were excited by her saying no.
"What you did caused huge damage. I have read her victim impact statement and it is clear you have done untold damage. You have a substantial criminal record which perhaps helps one to understand the man.
"Your record includes sexual offences committed before and after this offence."
Mr Nigel Wraith, prosecuting, said the victim had made an impact statement which showed the rapes had a devastating impact on her life.
He said Hicks has already been assessed as a dangerous offender when he was jailed for a sexual assault in Newcastle in 2005. He has subsequently been jailed again for breaching a sexual offences prevention order by loitering near a seven-year-old girl at Newcastle Central station in 2012.
Mr Lee Bremridge, defending, said these offences took place in the context of a generally consensual relationship and included many other occasions where consensual sex took place.
At the trial Hicks denied knowing the girl's age and said all sexual activity had been consensual. She said he used her infatuation to dominate and control her.

A convicted Malaysian serial rapist is likely to be deported back to the country by Canadian authorities after he serves out his 25-year prison sentence, reported The Star Online.
The man, Selva Kumar Subbiah (pic), 56, who was convicted of assaulting more than two dozen women in Canada, is due to be released from jail this month.
Malaysian police, however, have yet to be officially notified by Canadian authorities of what will happen to him with Inspector-general of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said they would contact them through the Malaysian High Commission in Canada to find out Selva Kumar’s current status.
“It is premature to conclude on further action, on whether he’ll be deported or otherwise, until we get more information,” he was quoted as saying by the news portal.
He was commenting on a Toronto Star news portal report, which said Selva Kumar was set to be released although authorities declined to say whether he would be deported to Malaysia or “returned to the streets of Toronto.”
The Canadian news portal also said that his release came amid warnings from prison staff that he was at high risk to reoffend or even kill.
He was told during a parole hearing last year that behind-bars therapy had not done him much good.
The portal also said Canada Border Services would not say if he would be deported when he was released although a spokesperson said the Immigration Act “clearly defines reasons for inadmissibility including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations, in organized crime, security, health or financial reasons.”
He was convicted of multiple sexual assaults in 1992 and the judge, during his sentencing, had ordered police to escort Selva Kumar back to Malaysia when he was released.
Selva Kumar committed his crime under different guises including a model agent, movie talent scout, professional dancer, lawyer and diplomat.
He would lure victims to the basement of his home through ads offering to sell exotic pets and would drug his victims with a spiked drink.
Once they were unconscious, he would normally rape them and take photos of their naked, limp bodies.
The court, at the time, heard that one of his victims was as young as 14 and a black book containing the names of 170 women, rated on a scale from 0 to 10, was found on him when he was arrested.

Police to seek information from Canada on serial rapist’s status Jan 14, 2017

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