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QUINCY, MA — A man with a history of getting arrested on rape charges admitted to some in a case from earlier this year
Steven Lent, 28, of Quincy, pleaded guilty in Norfolk Superior Court Thursday to rape, kidnapping and assault charges from a March 5 incident. He was sentenced to 8-10 years in a state prison and 10 years of probation.
The victim first made contact with Lent and another woman though, a website often used to facilitate prostitution transactions. One woman refused to enter Lent's Quincy apartment based on his texts but the other woman went in. Once inside, Lent pulled a black knife on the victim and held the knife to her throat, tackling her on the stairs when she tried to flee, strangled her to unconsciousness and repeatedly raped her.
Police responded to Lent's apartment after 911 callers heard the victim's screams. When police arrived, they found the victim, running from the apartment without any clothes, apparently after another woman had been banging on the door and windows to the unit, according to the Norfolk County District Attorney's office.
Lent surrendered after police surrounded the apartment for an hour. At the time of his arrest, he was still wearing the ankle bracelet associated with his release on sexual assault charges in another case.
“From the moment they arrived, the Quincy Police Department handled this investigation perfectly. They executed a search warrant for the property and recovered the burned remains of the victim’s clothing, the knife and other evidence,” District Attorney Michael Morrissey said in a statement. “There is little doubt in my mind that the strength and professional nature of the investigation colored Lent’s decision to plead guilty across the board.
Following is release and during his probation, Lent must abstain from drugs with random testing; seek substance abuse evaluation and follow all recommendations, seek a mental health evaluation and follow all recommendations, see a sex offender evaluation and follow all recommendations, comply with Sex Offender Registry Board, remain on GPS monitoring, and have no contact with victim and witness.
Last year, Lent was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting at least five women around the Boston University Campus.
He was free on bond when the latest arrest occurred, police said.

Quincy Serial Rapist Admits to Charges; Sentenced to Prison Time  December 20, 2016

CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - A man convicted of multiple rapes is behind bars again in Cleveland County.
Tullis was just released from prison in September after serving 12 years for lewd behavior with a child. Law officers said he has returned to his old ways.
“We definitely wanted to make sure that we got this person off the streets,” said Cleveland County sheriff's office spokeswoman Meghan Jackson.
Cleveland County launched its investigation after a 27-year-old woman reported a man picked her up in an Oklahoma City parking lot and drove her to a shack outside of Norman on the evening of Dec. 13.
When she refused to have sex with him, she said the man tried to strangle her with a cell phone charging cord and then threatened her with a knife.
The victim told deputies she spent the night at the shack, and was forced to have sex multiple times. The suspect then took her to an Oklahoma City hospital the next morning.
The victim reported the rape to Oklahoma City police initially, but the case was passed on to the Cleveland County sheriff’s office after she showed officers where it happened. The first thing detectives did was look up known offenders nearby.
"The area that it happened is very rural. This person, the suspect, possibly … knew the area very well,” Jackson said.
Tullis is a level three sex offender, convicted of rape in both 1986 and 1990, but he did not go to prison until 2004 when he was convicted of child molestation.
After his release, Tullis kept his information current in the sex offender registry, helping detectives quickly identify him as their suspect. The shack is listed as his latest address.
The woman was able to identify Tullis as the man who raped her when she looked at a photo line-up.
Once investigators made contact, they said Tullis confirmed the victim's story and admitted to the crime.

Serial Sex Offender Admits To Rape In Cleveland County  Dec 19, 2016  JESSI MITCHELL, NEWS 9

QUINCY - A jury on Wednesday deemed a man convicted in October of a Quincy rape to be a habitual offender, which mean he'll be spending the next two decades in prison.
Ricardo M. Barbosa, 39, formerly of Randolph, has remained in custody for the past three years since he was arrested for a rape in Houghs Neck in Quincy.
After being indicted for that rape in May 2014, Barbosa, convicted a decade earlier for raping a child, was found guilty in October of the 2013 assault.
He was also indicted in 2014 for being a "habitual offender;" that meant that if he as convicted of this more recent rape, he would face another separate jury trial to determine if that "habitual" label should stick, resulting in a longer prison sentence.
That later set of proceedings was what wrapped up in Dedham Superior Court on Wednesday, with the jury finding Barbosa to be a habitual offender.
That designation means that Barbosa will receive the maximum possible sentence for his October rape conviction - 20 years, according to David Traub, a spokesman for the Norfolk County District Attorney's office.
As is common for sexual-assault charges in Norfolk County, the specifics of the case remained impounded, unavailable to the public during proceedings. But court documents indicate that the charges against him stemmed from an rape on Houghs Neck on Nov. 5, 2013.
Barbosa already had been convicted in 2005 of statutory child rape, assault with a dangerous weapon and other related crimes.
For that, he was sentenced to three years in prison followed by 10 years of probation. When police arrested Barbosa the day after the rape, he was deemed to have violated that probation and was sentenced to six months behind bars.
For the 2005 rape, Barbosa is registered as a Level 3 sex offender. That's the most serious ranking possible, and means he is considered the most likely to commit additional sexual crimes.

Quincy rapist to spend 20 years in prison as habitual offender Dec 21, 2016

ROSWELL, Ga. - Police say a local man has confessed to seven rapes in the metro area.
Five of the attacks happened in Roswell and two in Norcross.
Investigators told Channel 2’s Liz Artz that one of the victims was able to give police enough information to enable them to make an arrest. Police said once the man was in custody, he started confessing.

Roswell police arrested Errol Alex Martinez on Friday.
They said he confessed to seven rapes and beatings, and then went on to confess to countless more.
“He had been into so many homes that he can't remember them all," Officer Lisa Holland, with the Roswell Police Department, told Artz.
Channel 2 Action News reported on one of Martinez’s alleged crimes back in 2014 in which a woman said she had been pulled from a busy Roswell intersection into bushes where she was beaten, robbed and raped.
Then in 2015 we spoke to a Norcross woman who was brutally attacked.
“Every day I look at different people that walk by and you can't help but ask yourself: Could it be him?" the victim, who is not being identified, said.
Police said Martinez confessed to that crime too and added that DNA has linked him to at least one rape in Norcross.
Holland told us Martinez would attack the women in bizarre ways to make their stories outlandish.
“These stories sounded so farfetched to when the made the report these incident to the police, that we may not have believed them," Holland said.
Police said Martinez had just served time for robbing a Roswell bank when he was arrested for the latest rape. According to police reports, his wife, Desja Perkins, was his accomplice in the robbery.
“No it's ... it's nothing much to talk about," Perkins told Artz.
But she did defend her husband.
"I'm fighting to prove it was not him. But I really don't know what's going on. The detectives haven’t really told me much about the case. I don't really know the women," Perkins said.
Roswell police are hoping the arrest will encourage other possible victims to come forward.
They're also asking other agencies to open all unsolved rape cases and look at this suspect. They think Martinez could be responsible for many other rapes.

Police: Confessed serial rapist tied to cases in 2 counties Liz Artz 

A “serial sexual predator” was jailed after he was spotted by a CCTV operator groping a woman on the street.
Samuel Shannon, 53, pleaded guilty to breaching a Sexual Offenders Prevention Order (SOPO) and also admitted a charge of sexual assault.
Belfast Crown Court heard that a CCTV operator at Musgrave PSNI station observed an “intoxicated female” walking along Donegall Square South.
The court was told she had been out with friends at a 40th birthday on the evening of December 5, 2015 and had consumed eight glasses of wine before becoming separated and ended up on her own.
Prosecution lawyer David Russell said the police CCTV operator was “obviously concerned for her” because of her intoxication and decided to follow her on camera.
The court watched the CCTV footage which showed Samuel Shannon walk past the woman before he turned around and followed her.
The short clip showed Shannon picking up her trailing scarf, putting his arm around her shoulder and walking off with her.
Mr Russell said the footage showed Shannnon “place his hand on her buttocks and touch her, and moving his hand back and forth”.
Judge Geoffrey Miller QC was told the CCTV operator alerted police who immediately went to the scene. Shannon, of Glenlough Road, Ballymoney, Co Antrim , was identified as a registered sex offender.
Mr Russell said the victim told police that Shannon made a remark to her about performing a lewd act on him.
He added: “It is clear that this was deeply embarrassing for the lady particularly because of her intoxication which left her vulnerable to this attack.”
The prosecution lawyer described Shannon as a “persistent recidivist” with a “substantial criminal record”.
The court heard Shannon has 77 previous convictions of which 19 were for acts of indecency and the probation service had assessed him as a “high likelihood of reoffending”.
A defence barrister told the court that Shannon now accepted his guilt, despite a contrary submission to a probation officer, adding: “My instructions today are that he does accept that what he did was wrong and takes full responsibility for what he did.”
Judge Geoffrey Miller QC described Shannon as a “serial predatory sexual offender” who previously breached the terms of a suspended sentence and also a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.
He said Shannon could have “caused more harm if he had not been stopped by the quick police reaction”.
The judge jailed Shannon for a total of two years and eight months, saying 16 months would be spent in custody and a further 16 months on supervised licence following his release.
Shannon also received an 18 month current sentence for sexual assault and Judge Miller QC said he was extending a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for a further five years from the date of sentence.

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