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MEMPHIS – A convicted serial rapist was sentenced to 60 years in prison Thursday for the aggravated rapes of two Raleigh women in separate incidents two years ago
Defendant Deandrey Peterson, 28, known as the Abington Rapist, was already was serving 30 years for a previous rape conviction, also involving a Raleigh woman in 2014. He now has three separate convictions, a total of 90 years in prison and has two more rape cases pending trial.
His sentences also include aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.
Criminal Court Judge Paula Skahan said Peterson is a danger to society with no hope of rehabilitation. Peterson has represented himself in trial and clapped as the jury’s verdicts were read in court in his most recent conviction.
He was convicted earlier this month of entering the apartment of a 22-year-old Raleigh woman at mid-day on Feb. 12, 2014, and then raping and robbing her at gunpoint. She testified that Peterson threatened to come back and kill her if she did not wait five minutes before leaving the bedroom.
The other two convictions involved armed attacks in the same apartment complex, all within a few weeks of each other. 
The case this week was handled by Carrie Shelton, former chief prosecutor of the of the DA’s Special Victims Unit (SVU), and by Asst. Dist. Atty. Abby Wallace, a member of the SVU which prosecutes cases of child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse of child victims; rape and aggravated rape of adult victims, and abuse of elderly and vulnerable adults.
The investigation was led by the Memphis Police Department’s Sex Crimes Bureau and assisted by the Old Allen Precinct Task Force.

A predatory paedophile who raped a child and sexually abused others over a period of almost 20 years has been locked up.
David John Henderson, 54, also raped a woman after offering her a lift home but then driving to a remote location and attacking her.
Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard Henderson’s catalogue of abuse began when he was just 17 years old, when he attempted to rape an underage girl in Wales between 1979 and 1980.
He carried out further sex attacks for the next 18 years while living in Heywood and Rochdale .
The court heard Henderson repeatedly sexually abused four young girls throughout that time.
In one case, the abuse continued for more than a decade, starting when the girl was just five years old.
In 1982, Henderson raped a woman in his car after offering her a lift home in the early hours of the morning.
Rather than taking her back to her address, he drove his victim to a remote location and raped her, telling her he would kick her out of the car and leave her unless she did what he wanted.
Henderson, who later moved to Coronation Avenue, Bournemouth, pleaded guilty to one count of rape of a child, six counts of sexual assault of a child, one count of attempted rape of a child and one count of rape.
He was sentenced to fourteen years and four months in prison.
The judge also ordered Henderson to sign the Sex Offender Register for life and he is subject to an indefinite sexual harm prevention order.
DC Diane Hancock, from Rochdale’s Child Protection Unit, said: “Henderson is fully deserving of every single day of the sentence he received.
He is a sexual predator who subjected his victims to numerous distressing attacks over the course of many years.
“I would like to commend the immense bravery of the first victim in coming forward and supporting the investigation. We were then able to locate further victims and with their help, we have been able to ensure Henderson is behind bars and cannot prey on any more young girls or women.
“Not content with causing such pain and misery in the young girls and women unfortunate enough to come across him, he then fled from the area and attempted to evade justice.
“Thankfully for his victims and the wider public, he is now being held accountable for his actions and will no longer be able to subject anyone else to the suffering that he has inflicted upon these victims, who were brave enough to come forward and tell police what he had done to them.”

Predatory paedophile who raped young women for two decades is jailed ALEXANDRA RUCKI 30 NOV 2016

A PROLIFIC sex offender has admitted abusing seven girls aged 12 to 14 — and detectives believe he may have other victims.
Rapist Corey Adams (18) appeared in court today charged with 11 CSE offences relating to two 13-year-olds and two 14-year-olds from Rotherham.
He admitted all the offences, which included two counts of sexual activity with a child, three counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity, four counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and two counts of causing a child to watch a sexual act.
In previous hearings Adams, of HMP Marshgate but formerly from Maltby, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a child, one count of rape and one count of grooming.
These offences were committed against three girls aged 12 to 14, also from the Rotherham area.
Det Insp John Fitzgibbons said: “Adams’ sexual offending is prolific and incredibly shocking. We were able to identify a number of his victims but there may well be more young girls out there yet to come forward.
“While he has admitted his part in the sexual abuse of many young girls in Rotherham, this does not lessen the awful impact his hideous crimes have had on their lives.
He preyed on the girls’ vulnerability and young age, exploiting them to engage in sexual activity for his own satisfaction. 
“This is a truly despicable crime and I am pleased he is behind bars where he can cause no further harm to young girls in our town.”
Adams abused his victims between January 2015 and early 2016 before police received information from a member of the public reporting concerns.
A joint investigation by South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Borough Council revealed multiple victims of Adams’ abuse.
Adams — charged in April and remanded in custody since — will be back at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday for sentencing.
Rotherham Borough Council leader Cllr Chris Read said: “No-one should have to endure what this man put these children through with his despicable behaviour.
“There is no place for people like Adams in our society and we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour within our communities here in Rotherham.”
Any other victims of Adams are urged to contact police or the Rotherham Evolve support team.

Sex offender admits 'shocking' abuse of seven girls 29 NOVEMBER 2016 GARETH DENNISON

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A convicted rapist was formally sentenced to life in prison plus 40 years Wednesday for two separate sexual assault cases out of Virginia Beach.
42-year-old Lesiba Simon Matsoake was found guilty of forcible sodomy on June 29. The jury recommended he serve life in prison. A judge accepted and formally imposed the sentence Wednesday.
On October 26, a separate jury found Matsoake guilty of forcible sodomy and fixed his punishment at 40 years behind bars. Another judge, who presided over that trial, also formally imposed the 40 year sentence Wednesday.
The sentences will run consecutively for a total of life plus 40 years in prison.
In the case for which Matsoake received a life sentence, prosecutors say evidence proved that on December 10, 2006, Matsoake forced a 23-year-old woman, who he didn’t know, to perform oral sodomy on him.
Prosecutors say the victim had been out with her fiancé and family members having drinks at a bar in the Waterside area of Norfolk. After the victim and her fiancé got in an argument, she walked to a parking garage alone.
Matsoake, preying on the victim’s intoxicated state, got the victim into his vehicle. She woke up in a deserted parking lot off Miller Store Road in Virginia Beach, near Norfolk International Airport. Prosecutors say Matsoake sexually assaulted her while threatening her with a knife and a gun and then threw her into the parking lot without her cell phone.
The victim knocked on doors until she found someone to call police. Responding officers managed to preserve some seminal fluid the victim saved. She also went through an exam, where more evidence was collected. The evidence was submitted to the Department of Forensic Science to see if a suspect could be identified. Ultimately, a DNA match was made to Matsoake.
In the other case, the Commonwealth’s evidence proved that on June 11, 2004, Matsoake forced a 22-year-old woman, who he didn’t know, to perform oral sodomy on him. The victim, an aspiring comedian, was at the Oceanfront that night celebrating her first gig. After having a few drinks, she went to 63rd Street and decided to skinny dip in the ocean. It was in the middle of the night, and the victim thought the area was deserted and no one was around. Suddenly, she saw a naked man, later identified as Matsoake, walking toward her.
Matsoake forced the victim to the ground. Waves crashed over her head as she struggled against him. Fearing for her life, the victim begged Matsoake to move up the beach and out of the water. Matsoake sexually assaulted her and then ran away.
The victim got into her car right away and drove to the police station. On the way, she saw an officer on the side of the road and flagged him down. She told him she had been sexually assaulted. She was able to preserve seminal fluid left behind by her attacker and forensics technicians collected it. The DNA evidence was submitted to the Department of Forensic Science to see if a suspect could be identified. In 2012, Matsoake was determined to be a match.
The 2012 DNA hit helped connect Matsoake to a Dare County rape. He’s currently serving a 20 to 25 year prison sentence for that offense, which happened on June 10, 2003.
In 2007, Matsoake’s wife told police that he had confessed to some sexual assaults in North Carolina. When officers came to question him, they found out he had fled to his native country of South Africa. He was extradited back to the U.S. in 2012 and remained in custody in North Carolina pending his trial there.

Serial rapist sentenced to life plus 40 years in prison Emily Satchell December 14, 2016

Mbombela - A man who stalked and assaulted women in Mpumalanga over a six-year period and kidnapped others to rob and rape them has been sentenced to 45 years in jail.
Sibusiso Thembinkosi Ngobeni, 30, from Dwaleni Trust near White River, was sentenced when he appeared in the Nelspruit High Court.
He was arrested in 2015 and faced 12 charges of kidnapping, armed robbery, rape and assault and house breaking with intent to rape.
Ngobeni pleaded not guilty and told the court all the women were his girlfriends and they conspired to lay charges against him because he did not give them money.
Judge Shadrack Mashele said according to the first victim, who was 54 years old at the time, a man entered her house at about 20:00 on August 1, 2009.
"The victim said it happened after she sent her daughter to the shop. The man overpowered her and threw her down. She tried to fight back and bit him on his chest. He managed to undress her and raped her," said Mashele.
The judge said when the man escaped he left his hat, which the victim's daughter identified as one she knew belonged to the accused.
On December 15, 2009, a 22-year-old woman was stalked by a man as she returned from her boyfriend's home.
Judge Mashele said the accused grabbed her by her belt, slapped her and warned her not to scream.
"You dragged her to a two-room house where you forced her to undress. When she refused to obey you hit her on her head with a bottle...she screamed for help but nobody came to assist. You threatened to kill her if she continued resisting. She finally allowed you and was raped," he said.
On September 13, 2013, at White River, the accused kidnapped a 27-year-old woman who was returning from work.
"You lied to her that you were taking her to her place. After she agreed and got into your friend's BMW, you drove with her into a bush. Your friend dropped you and at knife point, you forced her to undress and raped her," the judge said.
The woman was robbed of her cellphone and R50 cash.
When she saw people approaching and called for help, the accused jumped over a fence and escaped.
"On November 7, 2013, another woman was also attacked by a man fitting your description. You told her there was a white man in White River looking for a maid and after she agreed to take the job, you went with her to a bush where you raped her. She was robbed of a cellphone and R400 cash. She went to open a case at the local police station," said the judge.
Judge Mashele said on January 16, 2015, two other young women were kidnapped by the accused and an accomplice and taken to a two-roomed house at Phola Trust.
"You and your friend raped the two women. In your defence you said the victims were your girlfriends and the sex was consensual, which according to them is a lie.
"Some of the victims even cried when giving their evidence. The daughter of the 54-year-old victim said she knew you well. She was even shocked to hear that her mother was having an affair with you," said Judge Mashele. 

Serial Killer Gets 20 Years for 1998 Rape, Murder of 14-Year-Old Girl  Eddie Small | November 30, 2016

Serial Devon 'torture' rapist David Harber jailed for life 14 December 2016

Porn Addicted Rapists 20 4 gennaio 2017

OPERATION DARKROOM Norway's massive pedophile ring 25 DICEMBRE 2016

OPERATION PACIFIER Hacking the Dark Web 25 DICEMBRE 2016

Incubo Pedofilia 15 dicembre 2016

Child prostitution decriminalized in California 1 GENNAIO 2017

"Broken and Betrayed" "Violated" The true story of the Rotherham Abuse Scandal 29 DICEMBRE 2016

57-year-old grandmother raped, killed in Atlanta 3 gennaio 2017

Four men gang-rapes 57-year-old woman, 8 others 3 gennaio 2017

Protest in India against "police inaction" in gang-rape case 3 gennaio 2017

14-year-old kills father for rape attempt in Bareilly 3 gennaio 2017

12-year-old girl fights off 4 assailants, saves mother from rape 3 gennaio 2017

Reported Rape Cases in Rangoon Doubled in 2016 3 gennaio 2017

Woman, minor girl abducted, raped by three youths 3 gennaio 2017

25-year-old man raped friend’s 6-yr-old daughter 3 gennaio 2017

Young woman raped by 3 teens at New Year’s Eve party in Sidney 3 gennaio 2017

5-year-old girl was raped by two minor boys aged nine 3 gennaio 2017

Schoolgirl raped, stabbed still unconscious 2 gennaio 2017

16-year-old girl raped, murdered in Aashiana 2 gennaio 2017

30-year-old woman gang-raped by 4 in Islamabad  2 gennaio 2017

80-year-old-woman sexually assaulted in Concord 1 gennaio 2017

4-year-old girl raped by 28-year-old relative over a year 1 gennaio 2017

French doctor raped 37 patients, including minors 31 dicembre 2016

570 Rapists in One Year 31 dicembre 2016

Over 500 arrested for rape, sexual assault in Gauteng 12 dicembre 2016

30-year-old woman killed by her nephew after rape attempt 31 dicembre 2016

15-year-old girl gang-raped by 9 men in Afghanistan 30 dicembre 2016

Malaysia man jailed 80 years for raping underage daughter 30 dicembre 2016

53-year-old Pastor raped 5-year-old girl 30 dicembre 2016

32-year-old woman gang-raped In Delhi 29 dicembre 2016

22-year-old boy raped 15-year-old Facebook friend 29 dicembre 2016

Ex-cop found guilty of rape 29 dicembre 2016

Rapists Policemen 7 DICEMBRE 2016

22-year-old student raped in Istanbul  29 dicembre 2016

7-year-old girl raped by family friend in Detroit 29 dicembre 2016

35-year-old disabled woman raped, stabbed to death 29 dicembre 2016

35-year-old maid raped, murdered in Nepal 29 dicembre 2016

45-year-old maid gang-raped by a family of lawyers for 3 months 29 dicembre 2016

Violenza sessuale su 20 pazienti arrestato il chirurgo Gianfranco de Lorenzis 29 dicembre 2016

Doctor drugged, raped two women over a 20 year period 27 dicembre 2016

25-year-old nurse gang-raped in a private hospital by 3 staff members 27 dicembre 2016

Abusi sulla figlia di sette anni: arrestato 44enne a Varese 27 dicembre 2016

Stuprata la notte di Natale a Milano 27 dicembre 2016

Venticinquenne stuprata e contagiata a La Spezia 27 dicembre 2016

Stupri di Gruppo: arrestati 7 nomadi e 4 nigeriani 20 dicembre 2016

Le orge del Prete: porno e sesso estremo 23 dicembre 2016

Woman beaten at a marketplace for resisting sexual assault 1 GENNAIO 2017

India's rape epidemic 26 dicembre 2016

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