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A TWISTED mass murderer and rapist – dubbed "The Werewolf" by authorities – has boasted he killed as many 59 women during a police probeMikhail Popkov, 52, who is serving a life sentence for 22 murders, has been charged with killing 25 more women.

But he allegedly told investigators he could have disposed of at least 59 women's bodies during his killing spree which started in the early 90s.
The former policeman raped women as young as 15, before slaying them with axes, knives and screwdrivers.
It is understood Popkov used his cop uniform and police car to lure women by offering them a lift home, usually late at night.
When asked how many victims, Popkov, told a court: "I can't say exactly, I didn't keep a record.
"I admit my guilt in full…committing the murders, I was guided by my inner convictions."
The mass murderer told police he wanted to "cleanse" the streets of "prostitutes".
According to reports, Popkov committed at least 47 murders between 1994 and 2012 in Angarsk, in Russia – but officers suspect the death toll could be as high as 81.
Senior investigator Andrei Bunayev said: "The investigation will be very long because there are a lot of cases.
"He names the places where bodies are hidden.
"We find these bodies, and check his involvement.

'Werewolf' serial killer and rapist boasts 59 women victims Nicole Stinson / 

A part-time builder and DJ who raped two young girls repeatedly for years has been jailed.

Paul Francis, 46, from Lewisham, was locked up for 13 years after pleading guilty to five sex assaults and four counts of rape.
Police are now urging any other possible victims to come forward.
One of the girls bravely told staff at her school about the attacks, which led to a police investigation launched in September last year.
The other younger girl was unable to speak about the horrific abuse but wrote a short note and drawing explaining what Francis had done, police said.
Francis gave no comment in interview and was charged on September 14. 
Investigators discovered Francis worked as a DJ at parties and private functions, mainly in the Lewisham area.
PC Bruce Upson from the Met Police said: “It is possible that other victims have been raped or sexually assaulted by Francis, and I would urge them to contact police.
"I also hope that other victims will be able to draw upon the courage of these two girls and come forward to speak to police. 
“You will be dealt with sensitively by specialist police officers who will support you through the process of giving evidence to police and bringing offenders to justice."

Part-time builder and DJ who raped girls repeatedly for years is jailed FRANCESCA GILLETT Jan 06 2017

Three suspected robbers and serial rapists have been arrested by Rapid Response Squad (RRS) operatives at Charity Bus Stop in Oshodi, Lagos.
Sunday John, 27, Saviour Daniel, 23, and 17-year-old boy were arrested by RRS Decoy Team.
John was said to have confessed that he led three other members of his gang to rape nine women in two weeks.
The suspect, a bus conductor in Oshodi, hails from Akwa-Ibom State. He said a 17-year-old boy is a member of his gang.
A statement by RRS said John’s colleague, Daniel Olayemi, 18, was arrested on Tuesday while fighting with some boys over a stolen Samsung tablet in Oshodi.
It said Olayemi told his interrogators that he stole the tablet from a woman that they gang raped at Charity Bus stop.
This prompted the RRS’ early morning raid of Charity Bus Stop, where three other members of the gang were arrested.
According to Olayemi, the gang robbed 12 passersby and raped no fewer than nine women in the bush at Charity Bus Stop.
He said: “I have followed him to more than 12 operations. We were always operating at Charity Bus Stop between 4am and 5:40am. Our last operation was on a woman of about 57 years old. She was passing by Charity Bus Stop. I snatched her hand bag and disappeared into the bush. I came out of the bush to see the three others having sex with the woman. I hid the best of the three phones I found in her bag. I disclosed to them that I saw two small phones and N8,000 in the bag.
“We had in a similar circumstance days before, raped a 42-year-old woman at the same spot when we didn’t see any valuable from her bag. We took turns to rape her, then, we allowed her to go.
“In all the rape cases, John takes the initiative and the lead. He dragged the women into the bush before calling us to take our turns. He is the leader of the gang. None of us dare challenge him. He doesn’t share with us whatever we made from the robberies. That was why I stole the Samsung tablet from that woman.
“We also robbed men too. I participated in the robbery of about three men at the Charity Busstop. In all the instances, John took a lead, seizing the victims and dragging them into the bush where we either raped or took their valuables.”
Daniel said: “I didn’t partake in all the raping. I was only involved on three occasions. John was the one who dragged them into the bush and undressed them. He took the lead and ordered us to take turns.
“He is our leader. He is stronger than us and he instructed us to have sex with them. Whenever, he is exhausted, he ordered us to take our turns. I go after him. It is the youngest of us, Olayemi that came last. At times, they distanced themselves whenever we were taking turns”.
John said: “In the last two weeks, we had robbed and dragged nine women between the ages of 27 and 57 into the bush and raped them.
“We took turns to rape them. While our primary aim was to steal their valuables, I have been raping most of them after robbing them. It is true that it has been my idea but we have all been doing it together.
“After robbing the women, I drag them into the nearby bush. If they are younger women, I carry her into the bush. Like the about 24-year-old I carried into the bush two weeks ago.
“After taking our turns on her, they (colleagues) all ran away. They took all she had on her. When they were gone, all her dress was all messed up. I took her to where she cleaned up. She couldn’t even find her shoes. I got new set of slippers for her before I gave her N500 transport fare, and took her to where she boarded a bus to Iyana Ipaja.
“Whenever, we take a woman, we normally rape them but not all women. Most of those we raped were between 24 years and late 50s, like a mama we raped last Sunday, she was in her late 50s.
We are not the only gang that operate there. I know of about three other gangs that rob there. Some groups of boys come from Agbado and Agege to operate at Charity Bus Stop. They operate in the evening”.
The decoy team is on the lookout for the other gangs.
Police spokesperson Dolapo Badmos, a Superintendent (SP), said the suspects have given out vital information that would lead to the arrest of others.
The suspects have been transferred to the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (SCIID) at Panti, Yaba, Lagos Mainland.

Suspects: we rob, gang rape our victims Tajudeen Adebanjo January 03, 2017

Accused serial rapist Joseph Beaty walked out of his house and immediately found himself in handcuffs Friday afternoon.
Neighbors looked on as Irving SWAT officers made the arrest at his home on Tudor Lane in Irving.
“There's kids everywhere,” said neighbor Monica Cuff. “I have three of my own. So it's really relieving and I'm thankful it was done quite fast and nobody got hurt.”
State District Judge Rick Magnis issued a warrant Friday afternoon ordering Beaty's arrest after evidence came to light that he was trying to tamper with his electronic monitor and had been seen walking in the neighborhood in violation of the conditions of his house arrest.
Beaty had been released two days earlier on personal recognizance bonds by Magnis after the Dallas-based Fifth Court of Appeals concluded that he was indigent and he could not come up with the money for $250,000 in bonds. He had been in jail since August 2015.
He has been indicted in two 2009 rapes of prostitutes at knife-point. In a third case, he's accused of raping a woman in 2014 when he worked as the manager of halfway house.
Beaty came to the attention of police after DPD began analyzing untested rape kits in 2015.
In the March 2009 case, a woman told police that Beaty picked her up, drove her to a secluded area, pulled out a knife, ordered her to “get naked,” and then raped her.
Several months later, another woman says he picked her up and they made an arrangement that he would pay her for sex. She also says he drove her a secluded area and began to choke her before pulling a knife and raping her. She later picked him out of a lineup.
When questioned by police, he admitted having sex with her but denied that it was sexual assault. 
He told detectives that he has “engaged in sexual acts with prostitutes for several years and has never assaulted any of them.” He denied displaying a gun or a knife or raping any of them.
Beaty was unable to explain why so many women “who don’t know each other would be accusing him of a sexual offense with similar details,” court documents state.
Court documents outline three other alleged sexual assaults involving Beaty.
In 2008, a woman says she was leaving a club when a man grabbed her and put her in his car. She says he held her down and raped her.
The following year, a woman told police she accepted a ride from a man, who took her to a secluded area and raped her.
When both rape kits were tested in 2015, the DNA of the suspect matched Beaty.
In the third case, a Tarrant County grand jury declined to indict him.
That involved a woman who told police that a man gave her a ride, drove her behind a warehouse in Arlington, and raped her at knife point in 2013. He was again connected to the case through DNA. 

A 28-year-old Mpumalanga man, who for years stalked women and young girls walking in the township streets at night, raping and robbing them, was on Thursday sentenced to life imprisonment.
Sentencing Joel Matlala of Maganagobushwa, Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela said in the North Gauteng High Court that he was a danger to women and children and should be removed from society for a long time.
Vincent Mahlangu, 29, who was convicted of one of the rapes, was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment. Matlala and an unidentified friend accosted a series of young women and in two cases 15-year-old girls while they were walking in the streets of Maganagobushwa and Siyabuswa between 2012 and 2014.
One of the young girls was pregnant at the time and several of the women had young children. Some of the victims were returning home after attending late night church services and others after visiting taverns. The women were dragged into the bush where Matlala and his companion in most cases took turns to rape them.
Violence was used to subdue them and several of the victims were raped more than once while most of them were robbed of cash and cellphones.
One young woman was stabbed in the leg when she initially refused to take off her clothes before she was raped. Matlala was linked to the majority of the rapes through DNA evidence and one of his victims testified that she knew him well as they lived in the same area.
Judge Tshifiwa Maumela said it was clear that Matlala had planned the rapes. He had never used a condom, showing that he did not care about the consequences of the rapes and objectified women to satisfy his own lust.
The judge said it was most regrettable that because of the scourge of crime in the country women and children were no longer free to walk the streets and were exposed to brazen intrusions even in their own homes. Several of the victims said they were relieved at Matlala’s sentence and believed it was better for the community and women that he be removed from society.
They described their rapes as violent and said they would never forget the ordeal. Most could never forgive Matlala, but one young victim said she had forgiven him so she could get on with her life.

Mpumalanga robber, serial rapist gets life in jail 13.1.2017 Ilse de Lange 

HE has been dubbed the night stalker. 

In late 2015, as south east Queensland entered the first of its characteristically stifling warmer months, a predatory rapist seized the literal open windows of opportunity the summer months presented.

Between late November and March the following year, he chose the quiet darkness of the very late night or early morning to break into four homes, where inside, women he did not know were asleep and alone.

He then subjected each one to the stuff of nightmares.

They were not his first victims.

According to criminal profiler Wayne Petherick, they are also unlikely to be his last.

Despite the formation of a major criminal taskforce, Operation Melya, last year to investigate the man's string of sexual crimes, he remains on the loose.

As he has been since his first suspected attack on a woman in aged her 30s, on the Gold Coast on December 5, 2005.

Until last year, the man's decade of offending had been sporadic.

The summer of 2015/16 represented a dramatic escalation in the frequency of his attacks.

But as suddenly as he escalated, he stopped.

When police launched the public appeal to find him, the attacks ceased and his identity, one year on, remains a mystery.

When announcing the establishment of Operation Melya in April last year, Superintendent David Hutchinson said the same man was suspected of being behind eight strikingly similar attacks.

Six of them came on the northern Gold Coast, two more less than an hour away, in southern Brisbane and Logan.

Four had been conclusively tied to one man by DNA evidence, but in each of the eight cases identified, the rapist's modus operandi was terrifyingly similar.

Women, usually home alone, would either be woken by, or unexpectedly confront, an intruder.

After his first suspected attack in 2005, it would be three years before the man would rape again.

This time, there were two attacks, six months apart, in Southport and its neighbouring suburb, Coombabah, in 2008.

It would be seven years before the next one, also in Southport, in August 2015.

This attack, however, marked the beginning of the escalation in frequency.

Just three months later, he struck again, on November 26, the start of four almost monthly home invasions that ceased on March 28, 2016.

Criminal psychologist Dr Petherick, associate professor of criminology at Bond University, told though the man had gone to ground, history shows that serial offenders who are not apprehended usually end up offending again.

When announcing the hunt, Superintendent Hutchinson said he believed a member of the public held the key to solving the crime.
"We have a large taskforce of detectives looking to identify this person, all we need is that one piece of information," he said.
"I'm sure there is a member of the public out there who will have some suspicions about a person and all we need is a name. It's all we need."
Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers, anonymously if they wish, on 1800 333 000 or

Desperate manhunt for SEQ serial rapist Kim Stephens | 14th Jan 2017 

Fears of possible 'serial child rapist' on loose after TWO 12-year-old schoolgirls attacked within mile of each other TODD FITZGERALD3 JAN 2017

18-year-old girl drugged, raped by a man and 3 teens in Sydney 14 gennaio 2017

Abusi sessuali su un bimbo di 5 anni, arrestato pedofilo 20enne 14 gennaio 2017

Morte di un allenatore pedofilo 13 gennaio 2017

24-year-old woman kidnapped, gang-raped by 3 in a car 12 gennaio 2017

5-year-old-girl raped by 17-year-old boy, threw into a pond 12 gennaio 2017

Disabled minor girl gang raped, filmed by a 57-year-old man and 2 teens 9 gennaio 2017

14-year-old girl raped, murdered in Maharashtra 7 gennaio 2017

8-year-old girl raped, killed, dumped in a suitcase in Huancayo 7 GENNAIO 2017

4 men chop off girl's ears for resisting rape in Baghpat 6 GENNAIO 2017

Woman beaten at a marketplace for resisting sexual assault 1 GENNAIO 2017

India's rape epidemic 26 dicembre 2016

Kayleigh’s Love Story 4 GENNAIO 2017

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