lunedì 13 febbraio 2017

26-year-old woman beaten, robbed, gang-raped by 3 men

After being beaten, robbed and gang raped by three men posing as a taxi driver and passengers, a San Fernando cashier was left to crawl out of the bushes in Debe.

But within hours of reporting the ordeal, San Fernando CID arrested two of the suspects at their Woodland home, while the search continued for another yesterday.
A report stated that around 8 pm Saturday, the 26-year-old woman was standing outside Skinner Park, Cipero Street where she boarded a white Nissan Sunny B-15.
She asked to be taken to Lord Street, San Fernando where she would get another taxi to go home.
Instead, the men turned in the opposite direction and took her to Gandhi Village, Debe where one of them pulled out a gun and struck her several times.
They then robbed her of $300 cash before dragging her into nearby bushes and took turns raping her. The men then drove off, leaving the woman behind. After walking into a street for help, she was taken to the San Fernando Police Station by a resident.
A statement was taken and the officers took her to the San Fernando General Hospital where she was examined and treated.
Based on information, Sgt Ramroop, Cpl Nanan, PC Maharaj and PC Ramdass went to Woodland where they arrested two labourers, age 24, at their homes.
The car used in the crime was also impounded to the San Fernando station where it would be processed for evidence. The men were being questioned up to yesterday and are expected to appear in an identification parade.
They are expected to be charged with kidnapping, robbery, rape, possession of an illegal firearm and possession of illegal ammunition.

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