venerdì 10 febbraio 2017

66-year-old woman gang-raped, murdered into her house

A Chivi woman was found strangled, murdered and raped by a gang that broke into her house on Tuesday, January 24.

66-year-old Restinah Machingura, of Pedzisai Village 1 under Chief Madzivire in Chivi, was brutally murdered by criminals who are still at large.

The victim’s brother, George Muhwenyiyo said the thugs defecated inside the house before leaving.

The rumour mill also has it that the culprits could have been people whom the victim knew who teamed up and intruded into Machingura’s house when her 12-year-old grandson with whom she stayed had gone to school.
A visible scar on the forehead on the victim’s lifeless body suggested the hooligans had hit her on the head before tying her on the neck with a string, raping and then murdering her.
They left the crime scene only for Machingura’s swollen body to be discovered by her grandson when he returned from school at around 18:00 hrs.
After fellow villagers were notified, police detectives from Ngundu, Mwenezi and Masvingo attended the scene and Machingura’s body was ferried to Masvingo for post mortem which revealed that she was raped before being murdered.
She was laid to rest last Thursday though her coffin could hardly be properly closed as the body was swollen.

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