martedì 14 febbraio 2017

7-year-old girl raped, killed, dumped in a bag

In an act that will send shivers down one's spine, a seven-year-old girl was molested, suffocated, burnt and then dumped in a travel bag on the highway in Chennai.
The seven-year-old, who was a Class 3 student, was kidnapped while she was playing near her apartment on Sunday evening.
The heinous act has shaken the city even as the political drama involving O Panneerselvam and Sasikala Natarajan continues to play out.
Caretaker chief minister Panneerselvam expressed shock at the brutal murder of the minor girl. "The police have nabbed the accused. He has been sent to Puzhal Central Prison," he said.
  1. According to a report by NDTV, the incident occurred when the girl was playing alone near her house even as her parents were out.
  2. On returning home, the parents found their daughter missing. They started enquiring about their daughter, and searched several apartments.
  3. The parents finally dialled the police, who zeroed in on a man named Tushyant. Sources said Tushyant has confessed to his crime.
  4. Tushyant reportedly tried raping the girl at which she started screaming. In his bid to stop her from screaming, he stuffed a piece of cloth in her mouth.
  5. After a while, the accused realised the child had turned stiff. He burnt her body and then packed it in a travel bag and dumped it along the highway.
  6. As per the release from the chief minister's office, the government has announced a compensation of Rs 3 lakh to the girl's family.
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