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7-year-old girl raped, murdered by 22-year-old neighbour

S Daswant, the 22-year-old accused in the sexual assault and murder of a seven-year-old girl whose half-burnt body was found in Mugalivakkam | EPS

CHENNAI: In a shocking incident, a seven-year-old girl, who went missing from her apartment complex in southern suburban Mugalivakkam on Sunday, was murdered and her half-burnt body was recovered from under a bridge on the city’s outskirts at Anakaputhur four days later.
Police said it was a 22-year-old diploma graduate, the child’s neighbour, who kidnapped, murdered and disposed of the body. Surprisingly, it was the accused S Tashvant who had alerted the police control room on the missing child and gave interviews to TV news channels on the missing girl.

Police said Tashvant had tried to sexually assault the child and in order to stop her from screaming, he gagged her eventually suffocating her to death.

SRMC Assistant Commissioner of Police K Kannan said that the child was last seen playing with the suspect’s dog in the parking lot of her building complex and had gone to her house on the first floor at around 6. 15 pm to drink milk on Sunday evening.
“After which, her parents had gone to the market along with her younger brother leaving her behind in the house thinking that she was playing with her neighbours. However, they returned in an hour and couldn’t find her. Meanwhile, Tashvant who saw her getting out of her house to play after drinking milk had kidnapped her and taken her to his house on the second floor of the same building,” said a police officer.

He had sexually abused her and the girl died when he tried to gag her mouth to prevent her from raising an alarm. To escape from the crime, he packed the girl’s body in a polythene cover and stuffed it in a travel bag.

He took the body on his two-wheeler and left it in a abandoned telephone booth around 15 km away from the house. He then returned home to fetch pet bottles and brought four litres of fuel from a petrol station near his house which was also recorded in the CCTV and then picked the body and burnt it near the Porur bypass,” added Kannan. Police said he even attended a friend’s wedding at Pallavaram before returning home. By then, the residents in the apartment were all searching for the child. “He volunteered to call the police control room in an attempt to evade suspicion on him,” Kannan said.
When a few TV channels came to the apartment to cover the news, he even gave TV bytes to them.

“Whenever we came for inquiries to the building, we found the boy very cooperative and he pretended to help us crack the case. But he was very keenly watching our moves,” said another officer. The first tip-off for the police was when they found the child’s earring and anklets near Tashvant’s computer.

Meanwhile, D Dhilip Kumar, a resident of Porur told the police officers something that further strengthened the police suspicion on Tashvant. Dhilip had met Tashwant when he used to approach a badminton club in Valsarvakkam to play. “I used to see him play. In December he started coming to my court and tried to make conversation with us. It was only on December 26 we found him involved in a motorbike theft case.
He had allegedly stolen another player’s motorbike by taking a print of the key on his phone and managed to prepare a duplicate key in Saidapet. After a week he also stole an iPhone from the same court which was recorded in the CCTV. Though we warned him we let him go because of his father’s plea,” said Dhilip.

“Only on Tuesday evening, I received the message of the child missing. Only then I realised that Tashvant also stayed in the same flat. Though I was not sure if he was the suspect, I alerted the family members to keep a watch on him,” he added.
When all the neighbours in the apartment were being grilled the finger of suspicion turned to Tashvant when his answers were contradictory. When the police further inquired he confessed to his crime.

On Wednesday, when Tashvant was brought to the apartment for investigations, he was attacked by the angry mob present in the locality demanding that the police take action right now. The residents urged the cops to take strict action against him. It was after a huge struggle the police managed to bring back Tashvant to the station.
The suspect worked as a mechanical engineer in a private company in Mylapore had been staying with his family including father, mother and younger brother and lived in the same house for two years. The child’s family had moved in with her family only six months back and was pursuing her second grade in a private school in the same locality.

A case has been registered under section IPC 211 (False charge of offence made with intent to injure), 302 (Punishment for murder) and Section 4 and 8 of the POCSO act and further investigations are on.

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