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An Ohio woman accused of livestreaming images of a man raping her 17-year-old female friend has been sentenced to nine months in prison.

Marina Lonina, 19, was sentenced Monday in Columbus after pleading guilty to one count of obstructing justice under a deal with prosecutors. 
She initially faced other charges of rape, kidnap, sexual battery and pandering sexual matter involving a minor. 
Prosecutors and defense attorneys recommended the sentence as part of a plea deal, the Columbus Dispatch reported.
She had faced up to 40 years in prison. 
Authorities alleged that she used the social media app Periscope to livestream the assault last February.
Defense attorney Sam Shamansky told the Dispatch that Lonina admitted to failing to report the rape or turn over her evidence afterward.
The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, alleged that Lonina had set up the rape.
The victim said: 'I was too gullible to see how manipulative she truly is.'
Shamansky said this was 'unmitigated nonsense' and that Lonina's sentencing was 'an appropriate resolution to a difficult case.' 
The 29-year-old rape suspect, Raymond Gates, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine years in prison in October.
The court previously hear that Lonina continued to livestream the rape of her teenage friend on Periscope because she 'got caught up on the likes' the video was receiving.
Lonina was allegedly 'giggling and laughing' as she used her phone to film the February 2016 assault.
Her defense attorneys said she was in the habit of filming everything using Periscope and had tried to help her friend while prosecutors had alleged she 'got caught up on the likes' the video was receiving.
The victim was said to be clearly screaming 'stop' and 'no' during the assault. 
The court had heard Lonina and her friend met Gates at a Columbus mall for the first time the day before the assault.
He is said to have bought them a bottle of vodka and encouraged them to meet him in Columbus the following day, it was said.
When they met, Gates pinned the friend, who was said to have been drinking, down and raped her.
The case came to light when authorities were contacted by an out-of-state friend of the woman saw the images, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said.

Ohio woman, 19, who livestreamed her 17-year-old friend being raped by a man on Periscope gets nine months in prison Associated Press and Reporter  22:16 GMT, 14 February 2017 

A BLONDE teacher who admitted raping two of her pupils, one in her own classroom, has been jailed.

Laura Cowan, 37, seduced the pair by sending them texts and repeatedly romped with one of them in a motel and her car.
She had sex with the other student a couple of months later in her classroom.
A judge handed Cowan two 15-year prison terms on two counts of second degree rape.
This comes as a teacher had sex with a pupil "hundreds of times" while claiming she was the victim.
But she will serve only 12 months behind bars after 14 years of each concurrent sentence were suspended.
Cowan must also register as a sex offender for life.
The charges were originally dropped after the 18-year-old students twice failed to turn up in court.
They were re-filed six weeks later after they were subpoenaed.
Cowan had sex with the lads in early 2014 while teaching at Tipton High School, Oklahoma.
Court files say: "She admitted having sex in her classroom with a high school student.
"Cowan also described having sex with (the same student) in her car, in the country outside of Tipton, during spring break 2014."
She had already had slept with another pupil in January 2014 in a motel and her car.
"Both students verified that they did have sex with Cowan when they were students at Tipton High School," the files continued.
Prosecutor Deanna Hansell had called for Cowan to serve at least five years in jail.
The relationships started out with text messages and escalated to intercourse, she said.
And Cowan's actions were "poor decision-making" by someone in a position of authority.
Defending Cowan, Ken Sue Doerfel said her client had voluntarily given up her teaching licence and asked for probation rather than prison.
"The boys were not children but were adult men who were 18 years old when it happened," she said.
Cowan, who pleaded no contest to the charges at an earlier hearing, will serve her sentence in Tillman County Jail.
District Court Judge Norman Russell ordered her to be put on 12 months supervision after her release.

Sex-crazed female teacher raped pupils in car AND classroom Douglas Patient 

ROANOKE Co., Va. (WSET) -- Federal court documents show a former YMCA of Roanoke Valley employee in Roanoke County had child pornography pictures on her phone including one that indicated simulated oral sex.
Shannon Bobrosky was arrested last Wednesday and admitted to producing images of child porn.
The court documents show that based on information provided by law enforcement in Newark, New Jersey, last Wednesday a Roanoke City Police Department officer swore out a state of Virginia search warrant for a search of Bobrosky's personal items.
Police said the search authorized officers to take and search her computers and all other storage devices that might give evidence of the possession, reproduction, distribution, or facilitation of child porn or evidence of child sexual abuse.
Police went to the YMCA to tell Bobrosky that they had a search warrant for her items.
After the search, police took multiple electronic devices.
They said she agreed to a voluntary interview, during which she signed a consent to search form, authorizing police to search the phone in her possession.
The FBI identified six images on her phone; four included a female hand fondling a prepubescent boy and two images showed a female mouth simulating oral sex on a prepubescent boy.
During the interview, police said Bobrosky admitted that she took the pictures of the victim for purposes of distribution on the Kik messenger app and to people she had an online relationship with.
She also admitted that the female hand and mouth in the pictures were hers.
Police said after further review of her phone, they found an image of an individual appearing to be Bobrosky performing what appears to be oral sex on a currently unidentified minor.
Bobrosky is currently being held in the Roanoke City Jail under no bond.
She's charged with sexual exploitation of children.
The YMCA where Bobrosky was employed issued a statement saying:
The YMCA of Roanoke Valley takes its hiring process very seriously. Prior to employment all employees go through a national background check, Virginia State Police background check, Child Protective Services screening, as well as a daily screening against the National Sex Offender Registry. 
A YMCA spokesperson also said Bobrosky was fired the moment they learned of her arrest.

Documents: Former YMCA employee took explicit photos with children Elizabeth Tyree & Annie Andersen February 20th 2017

A Utah dance teacher charged with raping one of her male students at her home has been accused of having sex with another 17-year-old pupil. 

Sarah Lindsay Lewis, 27, from Payson, Utah, who teaches social studies and dance at Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, was charged last month with rape, tampering with a witness and two counts of supplying alcohol to a minor.

She has now been accused of having sex with another boy at the school where she worked.

Because the pupils were under the age of 18 and Lewis 'occupied a position of special trust' as their teacher, prosecutors said the two boys could not legally consent to any sexual contact.

The most recent charging documents claimed Lewis had sex with the 17-year-old boy in late December, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The boy told investigators Lewis picked him up in a truck on December 28 and took him to a liquor store, where she bought whiskey. 

They then went to her home and drank the booze until they were 'very drunk.' 

They then had sex in the teacher's bedroom, the teenager told investigators.

The second allegation comes after the teacher was charged with having sex with another 17-year-old boy. 

The first alleged victim told police Lewis gave him vodka at some point in January and that he filmed them kissing on the couch on his cellphone before they went into a bedroom. 

The student reportedly told the teacher he wanted to have sex with her about two weeks before they met at her house, according to charging documents.

Lewis, who teaches social studies and dance at Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, has been charged with rape, tampering with a witness and two counts of supplying alcohol to a minor.

The teacher is accused of telling the teenager to deny their alleged relationship. 

Lewis is also accused of buying the boy beer from a convenience store on a separate occasion.

She first met the student when he was in her class in 2015. She taught him again in her class in 2016.  
The woman was arrested on January 24, and is currently being held in the Utah County jail in lieu of $20,000 cash bail.
She is expected to appear in court again on February 27. 
Nebo School District confirmed the teacher was put on leave after the allegations came to light.

A Romanian woman will appear in a Norwegian court in March to face accusations of having raped a 12-year-old boy.
The alleged rape took place in a private residence in the Romerike district northeast of Oslo. 
“It is quite rare that police investigate this type of case,” Guro Holm Hansen, an attorney with the Eastern Police District, told local newspaper Romerikes Blad.  
The rape allegedly took place during the 2015 Christmas season. The woman was arrested in September 2016 and has since been held in custody.
The woman's lawyer, Cato Johannessen, said that she completely denies her guilt. 
Romanian woman charged with raping 12-year-old boy in Norway NTB/The Local 14 February 2017

Police say a woman is in jail on two felony charges after offering to sell an undercover officer child pornography.
Misty Weathers, 35, was arrested around 11 p.m. Wednesday at a hotel near East 31st Street and South Memorial Drive. Police say Weathers also offered a child and herself for prostitution.
Weathers was booked for possession of child pornography and procurement of a child for prostitution.

Woman arrested for child porn, offering child for prostitution Clayton Youngman February 16th 2017

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