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A judge fought back tears as he described how a depraved couple raped two young girls and forced them to eat their own vomit.
Details of the sickening abuse inflicted by twisted Michael Miszczak, 54, and Sandra Jones, 52 saw judge Denis Watson QC's voice begin to falter as he jailed them.
The judge said he "didn't think he would ever forget" the details of the horrifying case and the "inhuman" actions of the pair.

"That event, it was so appalling, I find it difficult to control the repetition of what occurred," he said.

The vile pair savagely beat and degraded their young victims from before the age of eight, Liverpool Crown Court was previously told.
Miszczak was sentenced to 25 years behind bars, with an extended three years on licence.
Jones was jailed for 14 years, with a further year on licence, reports the Liverpool Echo.
Miszczak, who showed no emotion as he was sentenced, was found guilty of 10 charges, including child rape, indecent assault and child cruelty, after a trial.
Jones, who shook her head in the dock, was convicted of four charges including aiding and abetting rape, assault causing actual bodily harm and child cruelty.
Describing how she helped her then husband rape the girl, Judge Watson said: “It was wickedly cruel, chillingly heartless and utterly inhuman.”
Michael Scholes, prosecuting, had earlier told the court: “It’s difficult to imagine a worse example of the rape of a child.”
He said the now adult women “suffered significant psychological trauma as a result of their ordeal at the hands of these defendants”.
Miszczak and Jones were convicted of child cruelty on February 1 after they were found guilty.
Liverpool Crown Court heard that on one occasion Jones punched one of the victims, as Jones brutally raped the girl.
On another occasion one of the girls wet herself and Jones rubbed her face in her own urine, the court was told.

During the trial the jury heard that one of the victims said they both had eating problems and frequently vomited.
She said this was dealt with by both girls being required to eat their own and each other’s vomit.
The jury heard the girls were both beaten by Jones, who left one with a black eye and a split head, while on one occasion Jones struck one of the victims to the head with a metal pole.
During the trial David Potter, defending Miszczak, and Bridget Bailey, defending Jones, suggested the girls were “fantasists” and had made up all the accusations.
One victim was accused of taking some of the allegations from the book ‘A Child Called It’, an account of child abuse by an American author which one of the victims was “obsessed with” as a child.

Judge fights back tears as couple jailed over sickening abuse EIL DOCKING JONATHAN HUMPHRIES 24 FEB 2017

ASHLAND — Three women have been arrested on rape and sodomy charges of a 14-year-old with developmental disabilities, according to Ashland police.
Felicia A. Rowe, 43, of Ashland, was charged with third-degree sodomy, second-degree rape, unlawful transaction with a minor and promoting a minor in a sexual performance, according to Maj. Mark McDowell of the Ashland Police Department.
She was arrested earlier this week, as were Tina M. Scerba, 38, and Rebecca J. Scerba, 37, both of Ashland.
The Scerbas, who are married, also were charged with complicity to second-degree rape, complicity to third-degree sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor, according to a news release.
The Ashland Police Department has been investigating the case since Feb. 18, according to a news release.
Bond for all three was set at $50,000 each, according to Boyd County Circuit Clerk Tracy Kelley. The three were lodged Friday in the Boyd County Detention Center on bond pending an appearance at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Boyd County District Court.
All three currently are being represented by the public defender's office, according to court records.
According to detectives, the child's parents hosted a party at their residence along with the young teenager and another adult.
During the party, alcohol was provided to the adults and the child, according to the release.
At some point, one of the adults went with the child into a bedroom where they engaged in unlawful sexual activities, according to the report.
The 14-year-old was placed under the care of Social Services.

3 women arrested in Ashland on rape and sodomy charges DAVID E. MALLOY Feb 24, 2017

An Arkansas substitute teacher acquitted of a rape accusation involving a teenage boy awaits formal charges as part of a related case in another jurisdiction.
On Thursday, jurors in Craighead County Circuit Court found Latasha Schoolfield not guilty of rape related to a report that she had sex with a 13-year-old boy at a Jonesboro motel.
The teenager told an Arkansas State Police investigator that Schoolfield had sex with him at a Motel 6 and “three to five” times in his bedroom at his house, Arkansas Online previously reported.
Schoolfield was arrested again Thursday within hours of the acquittal as part of an active warrant on four counts of rape involving the same teenager, that time in the Caraway jurisdiction, Craighead County sheriff's office Capt. Justin Rolland said.
A Jonesboro Police Department report listed Schoolfield as a substitute teacher at the Riverside School District.
That school district encompasses Caraway, a town of about 1,270 residents nearly 30 miles east of Jonesboro in Craighead County.
Schoolfield is set to appear Monday in Craighead County District Court for arraignment on the latest rape charges.

Arkansas substitute teacher acquitted of rape, arrested hours later Brandon Riddle February 24, 2017 

  • MORRISTOWN -- A Union Local School District teacher is facing a felony sexual battery charge following an alleged off-campus incident that involved a male student from the Belmont County district.
    Tiffany Cordes, 27, is facing the one count of sexual battery, a third-degree felony.
    Cordes has reportedly been removed from her teaching position and currently has no contact with students.
    Late last week, the Union Local School Board and local law enforcement officials reported the investigation into an allegation that a female teacher had inappropriate contact with a male student at an off-campus location.
    Belmont County Prosecutor Dan Fry confirmed the investigation.
    Additional details regarding the alleged incident have not been released.
    If convicted, Cordes facing a maximum of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. She could also be classified as a Tier III sex offender requiring her to report to the sheriff's office every 90 days for the rest of her life.
    Cordes' teaching license would likely be revoked by the state of Ohio.
    Cordes is the second Belmont County teacher currently facing a sexual battery charge.
    Rachel Duncan, 34, a teacher and varsity softball coach in the St. Clairsville City School District, is facing nine felony counts of sexual battery for an alleged encounter with a female student.
    The trial for Duncan is scheduled to begin April 27 in the Belmont County Common Pleas Court.
    Duncan is alleged to have engaged in an affair with a former softball player. She has pleaded "not guilty" to the charges.
    If convicted of all the offenses, Duncan faces up to 45 years in prison. Her bond was set at $5,000 and she was ordered not to have any contact with the alleged victim. Duncan has reportedly been on unpaid leave since Aug. 1, 2016.

    Union Local teacher charged with sexual battery RICK STILLION The Daily Jeffersonian February 21, 2017 

    A Manchester woman has been charged with rape of a child and adult contributing to the delinquency of a child.
    Arreall Gyna Lawhorn, 28, of Century Street, Manchester was arrested Jan. 20 on the charges by Manchester Police Investigator Bryan Eldridge.
    Lawhorn is accused of having a party at a residence on Oak Drive where juveniles were present. Warrants obtained by the investigator allege that she and her husband Robert Lawhorn, 30, provided alcohol to juveniles. She is also accused of providing condoms to an underage child for the purpose of the youth to have inappropriate relations with another juvenile.
    Her bond was set at $52,500.
    Robert Lawhorn was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a child, burglary of a motor vehicle, failure to appear in court and violation of probation. His bond was set at $14,500.
    They will appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court March 28.

    Manchester Female facing charges including Rape of a Child February 24, 2017

    Porn Addicted Rapists 34 25 febbraio 2017

    Serial paedophile raped 7-year-old girl for five years 25 febbraio 2017

    20-year-old raped, killed his 4-year-old niece 25 febbraio 2017

    7-year-old girl raped, strangled to death 25 febbraio 2017

    4-year-old girl raped, brutally murdered by 16-year-old neighbour in Delhi 25 febbraio 2017

    30-year-old woman set on fire for resisting rape 25 febbraio 2017

    3-year-old boy raped by 45-year-old man 24 febbraio 2017

    12-year-old gurl raped, strangled to death 24 febbraio 2017

    9-year-old girl raped, critically injured, by 27-year-old neighbour 24 febbraio 2017

    10-year-old girl raped by 22-year-old 24 febbraio 2017

    95-year-old woman raped, strangled to death 24 febbraio 2017

    Two child girls raped, critically injured, in Delhi 23 febbraio 2017

    16-year-old girl kidnapped, gang-raped by three men 23 febbraio 2017

    One-year-old girl raped, murdered 23 febbraio 2017

    Tokyo doctors accused in multiple gang-rapes 20 febbraio 2017

    Minor girl raped, killed, accused commits suicide 20 febbraio 2017

    Girl jumped in front of running train, died, to escape gang-rape 20 febbraio 2017

    Ten-year-old boy pleaded guilty to raping an 8-year-old boy 20 febbraio 2017

    23-year old man raped two vulnerable women in the same cemetery 20 febbraio 2017

    3-year-old girl raped by 34-year-old driver 20 febbraio 2017

    40-year-old man raped his two minor daughters 20 febbraio 2017

    Indian film actress raped, filmed in her car 20 febbraio 2017

    Girl gang-raped by 8 20 febbraio 2017

    3-year-old girl raped, killed, body dumped in garbage 20 febbraio 2017

    Brutal rape, murder of Tajik schoolgirl by 2 male classmates 18 febbraio 2017

    17-year-old girl raped, killed by uncle 18 febbraio 2017

    14-year-old girl kidnapped, raped for 10 days 18 febbraio 2017

    Teen girls raped, trafficked in the "jungle" 18 febbraio 2017

    Child rapist sentenced to death 18 febbraio 2017

    Paedophile jailed for sexually abusing 5-month-old baby 18 febbraio 2017

    26-year-old man sentenced for rape, assault of 1-year-old baby 18 febbraio 2017

    Russian pedophile priest jailed 18 febbraio 2017

    346 children raped in ‘historic’ livestream sex abuse 17 febbraio 2017

    Depraved paedophile, child rapist, had images of torture porn 13 febbraio 2017

    14-year-old disabled girl gang-raped by 4 17 febbraio 2017

    Two managing directors raped 15-year-old girl for six months 17 febbraio 2017

    5-year-old girl raped, killed 17 febbraio 2017

    70-yr-old woman raped to death by 33-yr-old man 15 febbraio 2017

    84-year-old woman attacked, raped in her home 14 febbraio 2017

    25-year-old man tried to rape blind and deaf 94-year-old grandmother 14 febbraio 2017

    Rape, murder of 12-year-old Emanuel Jaques 15 febbraio 2017

    Female cop gang-raped, filmed by 5 male colleagues 15 febbraio 2017

    7-year-old boy raped more than 10 times by a fish seller 14 febbraio 2017

    Rape survivor strangled to death 14 febbraio 2017

    7-year-old girl raped, killed, dumped in a bag 14 febbraio 2017

    Delhi: a rape every four hours 14 febbraio 2017

    140 rapes, over 200 molestation cases in Delhi in January 8 febbraio 2017

    Three men who tortured, gang raped, killed 10-year-old girl arrested 14 febbraio 2017

    Invasion, rape by armed gunmen at University of Uyo 14 febbraio 2017

    17-year-old girl cuts off man's penis after attempted rape 7 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Mass rape by SPLA soldiers in South Sudan 14 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Islamic State "Holy Warrior" Raped Over 200 Non-Muslim Women 20 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Brutal rapes, torture in Syrian prisons 20 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Australia's worst paedophile priest 20 FEBBRAIO 2017

    4,444 victims of abuse in Catholic church in Australia 6 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Thousands of Child Sexual Abuses by Philippine Catholic Priests 18 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Serial paedophile priest Brian Spillane sentenced 16 FEBBRAIO 2017

    "Priceless" The Dark World of Human Trafficking 13 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Fighting Human Trafficking and Modern Slave Trade 21 DICEMBRE 2016


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