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Mother of two raped, killed

Residents mourn the death of Catherine Wambui, a mother of two, who was raped and killed outside her parents' home on February 13, 2017. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI

A 33-year old woman was Monday morning raped and killed at Karatina in Nyeri County in a suspected case of a love affair gone wrong.
The naked body of the single mother of two identified as Catherine Wambui was found outside her parents’ home on Monday morning.
She had been hit on the head using a rock and this is believed to be what killed her.
Her clothes were found thrown ten metres from the body which has led detectives to believe that she was raped before being killed.
According to her family, she was last seen on Sunday morning heading to Karatina town in the company of some friends.
“She left home yesterday morning going to Karatina but never came back. This morning a pupil found her body on the way to school,” said Mr George Njuki, an uncle to the deceased.
The woman is also said to have been spotted at an entertainment joint with her boyfriend on Sunday night.
Police said that the boyfriend has since gone into hiding and that he is being sought for questioning.
Divisional Police commander for Mathira, Mathews Gwiyo said that detectives are probing the possibility it was a crime of passion.
“The suspicion is that this is a crime of passion but investigations are underway. The boyfriend’s whereabouts are unknown at the moment but we are looking for him,” said Mr Gwiyo.
Crime scene investigators took away the clothes for screening as detectives launched a manhunt for the woman’s lover.
“We have some leads on who might have been involved in the killing and officers are currently tracking down possible suspects,” said the Mathira police boss.
No arrests have been made so far.
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