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Paedophile teacher raped 200 children in last 10 years

JAIPUR: For over 10 years, a paedophile teacher, Rameez, raped, abused and blackmailed numerous schoolboys for money.
Despite several complaints from students, the school administration didn't inform the police by simply asking Rameez to resign, risking lives of hundreds of other children.

The shocking details emerged on Friday when parents of a 20-year-old boy filed an FIR at Ramganj police station, alleging their son was raped by Rameez for over six years.

"My son was barley 14 when this teacher abused him first. He threatened to fail my son in examinations and the child got scared. My son silently went through the trauma," said father of the victim.

SHO Ramganj Ashok Chauhan confirmed the FIR and said about 50 pornographic clippings of young boys have been recovered from Rameez. However, advocate of the victims Aslam Khan alleged Rameez raped 200 kids in last 10 years.

"Friends of victims told us that they had managed to recover 200 video clips from the teacher's computer. These clips were shown to school staff. But the school shunted him out and didn't inform the police," Aslam Khan told TOI.

"Had the school acted on complaints of students, Rameez would have been behind the bars and other students would not have been targeted by him," added a police official.

Rameez was arrested by police on Wednesday following a complaint by a 14-year-old boy who alleged that he was raped by Rameez. "The tutor also blackmailed his students for money," Chouhan added.

Police said Rameez confessed during the interrogation that he had been molesting and raping kids for several years. Cops are also probing as to why the school did not inform them about Rameez.

While police are probing the case and involvement of other victims, Aslam Khan said more complaints are expected to reach police station soon. "Parents are reading about the teacher and his nasty details in newspapers. More victims are likely to emerge in this case," Khan told TOI.

'Paedophile teacher raped 200 children in last 10 years' TNN | Feb 11, 2017

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