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After spending three decades in state prisons and mental hospitals, a Seaside serial rapist is scheduled to be freed into Yuba County on a supervised released program.
Eldridge Lindsey Chaney Jr. is a sexually violent predator who caused a public outcry in Monterey County during the summer of 2015, when the Department of State Hospitals announced it planned to give him a house in Prunedale.
The Prunedale plan was abandoned, and the new plan is for Chaney to be released into Yuba County within the next 45 days.
He will live at 647 Ellis Road, in Marysville, Calif., and the address was given final approval from a judge on Friday.
Chaney was convicted of rape in 1978. He was also convicted in 1988 for raping a 16-year old girl, and attempting to rape a military officer's wife. The three crimes happened in Seaside during home invasions. He was living in Seaside at the time.
"Chaney used the element of surprise in all his assaults and twice used weapons to overcome his victim's resistance," Monterey County Sheriff's Detective Larry Bryant said. "Eldridge Chaney’s victim selection does not have a clear pattern. Victims range in age from teens to middle-age females."
Last month, State Assemblyman James Gallagher (R- Yuba City) introduced AB 255, the Protect our Communities Act, which would limit the placement of Sexually Violent Predators to counties where they have residential, familial, or employment connections when they are conditionally released.
Gallagher pointed out that Chaney has no ties to Yuba County. 
"These offenders pose a serious risk to our community, and rural counties shouldn’t be the dumping ground for offenders from other areas of the state," said Gallagher.
“We are a small town where children roam freely. We cannot afford to have convicted sexually violent predators live among our families,” said Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber), a co-author of the bill.
AB 255 would require a court to consider where the sex offender was living prior to being arrested, or where they have familial, residential, or employment connections, when choosing a location where the offender will be given housing.
Chaney served more than 10 years in prison before he was committed to state's sex offender program in 2000. He received treatment at Atascadero and Coalinga state mental hospitals.

Seaside serial rapist Chaney to be released in Yuba County Feb 10, 2017 

ST. CROIX — A man who has been accused of rape by multiple females was again arrested on Saturday on a warrant issued by the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, in connection with a first-degree rape, unlawful sexual contact and child abuse incident that police say began in 1998 and continued until 2000, V.I.P.D. Public Information Officer Glen Dratte announced Saturday.

Ethelbert “Bert” Benjamin, above, age 57arrested twice last year, was remanded to the Bureau of Corrections pending his advise-of-rights hearing after failing to make bail of $150,000.
On Sept. 29, 2016, Mr. Benjamin was arrested on a first-degree rape charge following a report by a then-20-year-old, who stated that she was raped by Mr. Benjamin.
Mr. Benjamin was rearrested on November 22 of the same year on first-degree aggravated rape, first-degree unlawful sexual contact and child abuse charges, after a female family member of Mr. Benjamin told police that he had sexually assaulted her, according to Mr. Dratte. His bail then was also set at $150,000, according to police.
After showing up in court on November 23, Mr. Benjamin was placed under house arrest with an electronic monitoring device strapped to his person.
The V.I.P.D. is asking anyone who has been sexually abused to contact the V.I.P.D. Domestic Violence Unit at 340-778-2211 on St. Croix, or 340 774 2211 on St. Thomas. You can also send in your information to Crime Stoppers USVI, or call 911.
BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) - A man who police say has been impersonating a former star child actor to meet women has been arrested in Bardstown for a sexual assault and is wanted by police in four other states for the same thing.
"People aren't always who they say they are," Bardstown Police Chief Steve Uram said Friday.
Nathan Loebe, 35, was taken into custody February 9. He is being held in the Nelson County Jail on a charge of rape. Bond has been set at $2.2 million.
The assault Loebe is accused of happened during the early morning hours of Feb. 5 at a Bardstown apartment. The 40-year-old victim told police she had just become acquainted with Loebe after meeting him online.
Police said he told his victims he was Brian Bonsall, who used to play Andrew Keaton in Family Ties, except now he was all grown up.
"You would never know who his next victim would be," Uram said.
The real Brian Bonsall, who is now in a band performing in Europe, took to social media - warning people a violent man was pretending to be him. He apologized to those victimized on Twitter, saying Loebe even made a fake YouTube account.
On Friday Bonsall was on the phone with Bardstown police to help.
The day after Loebe's arrest Bardstown police learned he was wanted for questioning by Louisville Metro police and Tucson, AZ police for crimes in each city. Tucson police said they have been looking for Loebe since January in connection with nine sexual assaults and 40 open cases of stalking, harassment and making threats to women.

A 33-year-old man who fled Nevada after serving half of his sentence for raping a child in Las Vegas in 2004 will be sentenced Friday for similar charges.
Barion Solorzano will be sentenced at 9 a.m. at the 11th Judicial District Court in Gallup, N.M. He plead guilty in August to a deal that calls for a minimum of 15 years incarceration with the possibility of up to 35 years on five counts related to raping and using a child under 13 for sexual exploitation. He also faces $42,500 in fines.
The charges stem from a Dec. 23, 2014, rape of a minor child. His attack also gave the child several sexually transmitted diseases, according to court documents.
In August 2004, Solorzano plead guilty to raping a 10-year-old child in Las Vegas earlier in the year. He received a 10-year prison sentence for criminal sexual contact with a minor. He was released to lifetime supervision in 2010, according to New Mexico court documents, but failed to report to his probation officer and eventually fled Nevada. He failed to register in New Mexico as a sex offender and did not ask permission to leave Nevada.
"Therefore he was considered an absconder and an extraditable warrant was issued for his arrest on Jan. 26, 2015," the New Mexico court documents state.
After his arrest, law enforcement investigators found images of child sexual exploitation on his cell phone and computer. Some of them involved a toddler.
"The State of New Mexico has seen what this defendant is capable of," argues the New Mexico court sentencing memorandum. "He rapes a child, does a prison sentence, is released into supervision, absconds from supervision, flees the jurisdiction and rapes another child. The only prison sentence that can ensure the safety of the community is the lengthiest. It is obvious that when the defendant is released from prison, he is going to rape another child."

BEDFORD, Va. (WSET) -- New court documents are revealing alarming details surrounding Lloyd Welch Jr.'s past.
He's the man charged with murdering the Lyon sisters.
The pages go on and on detailing 15 different victim accounts that allege rape, attempted abduction, and domestic violence.
These cases have never been tried in court, but according to the documents, the Commonwealth plans to introduce them into evidence at Welch's sentencing, if he's convicted of capital murder.
According to the documents, the first victim recorded was in 1973, where a 15-year-old says Welch sexually assaulted her in Washington, D.C.
The following year, the documents show Welch's step-brother would testify he saw him rape a woman and also forced the girl to prostitute herself.
Throughout the following years, multiple victims from various states reported that they were assaulted, raped, and one victim said Welch forced her to take off her shirt at knife point before she managed to get away.
Multiple female victims said they got into Welch's car at Wheaton Plaza in Maryland, and sensed danger, but had to roll down the window to escape because the door handle didn't work.
Other victims reported that Welch approached them at the Plaza claiming he was a security guard, trying to get them to follow him.
Multiple ex-girlfriends reported that Welch physically and verbally abused them, one said he admitted to being sexually attracted to her children when they didn't have clothes on.
Also filed this week, a notice of intent to offer expert testimony from anthropoligists and geologists among others to discuss items like bone fragments and discarded burned materials found on Taylor's Mountain.

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