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Terique Hall, the 24-year-old Atlantan accused of a series of sexual attacks and the murder of a pregnant woman, has pleaded not guilty.
Hall faces a 22-count indictment in DeKalb County with charges including murder, rape, false imprisonment and assault. He’s been accused of attacking four women in Fulton and DeKalb counties, with authorities alleging he bound and gagged the women after meeting them on, a site known as a destination for finding prostitutes.
The DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Wednesday he pleaded not guilty during an arraignment last week.
The charges are related to alleged crimes over an eight-day span in November, during which authorities have said he victimized three women in DeKalb, one in Tucker and two in the Lithonia area. He’s charged with two counts of rape in DeKalb. Authorities have said he was run off by the pimp of one woman when she screamed for help.
Ashley Mays, 20, died Nov. 18.
Prosecutor Dalia Racine said in a previous hearing that Hall, whom she called “serial rapist,” tried to video tape himself suffocating the hog-tied woman in her room at Quality Inn and Suites.
She was 4-months pregnant. The fetus died.
Hall, who was arrested after police released hotel security camera photos purporting to show him, has remained in the DeKalb jail without bond since late November.

Alleged ‘serial rapist’ says he didn’t murder pregnant DeKalb woman 
  • Joshua Sharpe
  •   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Feb. 22, 2017

    A serial sex attacker has been jailed for seven years for raping a woman he met on dating site Plenty of Fish - just four days after groping a mum in front of her son.
    Sex-obsessed Scott Lazenby, 27, threw one victim onto a bed at her home in Colne, Lancs, before molesting her and raping her twice.
    On a separate occasion the aeronautics graduate also pounced on and groped another woman in front of her young son - while they were chatting on her living room sofa.
    Burnley Crown Court heard he had exchanged messages with both via the Plenty of Fish website before arranging to meet them both on 'dates'.
    On Wednesday, Lazenby was jailed for seven years after being convicted in December of sexual assault, assault by penetration and two offences of rape.
    Judge Andrew Woolman said the fact people signed up to the Plenty of Fish website, and indicated they are open to sexual encounters, "does not mean that they consent to sex regardless".
    Judge Woolman ordered Lazenby to sign the sex offenders register for life and imposed a 13-year sexual harm prevention order.
    That order bans him from logging on to anymore dating websites for over a decade - including Plenty of Fish.
    Lazenby, of Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, admitted meeting both women through the website but claimed their sexual encounters were all consensual.
    The jury heard how a young woman - who cannot be named - alerted police last November that she was assaulted by Lazenby at her home in Ashton-Under-Lyne, in Greater Manchester.
    The pair had met through Plenty of Fish and agreed to meet up. They were chatting in her living room when she went to get a yoghurt for her young son to eat.
    Prosecutor Emma Kehoe said while she was sat on the sofa, Lazenby moved beside her and began stroking her arm, making her feel uncomfortable.
    He then put his hand underneath her top and fondled her breast. She got up with her son and shouted at him to leave.
    He was sat on the sofa, having exposed himself but got up and left shortly afterwards.
    His shocked victim had also been left traumatised and "stressed" and felt unable to socialise properly for some time afterwards.
    Four days later a young woman from Colne, who had been exchanging online and WhastApp messages with Lazenby through the same website agreed to meet up with him.
    The pair started kissing when Lazenby, without warning, put his hand underneath her top - an action she protested about.
    He pushed the woman down onto the sofa and began kissing her until she got up and made an excuse about having to go to the toilet.
    The court heard she she came out of the bathroom, she was confronted by Lazenby in her bedroom.
    He threw her down on the bed, removed her leggings and underwear before sexually assaulting her and raping her twice.
    Miss Kehoe added: "It is not a coincidence that two women, in separate towns, who had never spoken to one another, never mind met each other, could independently and within days of each other, say they have been sexually assaulted at the hands of Scott Lazenby."
    The court heard when police arrested him, they discovered Internet searches with references to sexual assault and sex cases.

    Serial sex attacker jailed after raping woman he met on Plenty of Fish just days after assaulting another SCARLET HOWES

    MURRIETA, CA - Jury deliberations began Wednesday in the trial of a doctor accused of groping and sexually assaulting multiple female patients in Temecula.
    John Francis McGuire, 45, of Escondido is charged with 31 felony and misdemeanor counts, including forcible rape, sexual battery of a restrained person and attempted sexual assault of an unconscious person.
    Following more than two weeks of testimony, the prosecution and defense delivered their closing statements Wednesday at the Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta, after which Riverside County Superior Court Judge Stephen Gallon sent jurors behind closed doors to begin weighing evidence presented in the case.
    McGuire is being held in lieu of $3 million bail at the Southwest Detention Center.
    According to a trial brief filed by Deputy District Attorney Jess Walsh, sheriff's detectives began an investigation in August 2015 after a woman, identified only as "D.A.," alleged that she had been inappropriately touched by the defendant on several occasions following surgery at Temecula Valley Hospital.
    D.A. told detectives the encounters occurred in April of that year, when McGuire performed post-op examinations, according to court papers. Walsh alleged that the doctor repeatedly touched the woman's vagina, saying he was concerned about a "rash."
    McGuire is an ear, nose and throat specialist.
    According to the prosecution, the woman checked herself and determined there was no rash. After speaking with her family about what had happened, she confronted McGuire, who "apologized" for his behavior in a conversation that was secretly taped, assuring her that he "had been tested for STDs" and was not a health risk, Walsh wrote.
    After sheriff's investigators heard the tape and interviewed McGuire, the doctor was arrested. Walsh said other victims emerged following media reports regarding the defendant's arrest.
    One of the nine women to come forward included McGuire's former housekeeper, identified only as "M.Q.," who alleged that she had been forcibly raped on two separate occasions while under the defendant's employ, the brief stated.
    Walsh said the assaults occurred in 2013 and 2014. It was not clear why M.Q. did not immediately report the assault — or why she returned to the residence after the first attack.
    A patient identified as "T.M." told investigators McGuire fondled her breasts during three separate visits, which caused her concern but not enough to stop going back to see the doctor, who "had actually helped her with the medical problems that she was suffering from," Walsh wrote.
    During a visit in April 2015, the victim was pushed face-first over an office chair and raped until she was able to break free from McGuire and run out of his office, according to the brief.
    The other victims alleged that McGuire consistently found reasons to grope their breasts during exams, court papers stated. One of the women alleged that she was assaulted while in a surgical recovery room, virtually immobilized, according to court papers.
    McGuire had a practice in the Graybill Medical Center at 225 E. Second Ave. in Escondido. The center is affiliated with Temecula Valley Hospital.
    According to the California Medical Board, McGuire has been a practicing otolaryngologist since 2005. He graduated from the Georgetown University School of Medicine two years earlier.
    State records show the defendant's license to practice medicine was suspended on Sept. 21, 2015
    Twenty-three new charges of sexual assault against Larry Nassar were filed Wednesday, according to the Lansing State Journal. The charges are the latest against Nassar, who is the subject of an investigation that started last fall. Nassar worked closely with the Spartans’ women’s gymnastics team among other teams at the school.

    From the Lansing State Journal:
    The 23 charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct relate to six different victims, according to testimony today. The assaults occurred during medical appointments that include procedures that included digital, vaginal and anal penetration, according to testimony.
    Many of the women were minors at the time of the alleged assaults.
    Nassar was fired by Michigan State in September after nearly two decades with the school’s athletic department. He was first charged in November on three counts of first-degree sexual assault, according to the Lansing State Journal.
    There have also been allegations that women’s gymnastics coach Kathie Klages ignored athletes’ complaints about Nassar’s assaults. Klages announced her retirement last week after she was suspended by the school.

      Report: Former Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar facing 23 new sexual assault charges STEPHEN PIANOVICH Land Of 10 Staff FEb 24 2017

      A Pensacola man whose DNA linked him to the rape of three women at knifepoint was sentenced to 50 years on one of the charges.
      Christopher Wade, 36, faced one count of sexual battery with a deadly weapon as he sat before an Escambia County jury Thursday. Wade attempted to make the case that all three women who had accused him were prostitutes and the sex was consensual.
      Wade was arrested on the initial charge in May of 2016 for the sexual battery that happened in October of 2015. The victim told police she was walking alone in the area of West Bobe street around 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday to a methadone clinic when a man came up behind her on a bicycle and starting chatting with her. She said he put his arm around her and she felt a knife at her throat. When the victim kicked her legs out in an attempt to escape, she fell and he assaulted her.
      The defense pointed to the fact that the victim ran home after the attack and woke up her husband to take her to hospital, but they stopped at the methadone clinic first. The defense claimed that if she was raped, she would have gone to the hospital immediately.

    The police put out an appeal on Tuesday to victims. They suspect that a presumed rapist and thief, with a well organised modus operandi, had targeted more victims than the 19, who have already come to light since his arrest last September.

    The appeal has been published at the request of the Limburg investigating judge and the Limburg Public Prosecutor - Hasselt Division. At issue are “serial rape”, assaults, fraud, theft and embezzlement, perpetrated in Flanders, over a period of several years.

    The man ended up developing a highly precise modus operandi.

    He contacted his victims via the dating site Twoo. On there he used a false identity, claiming he was a Telenet technician, of Italian origin, using the pseudonym “Raf, Rafke, Rafaello, Roberto or Raphael Bastiaans.”

    Highly active on the site, amongst other things on its chat facility, in the end he would arrange to meet the women he was liaising with, either at their homes or a public car park. He then invited them to have a drink. Into this he placed, without them knowing, “a powerful sedative and an ecstasy tablet, a highly dangerous cocktail which can, in some cases be fatal.”

    Before his victim passed out, “Raf” requested the her bank card PIN and subsequently stole its contents from her.

    In the statement put out police state, “In numerous cases, women were not only victims of theft but were assaulted or raped. In respect of victims who resisted his anaesthetic cocktail, he used violence.

    The statement says, the suspect was in the end arrested on September 27th, 2016, and the warrant for his arrest was extended last week.

    As it is “vital to be able to establish the period during which “Raf” carried out this behaviour,” the investigators are “appealing to all women who had contact” with him. “The police are re-examining, at the same time, all suspect deaths during recent years so as to determine whether or not ‘Raf’ is in any way implicated.”

    Lars Andersen The Brussels Times

    Appeal to victims put out relating to “serial rape” throughout Flanders 22 February 2017

    SALEM, Mass. – A young city man accused of raping a 13-year-old girl who was walking to middle school now stands accused of sexually assaulting two more women, according to court records. 
    Angel Mateo, 23, of 76 Phillips St., was recently indicted on six additional criminal counts, bringing the total of his victims to six females, including the teen.
    He already faced 16 criminal charges including rape of a child with force and indecent assault and battery when he was indicted by the Essex County grand jury on the new charges. 
    Those charges are rape, two counts, extortion, two counts, photographing an unsuspecting nude person and photographing sexual or intimate parts without consent, according to court records. 
    Mateo remains held without bail as he has since his initial arrest on Oct. 20. 
    He was arrested and charged that day with attacking the 13-year-old girl as she walked to the school. 
    Prosecutor Jessica Strasnick previously asked for records and reports in the case to be impounded, noting a child was involved in the case, and the adult records may have details about the teen involved. 
    Mateo was also indicted in December and his case was moved from Lawrence District Court to Salem Superior Court. The newest indictments were returned last Wednesday. If convicted, Mateo will face more severe penalties at the superior court level. 
    After his Oct. 20 arrest, police obtained Mateo's cell phone, which contained numerous photos of "young-looking females in sexually explicit circumstances," according to a police report. 
    One video depicted a female performing a sex act under what appeared be "duress," police said. 
    Other women came forward after Mateo's arrest, saying they were indecently assaulted by him on May 28 and June 11 of last year. 
    Last April, in another case involving his ex-girlfriend, Mateo was charged with extortion, illegal dissemination of obscene materials and threats.
    Those charges came after Mateo threatened his ex-girlfriend, saying if she did not perform a sex act that he would post a sex video of her online and "ruin her image," according to police.
    After his arraignment on those charges, Mateo was released and court-ordered to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet.
    On Oct. 20, the 13-year-old girl told police the man who raped her was wearing an "inmate bracelet." 

    Alleged rapist charged with assaulting two more women Jill Harmacinski  Feb 22, 2017

    SERIAL RAPISTS 16 22 febbraio 2017

    SERIAL RAPISTS 15 13 febbraio 2017

    TEEN RAPISTS 16 24 febbraio 2017

    3-year-old boy raped by 45-year-old man 24 febbraio 2017

    12-year-old gurl raped, strangled to death 24 febbraio 2017

    9-year-old girl raped, critically injured, by 27-year-old neighbour 24 febbraio 2017

    10-year-old girl raped by 22-year-old 24 febbraio 2017

    95-year-old woman raped, strangled to death 24 febbraio 2017

    Two child girls raped, critically injured, in Delhi 23 febbraio 2017

    16-year-old girl kidnapped, gang-raped by three men 23 febbraio 2017

    One-year-old girl raped, murdered 23 febbraio 2017

    Tokyo doctors accused in multiple gang-rapes 20 febbraio 2017

    Minor girl raped, killed, accused commits suicide 20 febbraio 2017

    Girl jumped in front of running train, died, to escape gang-rape 20 febbraio 2017

    Ten-year-old boy pleaded guilty to raping an 8-year-old boy 20 febbraio 2017

    23-year old man raped two vulnerable women in the same cemetery 20 febbraio 2017

    3-year-old girl raped by 34-year-old driver 20 febbraio 2017

    40-year-old man raped his two minor daughters 20 febbraio 2017

    Indian film actress raped, filmed in her car 20 febbraio 2017

    Girl gang-raped by 8 20 febbraio 2017

    3-year-old girl raped, killed, body dumped in garbage 20 febbraio 2017

    Brutal rape, murder of Tajik schoolgirl by 2 male classmates 18 febbraio 2017

    17-year-old girl raped, killed by uncle 18 febbraio 2017

    14-year-old girl kidnapped, raped for 10 days 18 febbraio 2017

    Teen girls raped, trafficked in the "jungle" 18 febbraio 2017

    Child rapist sentenced to death 18 febbraio 2017

    Paedophile jailed for sexually abusing 5-month-old baby 18 febbraio 2017

    26-year-old man sentenced for rape, assault of 1-year-old baby 18 febbraio 2017

    Russian pedophile priest jailed 18 febbraio 2017

    346 children raped in ‘historic’ livestream sex abuse 17 febbraio 2017

    Depraved paedophile, child rapist, had images of torture porn 13 febbraio 2017

    14-year-old disabled girl gang-raped by 4 17 febbraio 2017

    Two managing directors raped 15-year-old girl for six months 17 febbraio 2017

    5-year-old girl raped, killed 17 febbraio 2017

    70-yr-old woman raped to death by 33-yr-old man 15 febbraio 2017

    84-year-old woman attacked, raped in her home 14 febbraio 2017

    25-year-old man tried to rape blind and deaf 94-year-old grandmother 14 febbraio 2017

    Rape, murder of 12-year-old Emanuel Jaques 15 febbraio 2017

    Female cop gang-raped, filmed by 5 male colleagues 15 febbraio 2017

    7-year-old boy raped more than 10 times by a fish seller 14 febbraio 2017

    Rape survivor strangled to death 14 febbraio 2017

    7-year-old girl raped, killed, dumped in a bag 14 febbraio 2017

    Delhi: a rape every four hours 14 febbraio 2017

    140 rapes, over 200 molestation cases in Delhi in January 8 febbraio 2017

    Three men who tortured, gang raped, killed 10-year-old girl arrested 14 febbraio 2017

    Invasion, rape by armed gunmen at University of Uyo 14 febbraio 2017

    17-year-old girl cuts off man's penis after attempted rape 7 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Mass rape by SPLA soldiers in South Sudan 14 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Islamic State "Holy Warrior" Raped Over 200 Non-Muslim Women 20 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Brutal rapes, torture in Syrian prisons 20 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Australia's worst paedophile priest 20 FEBBRAIO 2017

    4,444 victims of abuse in Catholic church in Australia 6 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Thousands of Child Sexual Abuses by Philippine Catholic Priests 18 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Serial paedophile priest Brian Spillane sentenced 16 FEBBRAIO 2017

    US actor Ashton Kutcher urges the fight against child sex trafficking 17 FEBBRAIO 2017

    "Operation Child Guardian" 16 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Netizens call for action after child porn sites exposed 13 febbraio 2017

    "Age of Consent" Tracking down online sexual predators 13 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Joan's Law 16 FEBBRAIO 2017

    "I Am Jane Doe" The Fight Against Online Child Sex Trafficking 10 FEBBRAIO 2017

    “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” Child Sex Trafficking in California 3 FEBBRAIO 2017

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    "Out Of The Darkness" Struggling With Pornography Addiction 16 FEBBRAIO 2017

    "Priceless" The Dark World of Human Trafficking 13 FEBBRAIO 2017

    Fighting Human Trafficking and Modern Slave Trade 21 DICEMBRE 2016


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