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Four teenagers charged in the gang rape of a 13-year-old girl will face trial, an El Paso County judge ruled Thursday at the conclusion of a multiday hearing.
Fourth Judicial District Judge Michael McHenry found that evidence was strong enough to try Jacolby Williams, 20, Clarence Williams, 18, Tommy Williams, 19, and Tyron Williams, 18, on suspicion of sex assault on a child.
Two other co-defendants weren't present at the hearings. A 16-year-old boy accused of participating in the sexual assault has been cited in a juvenile petition and will be prosecuted in separate proceedings, and James Williams, 19, waived his right to an evidentiary review by McHenry in favor of a dispositional hearing - sometimes a sign that a guilty plea is in the works.
Thursday's ruling marked the culmination of a four-part preliminary hearing marked by contentious questioning and conflict among family members of those involved.
Relatives on both sides of the case sometimes called out from the gallery as attorneys sparred over the victim's changing descriptions of how the assault unfolded or when discussions turned to trenchant details of the sex acts the girl said were involved.
McHenry stopped testimony on Feb. 4 - Day 3 - after an outburst in which some attendees left court and others rushed after, as if headed for a confrontation. A series of heated exchanges in the hallway stopped short of turning physical, though members on each side of the case were barred from re-entering the courtroom for the day.
Some of the defendants were also repeatedly admonished by deputies not to communicate with each other or members of the audience.
Despite sharing the same last name, the defendants aren't all related, attorneys said.
Jacolby Williams, Tyron Williams and the 16-year-old are brothers. Tommy Williams and Clarence Williams are brothers and James Williams is their cousin.
The five adult defendants face the potential of up to life in prison under Colorado's stringent sex-offense laws, which allow prisons to hold sex offenders beyond their sentence, up to life, until they pass stringent sex-offender treatment while in custody.
Many defense attorneys call "indeterminate" sex-offender sentencing a de facto life sentence, though prosecutors dispute their characterization, saying people have been released under the sentencing scheme.
The girl, whose name is being withheld, told detectives she was held down and raped Dec. 19 in a darkened bedroom during a visit to an apartment belonging to Jacolby Williams, an acquaintance she knew as Kurse. She said all six teens were involved, though she couldn't clearly identify them.
In cross-examining witnesses, defense attorneys probed inconsistencies in her statements, suggesting that some or all of her story was concocted.
In recalling how she got from the Citadel Mall to the apartment where the assault unfolded, for example, she wavered on what type of car she rode in, who drove and who else was in the vehicle.
At one point, she said she went to the apartment with two friends who left before the assault. One of the girls she named told police she wasn't there at all. She also reportedly told a friend that DNA proved she was raped, though authorities say they have yet to obtain DNA results.
Prosecutors countered by eliciting testimony downplaying the significance of such differences, which they argue are common, and they say physical evidence in the case supports the girl's account of sexual activity. A rape examination conducted after she reported the abuse found evidence of vaginal tearing, and a detective who searched Jacolby Williams' apartment found oil stains and a condom wrapper that he said corroborated her story.
During police interrogations, Jacolby Williams, James Williams and Tyron Williams denied sexual activity with the girl.
But Clarence Williams and Tommy Williams admitted they had sexual contact with her, though they maintained she was willing - a distinction irrelevant in the law.
In Colorado, people under 15 are incapable of granting consent for sex acts with adults. The statute is also a "strict liability" law, meaning it doesn't matter if they believed she was older.
"When you're younger than 15, the law protects you regardless of your own negligence or ignorance," said Ted McClintock, a Colorado Springs defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes cases.
Only the juvenile accused in the crime can legally argue at trial that he believed the girl was older than her real age, because the defense is barred only if there's at least a four-year age difference between victim and defendant, said McClintock, who isn't affiliated with the case.
In an 11th-hour wrinkle to the case, Judge McHenry threw out the high charge against Clarence and Tommy Williams because a prosecutor filed the wrong charge as the result of a clerical error.
The judge will allow prosecutors to reinstate the charge in each case, but the misstep has the potential to roil scheduling, because both defendants are entitled to another preliminary hearing once the new charge is filed, McHenry ruled.
The judge brushed aside complaints by defense attorneys about the girl's veracity, citing the lax evidentiary standard at preliminary hearings, where judges are directed by the law to ignore questions of credibility and to consider all evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution.
Her credibility - and the holes in her story - will likely emerge as the core issue once the cases reach trial, however.
At the conclusion of Thursday's proceedings, Jacolby Williams pleaded not guilty and was scheduled for trial in May.
Clarence and Tommy Williams must return to court Feb. 14 for the filing of new charges.
The judge scheduled a Feb. 21 arraignment for Tyrone Williams.
At least four of the defendants are being held in lieu of bond at the El Paso County jail.

Detectives escort Chanel Lewis, 20, from the NYPD's 107th Precinct on Sunday in Queens. (JAMES KEIVOM/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

She wasn’t being stalked or targeted. It was just that jogger Karina Vetrano was a woman, and the man accused of killing her hated women.
Chanel Lewis was filled with lethal rage when he grabbed Vetrano as she went for a summer evening run in Queens, according to authorities. He raped her and strangled the petite runner, they said, and left her body in weeds.
And then he vanished for six months.
Detectives had little to work with to find the man who crossed Vetrano’s path. She scratched him and captured some of his DNA, but he had no record so no match could be made. The randomness of the attack added to the difficulty of solving the crime. It took months of searching the area and records, a cop’s suspicions, to finally land Lewis.
When they did, one source said, the East New York man cracked.
“He was pretty forthcoming once he was in custody,” a law enforcement source told the Daily News about Lewis, 20.
He gave a detailed incriminating account of what happened — but he doesn’t really explain why it happened. It was a very random thing. He just came up on her and acted out. There wasn’t any conversation. It was a chance encounter. There was no reason to believe he was stalking her. He just happened to come up on her.”
Hours after Lewis was arrested Saturday evening outside his home in East New York, a profile began to emerge of one of the most wanted and unsuspecting men in the city.
Lewis had been in a little trouble with the law, receiving several summonses in Howard Beach not far from the crime scene.
But there was nothing that left a likely suspect trail, or screamed out rapist. Or murderer.
He doesn’t have a criminal record,” a source said. “But he’s had previous incidents in which he has expressed a hatred for women. He’s thought of hurting women or attacking women. He’s expressed a deep-seated aggression towards women. But it was nothing he’s ever acted on.”
That was the night the 30-year-old Vetrano disappeared after leaving for a jog through Spring Creek Park near her Howard Beach home.
Her father, Phil Vetrano, found her lifeless body face down amid towering weeds about 15 feet off the desolate path while helping police search for her.
The heartbroken dad said he always reasoned the murder was a chance encounter.
“We kind of knew that,” Vetrano said. “It was impossible for anyone to follow her in there. It had to be a random, wrong place, at the wrong time. She was unlucky that day.”
Vetrano put up a furious fight, authorities said.
The slaying sparked a massive manhunt that yielded few clues.
In the days and weeks following her killing, Vetrano’s parents made a series of impassioned pleas for someone to turn in the perpetrator.
Police recovered the murderer’s DNA from Vetrano’s body and cell phone, but the sample didn’t match anyone in either the New York or national DNA databases of convicted criminals.
Cops also cobbled together a sketch of a “person of interest” seen in the park around the time of the murder, but it failed to produce a break in the case.
Then Lt. John Russo, who works in the Chief of Detectives office and also lives in Howard Beach, remembered something.
Russo had seen Lewis lurking around parked cars in Howard Beach in late May. Russo called 911, as did another resident who saw Lewis holding a crowbar and skulking around someone’s backyard. When patrol officers arrived, Lewis was gone. The following day, Russo spotted Lewis again, and cops arrived to question him.
Months later, Russo was immersed in the Vetrano murder case, poring over leads, tips, and investigative files.
“He was spending a lot of time every single day trying to figure out what was missing,” said the person familiar with the matter. Then he remembered the guy creeping around the neighborhood three months before Vetrano was killed.
“It occurred to him that (Lewis) was someone they should look at,” the law enforcement source said. The call about a “suspicious person” hanging around the area ultimately led to the break police needed.
A day after Vetrano was killed, Lewis went to the SUNY Downstate emergency room, saying he had been hit in the head by a group of muggers, said his father, Richard Lewis, who supplied the Daily News with his son’s medical records from the visit. The hospital papers showed Chanel Lewis suffered a hand injury.
Cops arrested the unemployed Lewis around 6 p.m. Saturday outside his home. They had approached him on Thursday, and Lewis voluntarily submitted a DNA sample when cops interviewed him, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said. The sample came back as a match to the DNA found under Vetrano’s fingernails as well as on her back and cell phone, Boyce said.
Police later discovered that Lewis had been hit with three summonses — dating to 2013 — near the Howard Beach crime scene.
“This is a great day for the community and the detectives that worked day in and day out and of course it will hopefully bring some closure to the Vetrano family,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown told reporters gathered Sunday morning for a press conference inside the 106th Precinct stationhouse.
Lewis’ family was in reeling over the arrest.
“He’s a humble kid,” said his 70-year-old father, a retired elementary school teacher. “It’s extremely surprising ... he’s not the person for that.”
Chanel Lewis lives with his mother, Veta Lewis, and two sisters who have young children of their own, he added.
The senior Lewis heard about the arrest during a television segment.
“They put the name up there,” he said.
His son went to high school in Rockaway Park, where he did well academically, according to his father. He ultimately wanted to work in social services, the dad added.
Lewis was arraigned Sunday in Queens Criminal Court, and he was remanded without bail. Cops outfitted him with a bullet-proof vest for his trip to court.
Nearly 20 members of Vetrano’s family, as were several members of Lewis’ family, including the suspect’s father, gathered in the courtroom.
There, they heard Assistant DA Michael Curtis describe the “extraordinarily brutal crime.”
“The victim was out for a jog less than one mile from her house and was attacked, savagely beaten and strangled to death,” Curtis said. “This defendant admitted to attacking the victim, admitted to beating her, to strangling her and dragging her body into the weedsDNA links this defendant to scene of the crime.”
Lewis was charged with second-degree murder.
Cops described the suspect as 6 feet tall and 140 pounds.
After Lewis was arraigned, the victim’s mother, Cathie, screamed out, and family members had to hold her back.
Vetrano’s family and the NYPD had used the case to push for the state to allow familial DNA testing, which could create partial matches with criminals’ relatives.

Chanel Lewis admits to killing Queens jogger Karina Vetrano in rage-filled attack; police say he had hatred for women ROCCO PARASCANDOLA LAURA DIMON REUVEN BLAU LEONARD GREENE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS February 5, 2017

A 20-year-old Brooklyn man has been sentenced to 115 years in prison for raping and assaulting an 82-year-old woman inside her Brighton Beach home in 2015, announced Acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez last week.
According to trial testimony, at around 2 a.m. on July 13, 2015, the defendant – Asa Robert – slipped inside the victim’s apartment near Brighton 11th Street when she was outside taking out the garbage. After the victim went to bed, she heard a noise and discovered Robert hiding in her bedroom, at which time the defendant choked her and forced her onto the bed.
He then held a knife to the woman’s face, demanded money and punched her in the chest, before tying her hands and later raping and sodomizing her. He then fled the residence with a bag containing some of the woman’s belongings.
The victim was treated at Kings County Medical Center, while Robert led police on a four-day chase through various homes in Brooklyn. He was eventually arrested on July 17 after being found hiding in the kitchen of another private residence.
“The defendant’s crimes in this case are almost unspeakable. I commend the victim for testifying and making sure that this defendant was held accountable for this horrific assault,” said Gonzalez. “[This] sentence reflects the depravity of his conduct as proven at trial and is necessary to protect the public from a clearly dangerous individual.”
The sentence comes on the heels of Robert’s mid-December conviction of first-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual act, among other charges.

TAMPA — For an entire morning, Kendrick Morris listened as a pair of doctors talked about how he is a man of above average intelligence, a survivor of childhood abuse, who regrets his teen crimes and is capable of living safely in society.

"I am trying to learn to like myself," he wrote in prison. "But I have to think about what I did first."
Then, in the afternoon, came the parade of tearful friends and relatives of a young woman that Morris raped outside a Bloomingdale library nine years ago.
They spoke of her continued struggles — the dozen doctors she sees regularly, the constant medical care she requires, her inability to speak or move or enjoy life the way she used to.
Morris gave her a life sentence, they told Circuit Judge Chet A. Tharpe. And, they said, he doesn't deserve anything less.
Morris faces resentencing for a pair of rapes he committed in 2007 and 2008, when he was 15 and 16. He was originally ordered to serve 65 years in prison, but an appeals court overturned that sentence, citing U.S. and Florida Supreme Court decisions that declared it unconstitutional to give juveniles lengthy punishments without a chance of release.
Tharpe did not announce a new sentence Thursday, saying he needed time to consider the changes in the law.
He is the same judge who sentenced Morris in 2011, when the law barred him from imposing a life sentence. But he said at the time, "if ever there was a case that cried out for a life sentence, this is the case."
Prosecutors echoed the judge's past comments Thursday. They noted the law, which has since been rewritten, now allows for Morris, now 25, to get life in prison with the provision that his case will be reviewed in 20 years.
Assistant State Attorney Rita Peters recounted the brutality of both crimes.
It started in 2007, when Morris, then 15, barged into a Clair-Mel day care center, held an elderly woman at knifepoint and raped her.
Just 10 months later, Morris, then 16, attacked Queena Vuong outside the Bloomingdale Regional Public Library. Vuong, an 18-year-old high school senior, was dragged behind the building, raped and nearly beaten to death. She remains blind and paralyzed.
"That was not an impetuous decision or an opportunistic crime," Peters said. "That was thoughtful, that was reasoned, and that was planned."
Though she wasn't in court, nine of Queena's friends and family members spoke for her.
"What kind of a thing, not even a human, could do such a horrible thing?" said her mother, Vanna Nguyen. "The answer over and over again is an evil, evil person. . . . I have come to accept our situation, but I will never accept letting this person go free."
Her sister, Anna Donato, asked Morris how many steps he has taken since 2008, how many meals he has consumed, how many books he has read.
"For my sister, the answer would be none," she said.
She recalled seeing Queena in the hospital, her face swollen, bones broken, asking — with her last words before her injuries silenced her — if they had caught her attacker.
"Our whole community has been victimized by your crime," Donato said. "We do not accept excuses and we do not feel sorry for those who rape and assault innocent people."
Defense attorneys, while acknowledging the horror of Morris' crimes, said a life sentence would be a mistake.
"I can honestly say, Mr. Morris has shown tremendous remorse in this case," said attorney Maria Pavlidis. "It's obvious to me sitting next to him."
That, doctors said, is an indicator that Morris could be rehabilitated.
Berney Wilkinson, who examined Morris before his first sentence and again more recently, said Morris lived in fear of his stepfather, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Steve White, and told of abusive punishments, including beatings that left scars on his body, the expert said.
Wilkinson related one memory Morris recalled, in which his stepfather, as punishment for doing poorly in school, broke all the boy's Christmas presents in front of him.
The abuse was compounded by the fact that Morris' mother, Lisa Stevens, did little to stop the punishments, according to testimony.
White could not be reached for comment Thursday. He has previously declined to discuss his relationship with Morris or Morris' mother.
At one point, Morris was removed from his home by the Department of Children and Families. Morris also told the doctor about two incidents of sexual abuse he endured at the hands of people he knew, one a man, the other a woman.
Morris, who sat with his head bowed for much of the hearing, appeared to become emotional as doctors spoke of the abuse.
All of the experiences made Morris feel as though he lacked power and control in his life, said James Garbarino, a professor of psychology at Loyola University Chicago. It was what motivated Morris to exert power and control over his victims.
"I think Kendrick shows a recognition of the crimes he committed to the point that it's hard for him to look at it," Garbarino said.
It was a far cry from the cold, indifferent youth from nearly a decade ago, the psychologist said.
The doctors noted that he had only three disciplinary reports early in his incarceration — for fighting, damaging a library book and possessing tattoo equipment. Ever since, he has stayed out of serious trouble.
None of his misbehavior was sexual in nature, the doctors said.
His IQ was measured at 114, above average. He obtained a high school diploma in prison. He is a voracious reader, and uses the stories of writers like Nicholas Sparks to think about his own life and behavior, according to testimony.
Garbarino opined that in his experience, it is impossible to assess whether juveniles are capable of rehabilitation until they are in at least their mid-30s.
Morris, he said, already shows promise.
Peters, the assistant state attorney, said the doctors "minimized" what Morris had done. They also never tried to assess his sexual proclivities.
"To them," she said, "facts don't matter."
Tharpe said he will pronounce a new sentence March 9.

Doctors say Bloomingdale rapist Kendrick Morris could be rehabilitated as state seeks life sentence Dan Sullivan, Times Staff WriterFebruary 9, 2017 

An 18-year-old Salisbury man has been charged in the rape of a young relative, according to deputies.
Richard T. Moise was charged Feb. 7 with three counts of second-degree rape, three counts of third-degree sexual offense, three counts of fourth-degree sexual contact and incest. Moise, according to court records, was being held at the Wicomico County Detention pending a March 9 preliminary hearing.
A Wicomico County Sheriff's Office detective investigated the case after receiving a referral from social workers Tuesday, according to charging documents. The victim said Moises recently sat next to her in the living room of her home while she was watching television, charging documents show. He then grabbed her by the hand and kissed her on the mouth, deputies said.
Moise preceded to rape the victim, threatening to kill her if she told anyone, records show.
Further investigation by the detective revealed Moise had sexually assault the victim at least three to four times during at least a two-week period, according to the documents. When the victim tried to resist Moise's advances, deputies said he would hit her.
Charging documents show Moise said detectives "might find his DNA" because he "might" have penetrated the victim while they were playing.
If convicted on all charges, Moise faces a maximum penalty of 103 years in prison plus $3,000 in fines. He would also be required to register as a Tier III sex offender, which means lifetime registration.

A man who was stabbed for allegedly trying to rape a woman in the Four Corners area last week has now been charged with sexually molesting an 11-year-old girl in Mount Dora, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said.
Robert Jamell Pascual, 22, of Clermont moved to an unknown apartment complex in that city after he covered the girl’s mouth in Mount Dora, told her he’d hurt her and “dragged her down the hallway,” according to an arrest report.
Pascual was charged with attempted rape and burglary last week when deputies said he entered the car of a woman around midnight, pulled her hair, struck her head and forced her to take off her pants and underwear.
Deputies took down interview notes down from the 11-year-old in July at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg, 35 miles northwest of Orlando.
They noted that as he dragged her down the hallway, “she grabbed onto her father’s door and that’s when [Pascual] let go of her and she proceeded to tell her mother,” who later gave authorities Pascual’s name.
Operating on the tip that he moved to an apartment complex in Clermont, deputies searched for Pascual but were unable to find him and the case was put on hold.
But last week, Pascual’s alleged behavior took the notice of several witnesses at Ashton Chase Apartments off of U.S. Highway 27 southwest of Orlando.
When he got into the woman’s car, she grabbed a knife she kept in a storage compartment and started stabbing the man, deputies said. She was able to lock him out the car when she drove away and called 911.
Deputies on the scene were able to follow a blood trail to a stairwell, where Pascual was found with stab wounds that matched the description given by the woman.
Pascual was transported Tuesday from Orange County to the Lake County Jail, where he is being held without bond. 

LAFAYETTE LA - A Lafayette teen has been indicted on rape charges.
 A grand jury returned a true bill against 17-year-old Peter K. Castille.
According to the arrest warrant, Castille is accused of raping someone under the age of thirteen in October of 2016.  
A $250,000 bond has been set.  

Teen indicted on rape charges Feb 08, 2017

A 20-year-old east Macon man had been released on bond in a 2014 burglary case last October when he was charged with rape.
Shonquavious Dequan Mitchell appeared in Bibb County Superior Court Thursday, asking a judge to set a bond in the rape case.
After hearing arguments from both sides, the judge set Mitchell’s bond at $50,000 and barred him from having contact with females under 18. Jailed for more than 90 days without being indicted, Mitchell was entitled to have a bond set.
Prosecutor April Herbert said a woman reported her 14-year-old daughter was raped Oct. 12 at an east Macon apartment complex while the mother was at work.
The mother left her three children with Mitchell, Herbert said.
The girl has told authorities a man she knew as “Woodie” took her to a back room and forced her to have sex. At some point, her brothers realized what was happening and pushed Mitchell off their sister, Herbert said.
Mitchell was arrested Oct. 28 and has been held at the county jail without bond, according to jail records.
Another girl, also 13 or 14, had previously alleged that Mitchell forced her to have sex while the two were spending the night at a friend’s house, Herbert said.
“There is a similar fact pattern” in both cases, the prosecutor said.
Attorney Melvin Raines argued that Mitchell has significant ties to the community and isn’t a flight risk.
He was attending Central Georgia Technical College and had a job before his arrest, Raines said.
If Mitchell posts bond, he will be required to wear an ankle monitor.

Read more here:

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ALABAMA — A Le Roy teen has been jailed after allegations he had sexual intercourse with a child less than 11 years old, Genesee County sheriff’s deputies said.
Leonard E. Hahn IV, 17, of South Street has been charged with first-degree rape. He was committed to Genesee County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.
Hahn is to appear March 2 in Alabama Town Court.

Le Roy Teen charged with first-degree rape FEBRUARY 8, 2017

A hearing and speech impaired tribal woman was raped by a minor in Bihar’s Kaimur district, about 190km from state capital Patna, on Thursday evening.
Police said the incident took place at Mahuar village in Ramgarh police station area when the 40-year-old woman was cutting grass in a field.
An FIR had been registered under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code (punishment for rape) against the accused, a Class 8 student, on the statement of the victim’s husband, the police said, adding the woman had been admitted at the government hospital here. The medical examination of the woman was conducted late on Thursday night, they said.
Kaimur superintendent of police Harpreet Kaur said as the victim was speech impaired the accused would be paraded along with some other boys of his age before her for identification. The accused was minor and action would be taken against him only if the medical report confirmed rape and his involvement was established, Kaur added.

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4-month-old baby kidnapped, raped in Carcar City 10 febbraio 2017

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Mom raped at knifepoint into her home 9 febbraio 2017

15-year-old girl gang-raped by 4 youths 9 febbraio 2017

Protest against child rape in South Africa 9 febbraio 2017

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Two-year old baby raped by her uncle found dead in Myanmar 9 febbraio 2017

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Woman teacher raped 15-year-old student Woman teacher raped 15-year-old student

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