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28-year old Irish woman raped, murdered in Goa

MARGAO/CANACONA: In a rude reminder of the 2008 Scarlett Keeling case, a body of a foreign national was found under mysterious circumstances, in a nude state, at an isolated spot at Adnem, Devabag, Canacona on Tuesday morning.

Canacona police, who identified the body as that of 28-year-old Irish national Daniel McLeughim, have registered a case under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

DySP Sammy Tavares, who was at the site, told reporters that the body has been sent to the Goa Medical College (GMC) and hospital, Bambolim to ascertain whether the woman was raped before being killed.

Police sources informed that a local, Prashant Komarpant, noticed the body while he was on his way to the fields, at a woody spot some 300m from a kaccha road leading to some fields, and alerted the cops.

"Considering the state in which the body was found, and the injuries visible on her face, we concluded that that it was a case of murder," Canacona PI Filomeno Costa told TOI.

Police sources said that the deceased was staying at Arambol and had come down to Palolem beach on Monday. They suspect she was done to death the same night.

A sniffer dog squad, besides forensic and finger print experts were pressed into service. Some clues - empty beer cans, chip packets and bottle shards - have been collected, but police are yet to obtain any specific leads. While the police found the deceased's clothes, they are yet to locate the murder weapon.

"We are investigating all angles," Costa said.

Unconfirmed reports said that the deceased was seen at some shacks at the nearby Patnem beach along with "friends" late Monday evening. Costa told TOI that they are verifying the same and are studying the CCTV footage of all the shacks the victim visited on the ill-fated night.

So far the police has interrogated six suspects. The search for the victim's passport and belongings is on.

The incident has brought back memories of the murder of a British teenager, Scarlett Keeling, at a shack in Anjuna in 2008, after being drugged and raped.

Irish woman's nude body found near south Goa beach Mar 15, 2017

MARGAO: Canacona police arrested one person and are on the look-out of three more in connection with the murder of 28-year old Irish national, Daniel Mcleughim, who was found murdered at an isolated spot at Adnem, Deubaug, Canacona, in South Goa, Tuesday morning. Vikat Bhagat, a history sheeter, has been booked under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

The result of the post mortem, which is awaited, will reveal whether the woman was sexually assaulted before being killed.

Police sources said that the deceased was staying at Arambol in North Goa and had come down to Palolem beach on Monday. She was done to death the same night.

Police sources said that the Irish woman was last seen with Bhagat at a shack located some distance away from her body was found.

Local arrested for Irish woman's murder in Goa Govind Kamat Maad | Mar 15, 2017

Danielle McLaughlin’s naked body was found in a pool of blood hours after she had been celebrating the Holi festival in the Indian tourist hotspot of Goa.
She had travelled to the region this week and was seen at a party on Palolem beach in the Canacona area on Monday night.
Just hours later her brutalised body was found by a farmer four miles away near Deobag Beach.
Police have arrested and detained a man named as Vikat Bhagat, 24, who they say has confessed to murdering her.
Devastated pals and family have told of their shock at learning of her death, with mum Andrea Brannigan saying she will be “sadly missed”.
Her suspected killer was arrested and remanded in custody while investigations continue.
Indian police identified Danielle McLoughlin’s killer from blood found on his clothes and scooter, according to their report.
Reports now say 23-year-old Vikat Bhagat confessed to her murder and admitted he sexually assaulted her before attempting to disfigure her with a beer bottle.
Known criminal Bhagat was arrested after his Activa scooter and clothes were found covered in red stains at his home in Canacona.
McLoughlin’s blood-stained clothes were also found in a backpack dumped in a field close to the house.
Bhagat had also sustained injuries consistent with being scratched by nails.
He was taken to the General Medical Centre at Bambolim before being taken into custody.
In a tragic final Facebook post on February 22, Danielle, who grew up in Buncrana, Ireland, said she was travelling to Goa for "another adventure".
She wrote: "Thank you to all my friends and family for making home so special and always looking after me.
"I am very grateful and the luckiest person I know", she added, attaching a photo of a sunset.
Since news of her death broke the post has been inundated with touching tributes.
Sun Ithilwen said: "She was a sweet beautiful soul and we spent a lot of time last year in Rishikesh when we met.
"Danielle had been travelling for a couple of years I believe, so she was not new to being alone in India."
Friend Candice Faulkner, who grew up with Danielle in the rural Irish town, said: "We are in shock.
"Danielle was an amazing person with so much adventure in front of her. Our small town is devastated."
The 28-year-old arrived in the Indian region of Goa, a popular destination for backpackers, on February 23.
She had travelled on her British passport.
She made her way to Festival Valley, near Angonda, with another friend on March 12 to celebrate the festival of Holi.
She then went to Palolem, about three miles south of Festival Valley, at around 1pm the next day.
At 9.30pm, police say she was seen with Bhagat, when the pair got into an argument with a barkeeper who had sold them two bottles of beer. They later left on his scooter.
Police are now awaiting the results of the autopsy, and are continuing to gather witness statements and DNA evidence against Bhagat.
After hearing of McLoughlin's death, around 200 locals and travellers gathered at the scene where her body was found to hold a vigil.
The large group lit candles, offered prayers and even sang 'No Woman No Cry' at around 5.30pm on Wednesday.
Fr John Walsh, the parish priest in Buncrana where her family lives, said Danielle's mum had suffered a number of bereavements.
"The absolute horror of this girl's murder has stunned the community," he said.
"We feel for her mother in particular and her siblings."
Rena Donaghey, a Buncrana councillor who knows Ms McLaughlin's mother and family, described their grief as unthinkable.
"This has come as a great shock," she said.
"A young girl, an independent woman, heading off to do what young girls and fellas do these days.
"It is unthinkable what happened to her.
"And for her mother, being so far away from home, it makes it all the more difficult.
"All our thoughts and prayers are with the family, that they can get through this difficult time."
Police in India say they are studying CCTV footage of shacks the victim visited on the night of the Holi party.
The huge spring festival is famous for crowds of people throwing paint, which symbolises good triumphing over evil.
The 15-year-old drowned after being plied with drugs.
Two men, Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvalho, were cleared of raping and killing her by an Indian court last year.'

Horror India: 5 vicious sex attacks on female tourists 28 NOVEMBRE 2016

Female tourists visiting India continue to face high risks of sexual violence despite advice from foreign governments to take extra care and attempts by the Indian government to introduce measures to curb the culture of violence against women.
According to India’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), an average of 92 women are raped in India every day with the number of reported rapes doubling in New Delhi between 2012 and 2013. In 2016, the NCRB revealed that at least 34,651 cases of rape were reported in India in 2015, or one every 21 minutes.
India’s problem with sexual abuse and harassment garnered worldwide attention in late 2012 when a 23-year-old Indian student was gang-raped and murdered.
Jyoti Singh was travelling home from the cinema with a friend when she was attacked by six men on a bus. She died from her injuries 13 days later while undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore.
The case, which sparked international interest, led to demonstrations across India calling for stronger measures to end sexual violence towards women.
In early 2014 a Polish woman living in India was abducted and sexually assaulted in New Delhi. She was with her two-year-old daughter at the time. In November 2014, a Japanese woman was raped after she was reportedly trapped by a group of tour guides.
Prison sentence
In September 2015, a Californian woman who was visiting Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama, reported to police she had been raped by two men. Earlier that month, three men accused of raping a 19-year-old Japanese tourist in Jaipur in the western state of Rajasthan were sentenced to 20 years in prison.
In August 2016, India’s tourism minister Mahesh Sharma advised foreign women to avoid wearing skirts or walking alone at night in small towns and cities. India also recently introduced a welcome kit for foreign visitors which includes safety advice for women.
Officials admit that many rape cases never get to court in India where there is intense social pressure against families reporting sexual assaults and where women are often blamed for the attacks because of the way they dress and behave. And when women do report rapes, police often refuse to file charges and pressure the victims to reach a compromise with their attackers.
In its own safety and security advice for women, the Department of Foreign Affairs recommends that women “exercise caution” when travelling in India and that recent sexual attacks “show that foreign women are at risk”.
‘Women travellers’
In a section entitled “women travellers” in the India travel advice section, the department warns that women have been the victims of sexual assault in Agra, Goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata and Rajasthan. It says women often receive unwanted attention in the form of verbal and physical harassment and adds that cultural norms towards women in India are very different to Ireland.
Women should consider travelling in a group in India,” writes the department. “If you are a woman travelling in India you should respect local dress codes and customs and avoid isolated areas, including beaches, when alone at any time of day. Women should be cautious about sharing information such as their room number or address with people who they do not know very well.”
The site also recommends women use the “women’s only carriage” when travelling on the metro. Women-only carriages were introduced on the New Delhi metro in 2010 for female passengers worried about safety.
Foreign travel advice on the UK Government’s foreign office website also recommends “extreme caution when travelling in India” and warns that reported cases of sexual assault against women and young girls are increasing.

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