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Facebook serial rapist sentenced

PLYMOUTH – An 18-year-old woman stood sobbing in a Plymouth courtroom Tuesday as she stared down the Scituate man who had just admitted to raping her and another South Shore girl he'd sought out on Facebook four years ago.

"I promise that for the rest of my life I will work to help people like me," vowed the woman, who was 14 when she was repeatedly raped by Daniel J. Reilly, then 24, after he picked her up outside a middle school dance.
Prosecutors say Reilly, now 28, is a sexual predator who used Facebook to identify and groom young teenage girls on the South Shore whom he would later try to have sex with, either through persistence, coercion or force. On Tuesday, he admitted to allegations stemming from assaults on three girls, ages 14 and 15, and was sentenced to 12 to 13 years in state prison – far short of the life sentence he faced on any one of the child rape charges.
In all, Reilly pleaded guilty to 25 charges stemming from the assaults, including multiple counts of statutory rape, rape of a child by force and child rape aggravated by the difference in age between the victim and the assailant. He also pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, providing obscene matter to a child, posing a child in the nude and accosting a person of the opposite sex.
"He believed he could victimize these young girls, and he would have kept doing it but for the fact that he got caught," Assistant District Attorney Jessica Kenny said after describing in graphic detail how Reilly hounded the girls about sex, pushing them to do more and more despite their discomfort or flat-out refusals. In some cases, she said, he forced them physically to comply.
Reilly, who had been allowed to live under house arrest with a GPS monitoring device, walked into the courtroom unshackled and wearing an un-tucked plaid shirt and black pants. Before being led away in handcuffs, he admitted to all the allegations against him and gave a brief statement, apologizing for the "trauma" he'd put the victims through and vowing to come out of prison "a better man."
Prosecutors began building their case against Reilly in the summer of 2013 after the families of two girls, ages 14 and 15, separately contacted police and said the girls had been raped by a man claiming to be a teenager who had befriended them in a series of chats over Facebook. Both girls told police they had accepted a "friend request" from Reilly that spring because the website indicated that they had friends in common.
"It's important to keep in mind how young these girls were," Kenny said. "In almost every case they said 'no' initially and he coaxed them into doing what they did."
Kenny described how one 15-year-old girl ignored Reilly's persistent texts after one encounter left her "crying and upset," but eventually gave in and gave him her home address in Scituate. Once there, he ignored her when she said she didn't have to have sex with him.
"She screamed and he told her to calm down and take a breath," Kenny said.
The girl's mother, who appeared in court without her, said her daughter had already been struggling with anxiety, bullying and body-image issues when Reilly contacted her on Facebook and told her the kinds of things she needed to hear. "I thought he needed a friend," the girl said in a letter read in court.
The girl said in the letter that after the assaults she became increasingly anxious and suicidal, eventually moving across the country to live with her dad. Four years later, she says she still has extreme nightmares and vomits every morning. She can't imagine moving back to the South Shore.
"In two days, a complete stranger robbed me of my ability to know who I am," wrote the girl, who said agreeing to meet Reilly "was the biggest mistake of my life."
Kenny said Reilly also convinced another girl, 14 at the time, to leave a middle school dance and drove her to his family's home, where he had her wear a dark hooded sweatshirt while walking to the house so his "nosy" neighbors wouldn't see her. She later told police she said "no" the first 12 or so times he asked her to have sex with him, but eventually gave in.
"I was 14 years old," the girl, the only of the three victims to appear in court for the sentencing, said. "He was 24."
After Reilly's arrest, Kenny said investigators seized a computer from his home and discovered a trove of child pornography, including graphic images of infants and toddlers. She said police were also contacted by three other girls who said Reilly had been sending them messages "incessantly" on Facebook.
The case had been scheduled to go to trial last month, but Kevin Reddington, Reilly's attorney, said his client had decided he wanted to plead guilty after developing "a really strong feeling that he wanted to accept responsibility" for what he'd done.
Prosecutors said they felt Reilly should serve 30 to 40 years in prison, but agreed to accept a much lighter sentence if he pleaded guilty. Judge C.J. Moriarty said he thought the 12-to-13-year sentence was "fair," though he acknowledged that the families and victims may not agree.
Reilly will serve three years of probation once released and will be required to register as a sex offender.

Scituate man gets 12-13 years in prison for raping girls Neal Simpson The Patriot Ledger 

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