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Taipei (Taiwan News)—In a first-instance ruling, a High Court judge added 19 years to socialite Justin Lee's (李宗瑞) current 20-year prison sentence for drugging and sexually assaulting 21 women, bringing the total number of years he will spend in confinement to 39-years.
The additional 19-year prison sentence was handed down by judges for the drug-rape of nine victims that were excluded from the earlier 20-year prison sentence ruling in 2016, which only covered 11 victims of the case, one of the biggest sex scandals to ever hit Taiwan.
The son of former Yuanta Securities Chairman Lee Yueh-tsang (李岳蒼) was accused of raping 30 women by slipping sleeping pills into champagne and mineral water he offered to victims at clubs in Xinyi District in Taipei in 2009.
Justin Lee would secretly film the trysts in his bedroom, but was not detained by police till August 2011, after two victims who were sisters pressed charges against him.
Lee raped female friends and even women he had just formed acquaintances with.
Police found video recordings of the crimes on Lee's computer, some of the videos were leaked online during police investigations causing further psychological damage to the victims.
Prosecutors charged Lee for sexual assault and for secretly filming in two separate lawsuits, the first consisted of 21 victims and 19 crimes, while the second involved 20 people and 18 crimes. The prosecutors demanded the court give Lee a 30-year prison sentence for his offenses.
In the court's first ruling, Lee was sentenced to 22 years in prison for sexual assault, opportunistic rape and privacy offenses.
The High Court sentenced Lee to 79 years imprisonment for sexual assault and privacy offenses, and should serve the upper sentence limit of 30 years.
Lee appealed and the case was sent to the Supreme Court, which ruled Lee should be imprisoned for 30 years for sexually assaulting and filming five of the victims. The Supreme Court revoked charges pressed by nine other victims, and sent their case back to High Court for first-instance judicial review.
Judges ruled Lee should pay eight victims a total of NT$10 million (US$323,750.40) in compensation, and the court is still reviewing another lawsuit filed by 10 victims demanding NT$19 million in compensation. The court ruled Lee was innocent of raping one woman in another lawsuit.
The first-instance ruling by the High Court can still be appealed.

Socialite receives additional 19-year-prison sentence for serial drug-rape Judy Lin,Taiwan News 2017/03/07

A 23-year-old woman was sexually molested by a ‘serial rapist’ at knifepoint in her PG accommodation at Kundalahalli Gate. The incident took place on March 2 and the woman’s friend alleged that the HAL police did not register a complaint. However, on Tuesday, the serial rapist, Shivarama Reddy, was nabbed from near Outer Ring Road after a gunfight.
The woman, a native of Delhi, was under shock and could not speak to Bangalore Mirror. Her friend, however, alleged that the HAL police refused to take her complaint, instead taking it from the owner of the PG accommodation. The friend also alleged that the woman was made to wait for over eight hours at HAL police station when she went to file the complaint; and even about the police ‘counselling’ her at a nearby coffee shop not to pursue the case, by offering her a ticket to watch the second India-Australia cricket Test match at the cricket stadium.

Bangalore Mirror could not independently verify these allegations against the police as Sadiq Pasha, the inspector of HAL police station where the complaint was filed, could not be contacted as he was in the hospital for treatment after being stabbed by the serial rapist during the operations to nab him on Tuesday evening.

Police said 31-year-old Reddy could have been involved in at least 30 cases of rape in north, east, south and south-east police divisions, besides in Bengaluru Rural.

According to the police, he raped two girls in Adugodi, two in Bannerghatta, one in Anekal, one in Varthur, and one in HAL police station limits.

The horror on the night of March 2

In her complaint to the police, the woman, who has been in Bengaluru for the last few months working for a private firm in Whitefield, said that she was asleep in her room when Reddy entered the room. “The victim has alleged that the accused woke her up. She shouted for help, but the accused threatened her at knifepoint and said that he would call his associates if she screamed. When he demanded money and gold, the victim gave him money and her mobile phone,” said an officer.

“The accused demanded to know her personal details and even picked up the roommate’s identity card. The woman kept her wits about her and locked the room the moment he stepped. She then called her roommate and asked her to return soon,” the officer said.

After ensuring that the accused had left, she started shouting for help from the balcony.

Later, she went to the HAL police along with her roommate to file a complaint.

The division police had launched a manhunt for the accused, suspecting that he was involved in similar crimes earlier targeting ladies’ paying guest hostels, looking for laptops, mobile phones and other valuables.

After zeroing in on Reddy, they cornered him near Outer Ring Road, when he attacked them with his knife to try and escape.

“When asked to surrender, Reddy attacked vigorously. In self-defence, the police party had to open fire. Reddy has sustained injuries in leg and was shifted to a hospital for treatment. The injured policemen are also undergoing treatment in the hospital,” an officer who is part of the investigations, said.

Reddy’s modus operandi involved entering ladies’ PG hostels to commit offences of extortion, theft, molestation and rape, the police said.

The HAL police have registered a case of rape (IPC 376), assault or criminal force to woman with an intent to outrage her modesty (IPC 354), lurking house-trespass or house-breaking (IPC 454) and other sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against Reddy.

REDDY: A polyglot and a serial offender

Reddy is a native of a village near Palamner in Andhra Pradesh and has studied till 10th standard in his hometown. His father is a security guard while his mother is a domestic help. He is said to have come to Bengaluru after his sister got married, and started working with his brother-in-law in a housekeeping firm, settling down in Kaikondanahalli, before taking to crime targeting women.

Reddy speaks four languages: Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and English.

He is involved in more than ten cases of extortion, robbery, house theft, attempt to murder, molestation and rape, but the police. Sensing the threat to public order; Shivarama Reddy was detained under Gooda Act in August 2014.

In June 2014, the police had arrested Reddy for raping a software engineer in her PG in Electronic City police station limits.

But just like most of his victims, the software engineer, too, refused to file a complaint fearing social stigma -- which only worked in Reddy’s favour.

Reddy’s parents were not on good terms with him after learning about his involvement in crime, although they were not aware of him being a serial rapist.

A relative in Kolar usually bailed him out after his arrests.

Reddy took to targeting women when he worked as a cabdriver 2011 when he blackmailed a girl and raped her.

She was his first victim, but although the case was registered at Anekal police station that year, he was not booked for rape. They registered a case under IPC section 354- outraging woman’s modesty – only encouraging Reddy to target several other women over the years.


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A convicted Cleveland serial rapist and killer whose 2002 death sentence was overturned has the right to have a jury recommend whether he should be sent back to death row, a judge has ruled.
Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Cassandra Collier Williams on Thursday granted Kelly Foust's request to have a jury preside over a new sentencing phase of his case instead of a panel of judges. 
The mitigation hearing is scheduled to begin Monday, but Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O'Malley's office is still weighing whether it will appeal Collier-Williams' ruling.
Foust was convicted in the March 2001 murder of Jose Coreano and the rape of a 17-year-old girl. A three-judge panel sentenced Foust to death in January 2002.
Foust broke into the house looking for his estranged girlfriend. He beat the sleeping Coreano to death with a claw hammer and set the house on fire. 
Foust waived his right to have a jury hear his case and and the sentencing phase of his trial.
The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Foust's death sentence in 2011 and ordered him to be re-sentenced ruling that Foust's lawyers did not present evidence of "horrific" childhood abuse.
Prosecutors and Foust's lawyers have been locked in legal battle since then over whether Foust should be allowed to take back his jury waiver for his new sentencing phase.
A team of Ohio Public Defenders that represents Foust filed a new request last year citing a 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned Florida's death penalty statute that cemented the right for defendants to have a jury decide the sentencing phase of capital cases.
Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O'Malley's office unsuccessfully argued that the Supreme Court's ruling did not apply.
After his imprisonment, Foust was tied to three other sexual assaults, including the one tied to his initial arrest. He pleaded guilty to three counts of felony sexual battery last year. Collier-Williams sentenced him to five years in prison in that prison.

Judge rules in favor of convicted Cleveland killer, serial rapist Cory Shaffer, March 10, 2017

The Metropolitan police are taking two rape survivors to the supreme court, with the backing of Theresa May, after the women won a human rights case over serious failures in the way police investigated a serial rapist.
As home secretary, May intervened on behalf of the police in their attempt to overturn the landmark victory. Her successor, Amber Rudd, is supporting the police case against the women.
The pair – known as DSD and NBV – were raped by the serial sex attacker John Worboys, a black cab driver, in 2003 and 2007. When they reported the attacks to police, officers did not believe them.
As a result of serious failures in the way the Met handled the case, Worboys was able to continue attacking women until he was finally brought to justice in 2009. He is responsible for the rape and sexual assault of more than 100 women, and remains one of the most prolific serial sex attackers of recent times.
NBV said every time the case returned to court she was forced to relive her experiences.
“I cannot believe that on the one hand the government says it is committed to tackling violence against women, and on the other hand they are strongly backing a case that will remove women’s rights,” she said.
The high court ruled in 2014 that the women’s human rights had been breached by the Metropolitan police. It said the police had a duty under the Human Rights Act to investigate serious violence against women and could be held accountable in the courts if they failed to uphold that duty.
Since then, the force has been fighting the case, which was brought under article 3 of the act, the right not to suffer inhuman or degrading treatment. The court of appeal upheld the ruling, but on Monday the Met will take its case to the supreme court.
The latest appeal was granted after May made submissions as home secretary in support of the police’s application. The Met argues its duties are restricted to putting in place the necessary structure to investigate the crimes, but do not extend to the execution of any particular investigation.
DSD, who was one of Worboys’ first victims in 2003, said: “The experience of being disbelieved and failed by the police was as bad, if not worse, than being a victim of Worboys. I brought this case not just for myself but because the police should be held to account when they have failed so badly.”
Martha Spurrier, the director of Liberty, which is backing the women, said the case hinged on a crucial principle that victims of violent sexual crimes had a right to expect their allegations to be heard and investigated. 
She said serious questions needed to be asked about May’s decision to intervene on the police’s behalf, a decision which Spurrier said exposed her motivations behind the plan to repeal the Human Rights Act.
The Met should have learned lessons and committed to take rape seriously,” she said. “Instead they are using taxpayers’ money to drag these women through yet another court hearing – all in an effort to argue that they shouldn’t be legally required to effectively investigate rape. “
The Independent Police Complaints Commission identified serious mistakes during the Met investigations into Worboys which allowed him to continue preying on women. 
The failures in the cases of Worboys and another serial rapist, Kirk Reidled the Met to overhaul the way they investigate serious sexual assaults.

Police appeal against ruling in favour of Worboys rape survivors Sandra Laville 10 March 2017 

BROCKTON, M.A. - Police announced on Tuesday that they are trying to track down a serial rapist and potential killer in Massachusetts with new technology.
Officials say an image was generated from DNA samples taken from three violent rape cases.
The same DNA was discovered on all three victims.
Authorities say all three women have several things in common, including that they were all picked up from the same area in Brockton, raped, and left miles away.
Their bodies were found in a wooded area, and police say all three were prostitutes.
Now police are hoping this new DNA technology will help track down the suspect.
“This guy is a bad guy, and he's out there taking people off the streets. He needs to be somebody we take off the streets and put him where he belongs and that's behind bars for the rest of his life,” said Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz.

DUBAI // The British ambassador to the UAE has thanked the country’s authorities for their support after a serial rapist from the UK was extradited to Britain and jailed.
Muhammed Avais fled to the UAE using a fake passport in 2015 while on bail awaiting trial for 19 child sex offences, including rape and sexual assault.
He has been sentenced 20 years in prison after he was extradited in February.
Avais was convicted in his absence of all offences and sentenced to 19 years in prison. He received an extra year for trying to evade justice.
"We are very grateful for the assistance and professionalism of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi police forces," said Philip Parham, the UK’s ambassador.
"Judge Fletcher, who presided over the case, also expressed his appreciation for the support of the UAE authorities and their excellent cooperation with our National Crime Agency."
A UK National Crime Agency officer based in the UAE contacted Dubai Police after discovering that Avais was living in the Middle East.
Dubai Police tracked him to an address in Sharjah before Abu Dhabi Police arranged for his arrest and extradition.
A man has been jailed for 10 years after being convicted of raping a girl and sexually abusing four other girls 25 years ago.
Alexander Kemp, 64, denied all the offences which took place in Sutherland between 1988 and 1992. He accused the victims of lying.
The High Court in Glasgow heard that one of the women reported the abuse to police in 2015 after becoming a mother.
She said "keeping quiet made the world a worse place", the court heard.
After she came forward police traced Kemp's other victims.
Praising the women's bravery, Judge Norman Ritchie QC told Kemp: "These women were strong.
"It is a testament to their character they made their complaints and gave evidence against you."

Indecent photographs

Kemp raped one of his victims on one occasion when she was aged eight. He also sexually abused her and four other girls.
He has been placed on the sex offenders register.
The court heard that Kemp was "run out" of where he lived in Sutherland in 1992 after being convicted of having indecent images of children.
The word "pervert" was daubed on his home and public outrage forced him to flee.
In 1998 he was jailed for 11 years at York Crown Court for raping girls under 16 and sexually abusing girls under 14, the court heard.
He had been arrested after an appeal was broadcast on the BBC's Crimewatch programme in 1997.
Kemp was also jailed in 2010 at Hull Magistrates Court for 15 counts of making indecent photographs of children.

Man who raped girl and abused four others jailed 7 March 2017

Mumbai: On the day when the world was celebrating women’s day, a group of people barged into Kurar police station to lodge a rape case against a 60-year-old man who had raped many girls from Kurar village, Malad (East). The accused Raju Ambole, who stays in the same neighbourhood of victims, was been arrested on March 8, from his house.
The investigators said more victims are likely to come up from the same neighbourhood to register rape and molestation cases against Ambole, who works as painter.
“Ambole resides in a chawl of Kanoo compound area in Kurar. He lured the 10-year-old girl on February 28 on pretext of giving her a packet of biscuit and took her to his house. Again on March 5, Ambole raped the same girl,” said zonal deputy commissioner of police Kirankumar Chavan.
The victim’s parents sell vegetable in Malad (East).
The matter came to light when the local residents saw Ambole touching another girl (12) inappropriately on March 8, when the world was celebrating Women’s Day.
“One of the local residents saw the 10-year-old victim coming out of Ambole’s house. When her mother asked her, the victim said that Ambole raped her twice at his house when his wife was not at home,” said DCP Chavan.
The arrest was made after the police conducted thorough investigation in the matter.
Her medical test, conducted at Sir Jamshedjee Jeejeebhoy hospital, proved that she was raped at different occasions, said DCP Chavan.
This man should be either hanged or stoned to death publicly,” said a lady, who resides in the same neighbourhood.
The Dindoshi sessions court sent Ambole to police custody till March 10.
Ambole has been booked under various sections of Indian Penal Code and Protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POCSO) Act.

Serial rape accused to plead guilty Naledi Shange | 06 March, 2017

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