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A serial sex attacker who raped one woman in Derby and assaulted two others has struck again.
The monster, who first attacked two-and-a-half years ago, grabbed a woman in Spondon last month.

Police have just revealed details and have warned women not to walk alone in secluded areas - as the day unfolds we are running live updates at the bottom of this page.

Officers have made catching the violent offender, who they believe is local, their top priority. This is where they think he might live.

The man last struck on Thursday February 16, when he seriously sexually assaulted a woman in the Stoney Lane area of Spondon at 11am.

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This attack is being linked to three others, two in Spondon and a rape in Darley Abbey.
Superintendent Tracy Harrison, who is responsible for policing in Derby, said she was confident the force would catch the predator.

Community playing key part in serial sex attacker hunt

She added she was pleased with the response from the public, but wanted more sightings of men fitting the description of the attacker to be reported and more names of those who could be behind the attacks.
The previous attacks the police are linking are a rape of a 18-year-old woman on Monday, September 7, 2015, within Darley Park at around 5.40pm. This crime occurred in the nature reserve close to South Avenue and was featured on Crimewatch.
They believe the same man also sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl on Saturday, September 27, 2014, on a footpath between West Park Road and Acorn Way at around 8.50pm. And in the same location the man seriously sexually assaulted a 29-year-old woman on Tuesday, December 22, 2015.
As a result of the attacks, Supt Harrison is urging women and girls not to walk in secluded areas on their own.

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Anybody who feels under threat should call 999. Anybody with information about the attacks or who would like to report suspicions about someone should call Derbyshire police on 101 or the dedicated helpline 0800 092 0410 or 0207 158 0124 which opens at 7am. People can also email

Curtis Page, a three-time world champion in kickboxing, is currently standing trial for the alleged rape and sexual assault of three different women. 
Per Ben Wilkinson of the Daily Mail, Page has been accused of "22 historical sex assaults and rapes against three girls over a decade."
Page, who has denied the charges, is alleged to have sexually assaulted and raped these women as young as 11 years old during his time as a martial arts instructor at various different clubs in England. 
"Mr. Page had a liking for young girls and groomed them," prosecutor James Thacker said during the court proceedings at Isleworth Crown Court in London, per Wilkinson. "All of these girls lacked father figures in their lives and looked up to Mr. Page as person of authority. He drove a wedge between them and their families."
One woman said Page first groped her at the age of 11, more than 30 years ago, and she "came forward in 2013 after seeing a photograph of herself when she was 11."
Page is facing 14 charges of indecent assault, six charges of rape and two counts of sex with a child under the age of 13. 

State Senators will hear testimony Monday on a bill that would increase funds for rape kit testing.
According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, an American is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds, but only 6 out of every 1,000 attackers will go to prison. Convictions are heavily weighed by DNA evidence. Rape kits hold that evidence, but there are thousands of rape kits sitting on shelves, waiting to be tested.

Texas — where there are nearly 19,000 untested rape kits — has led the effort to clear the extensive backlog. Detectives with the Dallas Police Department recently closed an 8-year-old case thanks to the Cold Case Rape Kit Testing Division.

“Our department had the foresight to save and maintain all of the rape kits, even after the statute of limitations was up,” Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said.

Under the Justice for All Authorization Act, Dallas police received a grant that allowed for the testing of backlogged rape kits.

We had 4,333 untested rape kits dating back to 1996. So far 1,985 have been tested,” said Castro.

There have been hundreds of matches that have led to 13 arrests and recently the conviction of a serial rapist. According to detectives, DNA evidence from rape kits back in 2009, linked 42-year-old Joseph Beaty to at least six sexual assaults throughout Dallas-Fort Worth.

Offices and lawmakers believer more serial offenders could be caught, if the state received additional funding. Dallas Police Department is just one law enforcement agency out more than 180 agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Rep. Victoria Neave is leading the trail from Dallas to Austin, pushing HB 1729 — which would allow Texans to donate toward a rape kit testing fund — through the Texas Legislature. Upon renewing or applying for a Texas Driver’s License, if the bill is passed, a voluntary donation box would give Texans the opportunity to donate $1 or more to fund the testing of rape kits. It costs between $400 to $1,200 to test each rape kit.

These women and children and individuals of sexual assault deserve to have these rape kits tested,” Neave said. “The fact that we have thousands of rape kits across our state just sitting there untested is a travesty.”

Testimony for the bill will be heard before the committee Monday.

WINDERMERE, Fla. - A Windermere man whom police have called a possible serial rapist is expected to be back in court on Wednesday. 
Darryl Patterson was arrested last year on charges of raping a woman while she was unconscious. 
After his arrest, investigators said two more women came forward with similar allegations. 
Patterson was originally set to stand trial earlier this year, but the trial was delayed. 
He is being held in the Orange County Jail on charges of attempted sexual battery and sexual battery. 

Hearing set for Windermere rape suspect Cathleigh Winningham  March 15, 2017

Anthony Dias, a serial rapist who was serving a long prison term for several sexual assaults in Pierce and King counties, died Feb. 28 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Walla Walla.
Dias, 37, had “a health condition” and died, said Shari Hall, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Penitentiary.
Hall said his cause of death would be determined by an autopsy.
In 2005, while facing felony hit-and-run charges but released on bail, Dias committed crimes against 19 people, including a half-dozen rapes.
Federal Way police shot Dias and then arrested him after he sneaked through a window, tied up a woman with a dog leash and raped her two teenage daughters — then 13 and 15.
He was serving essentially a life sentence after a Pierce County jury convicted him in 2008 of 20 crimes, including rape and home invasion, in 2005.
He was convicted of breaking into three homes while wearing a mask and waving a gun. He terrorized his victims by tying them up, beating them, threatening them and, in two cases, raping them over and over.
His trial lasted more than seven weeks and included testimony from dozens of witnesses, including his two rape victims, who described in sometimes excruciating detail the violence they endured.
Dias pled guilty to rapes and other crimes in several King County cases.
The News Tribune contributed to this report.

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Sija Mabitsela is one of two men dubbed the Alexandra balaclava serial rapists who are accused of a series of attacks in Tsutsumani.

One of the men dubbed the “Alexandra balaclava serial rapists” on Wednesday pleaded guilty in the South Gauteng High Court to 53 charges, including rape, kidnapping, assault, sexual assault and robbery.
After Sija Mabitsela, 38, pleaded guilty, the court postponed the matter to Thursday for judgement and sentencing.
Mabitsela is one of two men dubbed the Alexandra balaclava serial rapists who are accused of a series of attacks in cemeteries and a filling station in Tsutsumani, Alexandra, north of Johannesburg.
Mabitsela pleaded guilty to the charges against him and admitted that he knew that his actions were against the law.
When court proceedings resumed on Wednesday, State prosecuter Michelle Bayat read out the charges that Mabitsela was facing to the court. He pleaded guilty to the charges.
Judge Ingrid Oppermann informed Mabitsela that there were a number of compulsory sentences applicable for the charges he was facing, which included rape, kidnapping, assault, sexual assault and robbery. The sentences range from 15 years to life imprisonment.
Members of the Women and Men Against Children Abuse organisation were present in court while Mabitsela stood in the dock covering his face with a cloth, before he was instructed to remove it by Judge Oppermann.
Mabitsela’s rape victims were aged between 13 and 38 years.
It is alleged that Mabitsela and his co-accused, Xaniseka Mukansi, 48, who is facing rape and robbery charges, operated as serial rapists preying on couples.
Mabitsela was reportedly a local sangoma and operated alone from 2007 until he was allegedly joined by his accomplice around 2014. Mukansi was a parolee at the time.
Mabitsela was arrested in 2015.
It is alleged the men used a gunshot signal after they had spotted their victims. They would attack couples, forcing them to have sex while they watched. They would then take turns raping the women, before robbing the victims.

Alexandra ‘serial rapist’ pleads guilty to 53 charges 15.3.2017 African News Agency

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